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50 Nicknames For Layla

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Layla is a beautiful name that has its roots in Persian culture.

Layla is a name that's traditionally given to girls. In Persia, the word commonly means 'night' or 'darkness.'

The word Layla comes from Arab origins. It also has many meanings in Hebrew languages, the most common of which is 'night.' It is believed that the word comes from Arabian legends Qays and Layla. This is a well-known love story in Arabic culture.

However, it has a tragic ending, as Qays dies at the end due to his unfulfilled love. The story was rewritten by Nizami Ganjavi. He was a Persian poet of the 12th century. The name of his famous poem was 'Layla and Majnun.' This poem became very popular in Persia and among Arabs.

However, this might not have been the source of the popularity of the name in the United States of America. In the '70s, a song was released by Derek and the Dominos called 'Layla.' This was behind the immense popularity of the name. The first name, 'Layla,' was used in the US then. Since 2001, the name has become very popular. Tanya Tucker, a famous singer and songwriter named her baby Layla.

Funny Nickname For Layla

Many people like to give funny nicknames, which family members, especially the parents, lovingly call. You can check some funny and interesting nicknames for your child named Layla here.

1. Delilah- Good name was chosen by parents whose kids are as delicate as flowers.

2. Ella- Sounds like Layla, but suitable for parents who don't want to start their kid's name with an L.

3. Kayla- One of the most common Greek names, it means pure.

4. Nailah- Name that sounds a lot like Layla. This name means someone successful.

5. Laylers- Unisexual name that can be used for both boys and girls.

6. Lele- Funny name which can be used for both boys and girls.

7. Lara- popular name for girls

8. Lay Bay- Funny name which is unique

9. Lay kins- Funny two-word name

10. Lila- Famous nickname for girls

11. Lay Lay - Funny two-word name

12. Lily- a very common name for girls

13. Lovely La- Funny name which is two word

14. Lilyanna- A very famous name for girls which can be given to your princess.

15. Lulu- funny 2-syllable name for Layla

16. Lala- Origin from the famous movie 'La La Land'/

17. Leah- Easy to remember, has resemblance with Layla

18. Liah- Another spelling for the same name

19. Law la- Funny name. two-word

Cute Nicknames For Layla

Find some of the cute nicknames here:

20. Cinderaylla- Name for a pretty princess

21. Laylo

22. Hola- Spanish Nickname which means Hello.

23. Mozaraylla- It is a famous type of cheese.

24. Lala Land- A name based on a famous movie

25. LayPal - For your closest pal Layla

26. Lilo - Someone who loves to watch 'Lilo and Stitch.'

27. Lava- Nickname for someone short-tempered or fearless.

28. Ladybug- The name for a girl who loves insects

29. Lolo- To show Layla that you love them

30. Lulico- Adorable unisexual name

31. Laila- Another name for Layla

32. Leila- Arabic name for a girl

33. Lay- For someone who loves to lie down all the time.

34. Lyla- Sounds like Layla

35. Lays- Unique unisex name which is based on the famous chip brand Lays

36. Leyla- Origin from Persia

37. LawLa- Unique name

38. Lailie- Layla variant of Hailie

39. Lara- means protection

Unique Nickname for Layla

Here are some of the unique Layla nicknames you can use for your dear ones.

40. Lollypop- cute nickname

41. Lorena- Unique girl nickname

42. Lackawanna- named after a country in Pennsylvania, US.

43. Luella- Hebrew name

44. Llayma- Baby who loves animals

45. Loreal- A girl who loves makeup

47. Lasha- a biblical place on the East of the Dead Sea.

48. Lulu Bear- Sweet name

59. Laylita - South American-sounding nickname

50. Lufty- It means someone cool

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