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210 Nicknames For Julian

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Nicknames are used by people to describe someone's personality or traits, with whom they share a close relationship.

Julian is a Latin name derived from Julianus which means 'young at heart'. Typically, Julian is a strong, masculine name that gives the impression of a sleek gentleman.

Julian has been on an upward trend since the early 21st century. But when it comes to picking the best nicknames, this name has a wide variety which makes it difficult. It is important to consider a nickname that shows off your baby’s characteristics and uniqueness and impresses others as well. Below we have compiled a list of nicknames that will suit your loved one, be it your friend, sibling, or colleague.

Best Nicknames For Julian

Nickname selection can be tiring sometimes, especially when there are a number of suggestions. Here is the short version of Julian name which is easy to understand and used by everyone. Check out the best nicknames for Julian:

1.     Juli – Short of Julian.

2.     Lian – Meaning ‘waterfall’ or ‘lotus’.

3.     July- Named after God.

4.     June- If your kid is born in June.

5.     Ian – Meaning ‘God is gracious’. This is the best short nickname for Julian.

6.     Jan –Dutch origin. Is your child a super fancy person? Then Jan is a perfect fit.

7.     Julianna- feminine of Julius.

8.     Julio – One who likes playing.

9.     Jude – Greek origin; meaning ‘praised’. Keep this to make your boy feel praised and loved.

10.  Jul – First three letters of Julian.

11.  Judy – Like the mom of Monica Geller in 'Friends'.

12.  Geo – One who loves Geography, Geology, or something related to Earth!

13.  Julito – Ancient Greek origin; a fun nickname to give your kid.

14.  Leo – One who was born between July and August.

15.  Juju – A short and best version of Julian.

16.  Giulio – An Italian version.

17.  JayJay – One to play with the first letter of Julian.

18.  Julen – Perfect combination of the first and the last few letters.

19.  Jill – With reference to Jack and Jill.

20.  Caviglian- Italian origin. The name represents innovation, independence, and determination. If you wish for your boy to stand out, his nickname is the go-to one.

21.  Jully – A short version for your loved one with additional- ‘ly’.

22.  Lio- Meaning ‘fire element’; one who is hot.

23.  Mr. J- Compelling way of calling someone only with the use of initials.

24.  Jay- Cool as hay.

25.  Jule- Someone who is youthful.

26.  Jewel- Precious as jewelry.

27.  Julyan- One who was born in July.

28.  Julean- Jove's child.

29.  Jujube- Sweet as jujube fruit.

30.  Anna- Hebrew version of Hannah.

31.  Giulian- Female name; soft-hearted.

32.  Lyan- Dedicated to Jupiter.

33.  Bethian- Old yet cool.

34.  Juleen- French or Latin origin; meaning ‘youthful’.

35.  Bubblian- Bubbly One.

36.  Juliel- Meaning ‘youthful and soft-hearted’.

37.  Jono – An adorable one.

38.  Jara- Loving one.

39.  Joel- a Hebrew minor prophet.

40.  Julius- With reference to Julius Caesar.

41.  Juell- One with responsible nature.

42.  Yulian- Bulgarian variant of Julian.

Cute Nicknames For Julian

Personality-based nicknames are very common. Kids are adorable and loved by everyone, and deserve cute nicknames. Here is a list of one such:

43.  Jolly Jully – One who lights up the place with their presence.

44.  Ellyn- Sunshine of your house.

45.  Juls – A super cute way of calling your kid.

46.  Ian-y- Endearing to ears.

47.  Lucian- Meaning ‘light’; one who is bright as light.

48.  Junap- Lazy and sleepy.

49.  Ju – The first two letters.

50.  Bae-lian- a super cute option.

51.  Jubean- One with the potential of greatness.

52.  JuJuBug– If your kid is the cutest one, JuJubug is a perfect nickname.

53.  Gaia- Feminine name; meaning the ‘ultimate goddess of raw and maternal power’.

54.   Junateen – One who has just entered a teenager.

55.  JuJu-boy- A sweet way of calling your boy.

56.  JunJun- One who was born in June.

57.  Winona- This nickname is perfect if she is your firstborn daughter.

58.  JellyJu – referring to jelly, cute and soft.

59.  Jello – One who is your sweetheart.

60.  JollyJu – One who is always excited.

61.  Spookju- One who loves ghost movies.

62.  Juve- Lovely baby.

63.  Belliana- One who is beautiful.

64.  BabJu- American origin; female name.

65.  LJ- Lil Julian.

66.  Jolynn- Feminine nickname.

67.  Juicyleon- Soft and cute one.

68.  Jem- Like one of the gems.

69.  Junior- Youngest one in the family.

70.  Yann- French origin.

71.  Joe – If he is like a cutie patootie.

72.  JellyBean – Cutest boy.

73.  Skinny-ian- Thin One.

74.  Jojo – African origin; cute as a Yo-Yo.

75.  Jerry- With reference to ‘Tom & Jerry’.

76.  Julison – If Julian is the only son.

77.  Junerd- Nerdy one.

78.  Junius- Like genius.

79.  Juno- A pleasant one named after a Roman Goddess.

80.  Junea- Creative one.

81.  Juneen- For a baby girl.

82.  Jumbo Juls- Huge Julian.

83.  Joylian- Joyful Julian.

84.  Juneer- strong and curious one.

85.  Elena- Meaning ‘shining light’; one who shines within.

86.  Baby-Ju- For your newborn Julian.

Funny Nicknames For Julian

Having a goofy and silly name makes it fun to remember one’s childhood. Here is a list of funny nicknames for Julian that would bring back fond memories and make you laugh:

87.  Julibean – One who loves beans.

88.  Julione- Brave as a lion.

89.  ChattyJul – A talkative one. 

90.  Daphne- referring to a Eurasian shrub with sweet-scented flowers; tiny Julian.

91.  Liano – Rhyming with Piano.

92.  Jay Boyo – A funny way of saying Jay Boy.

93.  Julicleon – From the word nucleon.

94.  Junathief – Not a good characteristic, but for one who usually forgets after borrowing things.

95.  Juliwon– A winner Julian.

96.  Delaney- Meaning ‘from the alder grove’.

97.  Demonian – If your son is a little naughty fellow.

98.  Junie- Follower of Juno.

99.  Allinsian- One who is noble and kind.

100.  Jruly – Ruling Julian.

101.Emo-Ju– An emotional one.

102. Julicooly – Cool one.

103. Jubee – One who loves bees.

104. Snackian – The one who eats a lot.

105.  Emilia- Meaning to strive or excel.

106. Lillju – Another nickname for little Julian.

107. Jul-Fish – A reference to Go fish; one who is an expert at card games.

108. Junkee –  a funny nickname.

109. Valencia- With reference to the city in Spain.

110.Granny- Jude- Fun way to make them feel old.

111.  Lynne- Spanish origin; meaning ‘pretty’.

112. Jouble – One who is always in trouble.

113. Ilaria- One who is always happy and fun.

114. Julie- Girl name; meaning ‘beautiful and vivacious’.

115. Camilla- Arabic origin; meaning ‘young ceremonial attendant’.

116.  Juzeg- Dutch origin.

117.  Evi-liano- One who does evil things sometimes.

118.  Lubian- Fun way to call him a milk seller.

119.  Juliel- One who loves food, drinks, and an exquisite lifestyle.

120.  Lianne- Gracious One.

121. Don- One who is great and brilliant.

122. Lyanna- French origin; meaning ‘God has answered’.

123.  Julianne- Feminine of Julian.

124. Julien Jo- One who is optimistic and determined.

125. Jolie- Pretty one.

126.  Subalian- Hindu origin; strong one.

127.  Junasty – One who is not so clean and tidy.

128.  King Julien- Way to make him feel like a king.

129. Julianus- One who loves mysteries.

130.   Jolyon- Fun and jolly one.

131. Chessie- One who brings peace; lover of chess; chess player.

132.  Cecilia- One who doesn't focus.

133. Juni- A wish or desire.

134. JayBaybee – One who acts like a child.

135.    Aliena- Relating to Aliens.

136. Jackie- Unisex name for Julien.

137. Julopan- With reference to Jalapeno.

138.  Juanna- One who is good with music.

Unique Nicknames For Julian

Give your kids a nickname that you may have never heard before. Here is a list of creative and unique nicknames that nobody has ever thought of.

139.  Vivian- Lively one.

140. Jilly – Rhyming with Lily.

141.   Gianna- Italian origin; meaning ‘the lord is gracious’.

142.  Jilo – A stable and assuring one.

143. Jin – With reference to jinn.

144. Frency- One of the friendly traits.

145. Julietta- Spanish origin; little Julian.

146.  Jo – Short and crisp to suit anybody.

147. Gallian- prophetic and philosophical.

148.  Lavilian- Lovely and adorable.

149. Gianina- Feminine of John; meaning ‘God is gracious’.

150. Julivian- One whose presence brings youth.

151.  Joy – One who spreads happiness with their presence.

152. Juza – A female name, a go-to nickname.

153.    Harriet- One with ruler instinct.

154.  Jaz – A confused one; means ‘unclear’.

155. Jell – One who mixes with everyone.

156. Schiavian- One related to Shaw.

157.  Jija- Indian origin, meaning ‘brother-in-law’.

158. Jelly – A jelly lover.

159.  Marian- Relating to the Virgin Mary.

160.  Julin – Rhyming with violin.

161. Juke – Rhymes with puke; sweet way to annoy your loved ones.

162.  Jio – An Indian word; means ‘Live’.

163.  Lin – The easiest version of Julian.

164.  Aan- Meaning glory.

165.  Vivienne- One who makes you feel alive.

166. Lilliana- referring to the flower lily.

167. Fiorenza- Blooming flower; this nickname is best for a newborn.

168.   Ginevra- Fair and smooth.

169.  Luciana- Italian origin; meaning 'light'.

Cool Nicknames For Julian

Coming up with great nicknames for Julian is to know is the best fit for the person. If you are looking for cool nicknames for your kids that can highlight their cool traits, our list of cool nicknames will be super useful to you. Have a look!

170. Tatian- American origin; fairy princess.

171.   Lyan – Unisex name of Julian.

172.   Juleecooly- One who is cool and calm; feminine version.

173.  Yoni – An Israeli nickname.

174. Clarian- One who is loud and clear.

175. Magnolian- Waxy flowers.

176.  Lianus – Rhyming with the lioness.

177.  Firenze- A friendly Julen.

178. Nasty- Jules – Lover of rap music like Nasty C.

179.  Juliano – Adding ‘o’ is the coolest way!

180.  JMoney – An oofy one.

181.  Emperor – referring to the Roman Emperor named Julian.

182.  Juny– A June born.

183.  Velicu- If your kid attracts firmness, empathy, and exuberance, this is the best one.

184.  Lain – Rephrasing the word ‘Lion’.

185.  Ophelian- One of helping nature.

186. Honju – One who loves trap music like a spin-off of Honcho.

187. Georgian- of the characteristic of the reigns of the British King George.

188. Lucian- Meaning ‘light’; whose presence brings light to your life.

189. Gabriella- Meaning ‘God is strength’.

190. Juchella – A performer Julian.

191.  Evangelina- This means ‘good news’, so if your baby brought a bundle of joy and good news, this one is for them.

192. Jon-Ji – Jon with an Indian suffix- 'Ji'.

193. J-Dawg – One who is a great friend.

194. Elodian- Rich and foreign.

195. Genevieve- German origin; means ‘women of race’. Coolest nickname for your baby Julian.

196. Joburg – One who loves to travel, mostly as a reference for Johannesburg.

197. Jonty – A British nickname.

198. Juzilla – For a tall Julian as a reference to Godzilla.

199. Hot- Julen– One who is handsome.

200. Alessia Julian- Feminine version of Alexander.

201. Jools- Unisex nickname for Julian.

202. Jox- Mischievous one.

203. Louisian- Like the city of Louisiana.

Giulia- Meaning ‘youthful’.

205. Feffa- One who is powerful.

206. Louisiana- If your kid was born in the United States, this nickname is the one.

207. Saeko- A serene child.

208. Kath-lianus- Meaning ‘pure and clear’.

209. Liliosa- referring to the flower lily.

210. Sylvian- Feminine version; meaning ‘of the forest’.

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