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113 Nicknames For Lauren

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Before we start with nicknames for Lauren, let us take a look at the origin and meaning of Lauren.

The French-originated name Laurentius was used as a masculine form, and Laurentia as a feminine form. After that, the modern-day's short form, Lauren, got popular, and people started using it as a feminine name.

The short form Lauren has been derived from the Latin word 'Laurentum,' which means laurel tree or bay laurel. Bay Laurel was a picturesque plant, and it was known as the symbol of honor and victory. Thus, the name means 'honorable' and 'wise.' There is also a saying that the name Lauren came from the Latin word 'Laurentum,' which is considered an ancient Roman city and the first capital of Italy.

Did you know there are prominent celebrities who share the name Lauren? Lauren Anderson is known as the first African-American ballet dancer to become the principal of a well-known ballet dance institute. Late American actress Lauren Bacall was known for her great acting skills in Hollywood. Lauren Bacall is well known for her acting skills in movies like 'To Have And Have Not,' 'How To Marry A Millionaire,' 'Murder On The Orient Express,' and many more.

Short Nicknames For Lauren

Short nicknames are usually the first few letters of a name. It can also be the combination of random alphabets present in the real name. You can pick any one or more than two nicknames from these short nicknames. Find or choose your favorite short nicknames for Lauren from here.

1. Laah - is a Hebrew name meaning weary.

2. Lan - is a Vietnamese name that means flower.

3. Lany - is an English name that means path or road.

4. Lau - is a German nickname that means physically strong.

5. Linny - is a short form of Lauren.

6. LN - is the perfect abbreviation by taking the first and last alphabet of Lauren.

7. Lo - is an American Lo name that means giving.

8. Lola - is a Spanish name that stands for free woman and worrier.

9. Lu - is a Latin name that stands for light.

10. Lulu - is an African and Arabic name that means pearl.

11. Lyric - is a Greek name that means melodic word.

Cool Nicknames For Lauren

You can also call your loved ones by cool pet names. Check out all these cool nicknames and pick your favorite Lauren nickname that matches the person's personality.

12. Aura - means spiritual and sweet.

13. Auren - is someone who is adventurous.

14. El - is a French name that means intelligent and smart.

15. Laisha - is a Hebrew name that means a lion.

16. Lanza - is an Italian name that means eager and noble.

17. Laquanna - is an African-American name that refers to an outspoken person.

18. Lara - in Latin means well-known.

19. Latrice - is an American name that means bringer of joy or weary.

20. Lau - refers to someone who is physically a strong person.

21. Laura - in Latin, Laura means honor.

22. Lauranne - is an alternative to Lauren that means honor.

23. Lauren Ackerman - in reference to the American sitcom, 'iCarly.'

24. Lauren Mallory - in reference to a fictional character from the popular novel 'Twilight.'

25. Lauren Zizes - in reference to a fictional character from the television series 'Glee.'

26. Laurie - in Latin, Laurie means fame and honor.

27. Leoma - is a German name that means brave woman.

28. Leonora - is a Greek name that means light or mercy.

29. Levia - is a Hebrew name that means combined forces.

30. Lian - is a Chinese name that means the graceful willow.

31. Lon - means fierce in Gaelic.

32. Lorne - in Old German, Lorne is where Lothar Dwells.

33. Lozzie - is someone who is cool and fun.

34. Lulu - is an Old German name that means warrior maiden.

35. Luna - in Italian Luna means moon.

36. Renah - means majestic and unique.

37. Ren-Ten - is for a Lauren friend who is 10/10.

Creative Nicknames For Lauren

Find some creative nicknames for Lauren from here.

Be a little creative and add more to the name of your special one. Get some ideas and pick the best creative Lauren nickname that suits the personality of your friend or sister.

38. Elle - in French, Elle means girl or woman.

39. Flora - is an alternative name for Lauren that means beautiful flower.

40. Labana - in Hebrew, means the moon.

41. Lanelle - is an African-American name that means Narrow Road.

42. Laquetta - is an American name that means wildflower.

43. Laryn - is a French name and also is an alternative to the original name that means Crowned with Laural.

44. Lau - in German, Lau means lion or a physically strong individual.

45. Laura - in Latin, Laura means fame.

46. Laural - is the leaves from Laural's tree.

47. Lauren Miller - in reference to the fictional character played by the American actress Courtney Cox in the American sitcom TV-series 'Family Ties.'

48. Lauren Shiba - in reference to one of the fictional characters from the Nickelodeon television show 'Power Rangers Samurai.'

49. Laurie - in Latin, Laurie refers to Laurel leaves.

50. Lavender - refers to a purple-flowering plant.

51. Laverne - is a French word that means springlike.

52. Layna - is a Greek name that means light or truth.

53. Layla - is a Hebrew name that means dark beauty.

54. Lavin - in Latin, Lavin means purity.

55. Leya - is a Spanish name that means loyalty.

56. LeAnn - is an American name that means light.

57. Leilia - is an Arabic name that means dark as night.

58. Lianne - in Hebrew, means youth.

59. Linne - is an English name that means waterfall.

60. Linnea - is a Scandinavian word that means lime tree.

61. Lonny - means fierce.

62. Lorette - is where Lothar dwells.

63. Loren - in French means crowned with Laural.

64. Lorita - means spirit in Latin.

65. Luka - is a Latin name that means light.

66. Lydia - is a Greek name that means an ancient Asian Land.

67. Lynette - is a Middle French name that refers to the Linnet bird.

68. Lysandra - is a Greek name that means the one who is freed.

69. Ren - is a Japanese name that means waterlily.

70. Rennie - is a French name that means born again.

71. Wren - in Welsh, Wren is a sweet bird.

Cute Nicknames For Lauren

A cute nickname is perfect for someone you love. You can call them by their nickname for affection or just for fun. Pick out your perfect nicknames for Lauren.

72. Aurora - can be a Disney name for Lauren like Princess Aurora from 'Sleeping Beauty.'

73. Lainey - is an English name that means Sun Ray.

74. Lala - is a beautiful nickname for Lauren with a beautiful melody.

75. Lanna - is an English-Irish name that means beautiful and good-looking.

76. Larby - is an American name that means pretty.

77. Laria - is a Latin name that means sweet one forever.

78. Lase - in Greek, means happy.

79. Lau Lau - someone who talks a lot.

80. Laureen - is a Latin name and an alternative to Lauren, which means honor.

81. Lauren-Darling - is a generic name that can be used on someone you love.

82. Lauren-Honey - is a sweet way of calling your little daughter.

83. Laur-Laur - is a generic short name for someone named Lauren.

84. Laury-Boo - is for someone who has a sweet smile.

85. Lauren-Dear - is a nickname for someone very dear to you.

86. Lavon - is an American name that means wood.

87. Layce - is a Latin name, and Layce means cheerful.

88. Letty - is a Latin name that means joy.

89. Lirisa - is a Greek name that means harp.

90. Lollypop - is a cute way to call your daughter.

91. Lolo - is a cute and short pet name for Lauren.

92. Lorybear - someone who loves playing with their teddy bear.

93. Lynel - is an American name that means beautiful and pretty.

94. Lyneth - is a Welsh name that means beautiful.

95. Lynn - is a Chinese name that means beautiful and jade.

96. Lyra - is a Greek name that means an expression of emotion or song.

97. Princess Lauren - is a royal way to call your daughter.

98. Rinny - is for some who loves rain.

99. Riri - in reference to the popular Barbadian singer Rihanna.

Funny Nicknames For Lauren

We often call our friends funny nicknames just to annoy them. Call your friends by any of these funny nicknames. Check out these funny nicknames for Lauren and pick the most suitable one.

100. Bay-Bay - is pronounced as 'baby.'

101. Borin-Lauren - is pronounced as 'boring Lauren.'

102. Candy-Lauren - is someone who eats candies a lot and is named Lauren.

103. Foreign-Lauren - is a rhyming word for Lauren.

104. Laurain - is perfect for a friend who always cries.

105. Laurendry - in reference to doing laundry.

106. Lao-Run - is for an athletic friend.

107. Lauren-Tine - is the rhyming word for 'Quarantine.'

108. Lear - in reference to Shakespeare's 'King Lear.'

109. Leiko - is a Japanese name that means arrogant.

110. Lemon - is a reference to lemon, which is sour. It is also a good nickname for Lauren.

111. Lorrie Pop - similar to lollypop candy.

112. Loyster - is similar to 'oyster.'

113. Queen L - can be a short abbreviation by taking only the first alphabet from the original name.

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