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Check out these nicknames for Laura.
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Nicknames are a great way to show your affection to someone you find dear to you, and they should be something that is interesting and fun and speaks about the personality of the person being named.

Laura has Latin origin and is a feminine version of the male name 'Laurus' which means 'bay laurel,' a Greco-Roman plant. The name and the plant signify victory, fame, and honor.

Despite having a Latin origin, the name has become very popular among many English-speaking countries, especially the USA and the United Kingdom, with various variations like the Greek variant, Welsh variant, French variant, and Turkish variant!

There are many popular namesakes - actors and fictional characters named 'Laura.' Laura Abel, otherwise known as L'Aura, is a popular Italian singer. Laura Bush is the former first lady of the USA. Regarding fictional characters, Laura Horton, or Laura Spencer Monica, is one of the popular fictional characters from the soap opera 'Days of Our Lives.' Besides Laura Horton, Laura Kinney is a well-known character from Marvel Comics.

Many of these characters, like Laura Kinney, Laura Spencer Monica, and women leaders, possess strong personalities and are looked up to. With such attitude and finesse, who would not like to name their child Laura or have a friend with the same characteristics? Such awesome people deserve some awesome nicknames! If you have someone named Laura and are looking to give them fun names of endearment, we have plenty of those curated here just for you! Mix and match these names, or pick any which you feel is a perfect fit for your Laura and shows the true and awesome person they are!

Popular Nicknames For Laura

A name as popular as Laura in various English-speaking countries is bound to have many nicknames, most of which can be heard by many. Here are a few of such popular nicknames for Laura one can use.

1. El - the good ol' classic initial can be a fun nickname to have

2. Ella - you can count on this nickname through and through

3. Lala - a fun name for the melodious Laura

4. Lara - cheeky and just the right fit, can be a perfect name for a straightforward Laura

5. Lars - a cute and friendly way to call someone named Laura

6. Larry/Lari - tinge the name 'Laura' and make it look fun and cool!

7. Lau - you can say it as 'love' and show Laura your affection

8. Laurel - there are never too many nicknames, so why not this one?

9. Lauren - no one said nicknames have to be short form of the name

10. Lauro - no one also said that they are not supposed to be silly and cute

11. Laury - you know you have heard this nickname elsewhere many times, so clearly you can count on it

12. Leah - a simple and classic name.

13. Lenny - a simple name inspired by a popular comedian for the comic friend

14. Loey - silly yet cute way to play around with the name 'Laura'

15. Lola - for the adorable toddler

16. Lor - short is always simple and cool

17. Lore - for the storyteller

18. Lorraine - fans of 'The Conjuring' can patent this as a pretty cool nickname

19. Ora - just a fun short name for a fun and simple Laura

20. Ray - just a simple and short name for the simple Laura

21. Rory - such a cool name is bound to be popular

Cute Nicknames For Laura

People with the name 'Laura' are usually considered classy and adorable. We have a few cute nicknames that can be used for fun. There are pretty fun for baby Laura too!

22. Ange-Laura - for the 'Laura' who is as pure as an angel

23. Dora - for the curious toddler who is always ready for an adventure

24. Elina - a cute and elegant name for a baby Laura

25. Lady Flora - for a soft and beautiful girl as sweet as a flower

26. Lala-Laura - for that one fan of musicals

27. Lamb Chop - this can be one of the most adorable nicknames for Laura

28. Laura Belle - Laura is a total Disney princess

29. Lauretta - fun name with an elegant suffix

30. Laurie Bakes - for Laura, who loves to bake

31. Laurie Bear - a cute term of affection for the adorable little Laura

32. Lauriekins - just an adorable way to call your dear Laura; Riverdale fans would get it

33. Lavender - for the one who is as elegant and pleasant as the color and smell of Lavender

34. Lemon Tea - for a Laura, as refreshing as lemon tea!

35. Leonore - doesn't it give out the old classic vibes?

36. Lollie - who does not like to be compared to candy as cute?

37. Lollipop - a sweet and sour nickname for the ever-unpredictable Laura

38. Lorie - cute way to call 'Laura'

39. Lozzie - such names leave no room for no affection

40. LulaBelle - a cute name for a tiny adorable Laura

41. LuLu - fun baby nicknames are a great way to show love!

42. TuTu - a cute name for the tiny baby Laura

Cool Nicknames For Laura

Laura, as a name, means victory, fame, and honor, and a person named as such is bound to succeed and make the world change.

Classic cool nicknames for a classic cool Laura seem like a good idea. Find a few cool nicknames for Laura to pick from!

43. Ara - just a cool hippie nickname to have fun with

44. Coral - for the Laura who loves the seas and scuba diving

45. Diamond - Detective Laura, if you are familiar with the series 'The Mysteries of Laura'

46. DH Laurel - author nicknames for the Laura who is a bibliophile

47. Elanora - for the fan of everything vintage

48. Hey Lora - pretty cool way to address Laura.

49. Hugh Laure - for the die-hard fan of the actor 'Hugh Laurie'

50. Kinney - you know this one if you are a Marvel fan

51. LA Girl - the glamorous Laura just like the famous glam makeup brand

52. Land-Larry - for the lover of big cars like a Landrover!

53. Larry Low Key - for the laidback and cool Laura who always has things planned out

54. Laura The Band - the lover of music deserves to have the name of the Australian rock band 'Laura'

55. Laura The Lead - for the leader, we always look up to save the day!

56. Laurus - instead of the feminine version, use the male

57. Lora - just a fun name rhyming with Laura

58. Louvre - for the lover of museums and makes history cool!

59. Lure - for one with a lux and classy taste

60. Nora - based on 'Laura Spencer', one of the fictional characters from the series 'General Hospital'

61. Norah - never hurt to skip and add a letter or two

62. Rula - drop the 'a' and 's' and you got a name like the British singer 'Rula Lenska'

Funny Nicknames For Laura

Know Laura, who has a comical personality? Check out these funny nicknames for Laura, which are quirky, silly, witty, and good for everyday cheer and fun!

63. Arual - reversing the name sounds fun and interesting. Go with this name to tease and have some fun with your buddy Laura!

64. Blura - a fun name for the Laura who wears glasses

65. Dorry - pretty funny name for the forgetful Laura

66. Ellen - fun and quirky, just like Ellen DeGeneres!

67. Lady Laurie Luck - for that dear one who is nothing but a lucky charm

68. Larry Beaver - animal lover who likes to spend much of their time in the wild

69. Lather - as smooth and fun as a bubbly soap

70. Laura Bay - name of a bay seems apt for Laura, who loves to travel and seeks adventure

71. Laur Laur - can be a cool name to cheer the friend

72. Lo-Rain - for the lover of rain and that weather!

73. Loreal - the one with the flawless skin and hair who is nothing but a total diva

74. LV - what is a better name for a fashion star, Laura, if not the initials of the brand 'Louis Vuitton.'

75. Nora LeeBruce - For the MMA champ Laura who is tough and courageous

76. Panda-Lora - An Avatar fan will understand and can be a natural fit for an Avatar enthusiast Laura

77. Ralph Laura - the best possible name for the fashionista and a total diva

Unique Nicknames For Laura

Want to have nicknames that stand out? Check out these nicknames for Laura, which are unique and creative, making them stand apart.

78. Aura - the one with the best and positive vibes

79. Aural - a creative anagram for 'Laura'

80. Aura Lee - reversing the name and making a pretty name altogether!

81. Aurora - just a beautiful name that cannot be left out, especially if your Laura can make heads turn

82. Bay Laurel - meaning of the name 'Laura' seems like a pretty good nickname in itself

83. Flora - someone as sweet and elegant as a spring flower

84. Irina - for the TV series 'Alias' fans

85. La Rosa - an elegant nickname inspired from french, a language of love

86. L'Aura - if our Laura is a beautiful singer of a fan of the Italian singer 'Laura Abel'

87. Laurice - like the sweet licorice

88. Laurie-cella - who said a nickname needs to make sense?

89. Leo - just like sun sign and a DiCaprio fan!

90. LSM - a big fan of Laura Spencer Monica would know!

91. LoLo - playing around with names is just fun and unique!

92. RaRa - the Street Fighter franchise is a good source of nicknames

Variant Nicknames For Laura

Why try making random nicknames when the name itself is so beautiful and variant? For the explorer and international wanderlust, here are a few nicknames for Laura, which are variations of the name, but unique and fun to use in their own way! These have different pronunciations and can be molded for your Laura based on their personality and interests.

93. Lara - Turkish variant of Laura

94. Laoura - Greek variant of Laura

95. Laure - French variant of Laura

96. Lowri - Welsh variant of Laura

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