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174 Nicknames For Justin

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The origin of the name 'Justin' can be traced back to the Latin word 'Justinus' or 'Justus', meaning 'Just' or 'Righteous'.

'Justin' also has its origins in the old French, and even some of the earliest saints were given this name. Though it has been used for centuries, the name became very popular in the 20th century with some popular celebrities named Justin.

The name Justin has been quite notorious in the United States since the late '00s. It ranked in the top ten popular boy names three times and has been in the top 100 on multiple occasions. Though it is said to be a boy's name, there are a few percentages of baby girls bearing Justin. The name Justin has consistently stayed fairly popular throughout its usage. It ranked 168th in 2020.

Check out these cool and fun nicknames for Justin.

Cool Nicknames For Justin

Here are some suggestions for the nicknames for Justin.

  •  J- This initial is very cute and stylish.
  • Jason- Greek Mythological name meaning 'healer'.
  • Jaston- Same meaning as Just.
  • Jax - It means 'God has been gracious'.
  • Jayy-It comes after the actor Jayy Randhawa.
  • Jaz - A unique nickname that means 'bearer of treasure'.
  • JT- Looking for something modern for Justin.
  • Juju- A music fan from Nigeria can call it like this.
  • June- It is for those who were born in June.
  • Juney - It means intelligent and wise.
  • Juney- Instead of 'June', you can call your lovely boy 'Juney'.
  • Jus- Jus can be a trendy nickname for Justin.
  • Jussy - It is perfect for someone who loves life.
  • Just- It is from the literal dictionary of English.
  • Juste- Give a French twist to 'Justin'.
  • Justerino- The name comes after the famous artist Justerino Davids.
  • Justin Theroux- Justin Theroux has a numerological value of six.
  • Justine- In the French and Latin languages, it is a girl's name.
  • Justino- It has the same meaning as Just.
  • Justy- It is like 'rusty'.
  • Louise- Give a French historical touch to Justin.

Funny Nicknames For Justin

If you want to have some funny nicknames for Justin, then these names will definitely bring a smile to your face.

  • Angel- She is your life, your angel.
  • Apollo- Justin is like the Greek God Apollo.
  • Biscuit- Are you a biscuit lover?
  • Bleach Head- Does your Justin have blonde hair?
  • Bree- Try some vintage lady-like name for Justin.
  • Cat Fish- Give some twist on the nickname.
  • Cheese Ball- Are you crazy about cheese?
  • Duck / Duckie- Justin is a pampered child who always poked you.
  • Duckling- Call your baby Justin by this name.
  • Ella- Add some Ancient German and Spanish touches to this English name.
  • Hard Head - This is a funny name to annoy your little boy.
  • Isolde- A name with an Old German twist.
  • James- Sure, he is a James Bond fan.
  • Jelly Jusiny- Is Justin very fond of Juicy jellies?
  • Jelly Justin - Who doesn't love jellies? Justin sure loves them.
  • Jessy- Give Justin a KPOP idol touch?
  • Jew-Stein- German and Jewish ethnicity who lives in rocky land.
  • Jhus - A perfect nickname for someone who is a hustler.
  • JJ- Want a short and stylish way to call Justin?
  • Jonas - Your loved one is a gift from God.
  • Joos - It means God is gracious.
  • Joost- A short nickname that means just and upright.
  • Joostin- It is the funny twist of Justin.
  • Joshian- This is an Arabian touch who loves God.
  • Juice- Wow! It is a juicy nickname for Justin.
  • Junebug- June-born cute and dear little girl child must have the name Junebug.
  • Justin Bell- Give a comical touch to his nickname.
  • Justin Belle - Want to give a prince-like touch to his nickname?
  • Justin Fish- Sure, Justin is fond of fish.
  • Justin Head - Compliment your Justin's smart brain.
  • Justin Rod- Justin is straight as a rod.
  • Justin Strawberry- Name like juicy and sweet strawberry.
  • Justina- This name might sound a bit feminine, but it can be a very adorable alternative.
  • Justinas- Same as Justyn.
  • Justinie- Same as Just.
  • Murcurry- Justin shimmers in your life.
  • Mustard- A perfect nickname for someone who loves spices.
  • Peaches- Give the fruity name.
  • Peanut- It is like tasty and crunchy peanuts.
  • Sally- She is the princess in your life.
  • Sky Fairy- She is the fairy from the fables.
  • Stripes- This can be a very cool and stylish nickname for Justin.
  • Sweet Justine- Perfect for someone who is very sweet.
  • Tay- Give your tailor this nickname.
  • Tin- Does TinTin sound too long for a nickname?
  • Twinkie- She is like a star in your life.
  • Whoops- Are you enjoy Justin's company?
  • Woopsy- Numerology believers can use this name which has a value of four.

Unique Nicknames For Justin

Want to stay in vogue? Here are some stylish suggestions of nicknames for Justin.

  • Big Birdy- Justin is like a big bird.
  • Big Justin- He is the big brother.
  • Big-J- Call your big brother.
  • Blue Justin- He is blue like the sky.
  • Blue Justinie- Justinie is blue like the sky.
  • Brady- Give Justin an Irish twist.
  • Brat- Is this boy a spoiled child?
  • Bumble Bee-Try this adorable name.
  • Bunny- What a funny name.
  • Buster Justinie- It is a unique name.
  • Champ- Is your child a champion?
  • Daisy- It is a flowery name.
  • Dandelion- His teeth are as sharp as a lion's.
  • Ellis- Same as Ella.
  • Emperor Justinian- Justin is the emperor of your family.
  • Ethan boy- Justin is a very strong boy.
  • Fair Looker-Justin is 'very fair'.
  • Flame- Is Justin like a fire?
  • Fruity- Wow! What a funny name.
  • Gipsy- Does Justin free like the caravan life?
  • Guinevere- She is a white fairy.
  • Jaguar- Justin is wild as a jaguar.
  • Jay- Give your child's name Jay like a bird; Jay means 'to rejoice'.
  • Jazz- It is like Jazz music.
  • Jessamine- She is sweet like a jasmine flower.
  • Jhus- Give a unique touch to Justin by calling him Jhus.
  • J-Money- Justin knows the value of time.
  • John - Give a British twist to 'Justin'.
  • Just in time- Justin never wastes time.
  • Justice League- Is Justin a league champion?
  • Justin Cofee- He is a coffee lover.
  • Justin Curls- Does your Justin has curly hair?
  • Justin fellow- It is really a funny name.
  • Justin Light- Justin is very light as a feather.
  • Justiniee- Same as Jus.
  • Justyn- Justyn same as Just.
  • Lagniappe- Give a smart name.
  • Lardy- What a cute name.
  • Louisa- You can call this also.
  • Lousia- Give a German touch to your warrior.
  • Mari Justin- Might be Justin is from the Volga valley of Russia.
  • Mathew- Your Justin is 'the gift of God'.
  • Pacman- Name him after the game.
  • Prickly Pear- Give Justin this funny name.
  • Reese Witherspoon- Are you a fan of Oscar-winner actress Reese Witherspoon?
  • Rice- Give rice liver this name.
  • Righteous- Give the Latin twist.
  • Spawn- It's like eggs of water animals.
  • Thus- Oh! What an unusual name.
  • Tweety Bird- So cute as Tweety bird.

Funny Nicknames For Justin

  •  Angle- He is the angel of your life.
  • Apollo11- Show your creativity.
  • Bee- Justin always moves around you like a bee.
  • Bee's Knees- Justin is small like a bee.
  • Bionda- She has a blondy hair.
  • Butter Cup- Really a buttery name.
  • Candy- Justin is a sweet candy.
  • Corn Pop- Justin is fond of popcorn.
  • Daffodil- Give her like this.
  • Doobie- Are you a fan of Scoobie-Doo?
  • Dotty- It is an unusual name.
  • Fiona- Give an Italian touch.
  • Fred- Add some German twist.
  • Gamboge- Give Justin a gummy nickname.
  • Jassi- Give an Indian touch.
  • Jaston-Same as Justyn.
  • Jelly Justiny- Justin is as soft as jelly.
  • Jonathon- Your Justin is a God-gifted child.
  • Justin Bomb- In anger, Justin is like a bomb.
  • Justin Dork- Give him a unique name.
  • Justin Star- He shines like a star.
  • Justinie- Same as Just.
  • Little Flower- She is like a flower.
  • Maggie- Justin is fond of maggie
  • Nakia - It means Genuine and realistic.
  • Pink Flower- Justin is like a flower.
  • Saffron- Justin is very precious.
  • Shiny- Justin will shine in the future.
  • Ti- This is an intelligent initial of Justin.
  • Wookie- Are you a fan of 'The Star Wars' series?

Some More Nicknames For Justin

  • Amish - It means truth.
  • Annett- She is a merciful child.
  • Bitsy- She is a 'pledge to God'.
  • Bubble- Try out a cute nickname.
  • Champagne - Perfect for someone who loves champagne.
  • Giustin- He is God's servant.
  • Giustina- She is God's servant.
  • Hemel - It means honest and pleasing.
  • Jabari - Perfect for someone courageous.
  • Jane- It's a common nickname for Justin.
  • Jestin - It means fairness.
  • Jim Jam- For someone who is very sweet.
  • Joab - It is perfect for someone who is a lover of honesty.
  • Jobst-Same as Justton.
  • Joos- Same as Justinious.
  • Joshian- It means 'God always supports him'.
  • Jost- Same as Joos.
  • Jumanji- For someone who is a fan of Jumanji.
  • Justice- If Justin does any wrong, give him justice.
  • Justinius- Same as Just.
  • Justton- Same as Jost.
  • Justus - Same as Justyn.
  • Magnolia- Justin is like this flower.
  • Ratesh - It means the lord of truth.
  • Vira - It means faith and justice.

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