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70+ Nicknames For Liam

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Why Liam Nicknames?

Irish for 'strong willed warrior', Liam also means 'protector'. In its original form, it was a shortening of the Irish name Uilliam, derived from the Frankish Willahelm and meant 'helmet of will'. Liam is a fresh and contemporary option for boys who don't want to go with the time-honored William. For some time now, Liam has been one of America's most popular Irish baby names. The Social Security Administration revealed a meteoric rise in popularity, from No. 75 in 2008 to No. 15 in 2011, throughout the middle the to late 2000s. The first installment of the 'Taken' film series, starring Irish actor Liam Neeson, was released around this period. This undoubtedly helped propel the name into the spotlight. And after making his acting debut in the 2012 film adaptation of Suzanne Collins's bestselling novel 'The Hunger Games', actor Liam Hemsworth may have had a hand in things as well. A cool and amazing name like Liam deserves many nicknames. If you have a dear one named Liam and you would want to call them something special and unique between the two of you, look no further! We have a whole set of nicknames curated just for Liam. Go through, pick up, take inspiration, and make nicknames that your Liam rightly deserves!

Funny Nicknames For Liam

1. Gwilym - just go back to the Irish origin and call your 'Liam' this fun name!

2. Jelly Liam - for the impossibly flexible gymnast who always surprises you with new tricks and moves!

3. Lea - a pretty popular name meaning grassland, but it can also work as a short and excellent nickname for Liam.

4. Lee - you know you have heard this name before; that is how popular it is.

5. Leems - make the name unique by playing around with how you pronounce it.

6. Leeyum - adding the yum for the foodie within our buddy!

7. Leo - as tough and determined as the lion, which the sign signifies.

8. Levi - for the carefree Liam giving out the cool hipster vibes

9. Li - simple and short, perfect for an easygoing friend

10. Lil' Liam - a simple and cute name for a simple young boy

11. Lime

12. Limo 

13. Llama 

14. Uilliam - a pretty cool nickname that stands out.

15. Will - the good old origin name can be shortened and used as a fun nickname witty enough to confuse the others.

16. Willem 

Cool Nicknames for Liam

17. King Lee - we know your buddy deserves this title because of how amazing they are.

18. Lama Li - for the calm and composed Liam we would always reach out to.

19. Lee Man 

20. Lee-Ham - a cool name for the upbeat friend.

21. Leeam - there are many ways a simple name like 'Liam' can be made super fun, like this!

22. LeeLee - just a fun name for a light-hearted affection.

23. Leemy 

24. Leeroy 

25. Liamiana Liam - adorable and fun which will make it a name between you and your friend.

26. Liamy - it is fun to play around with, especially when nicknames do not have rules!

27. Limbo - just a cool way of naming a cool friend.

Creative Nicknames For Liam

28. Dandi-Liam - as beautiful as a dandelion.

29. Eum - it can be a funny sound, and a creative name derived from '-iam' of 'Liam'.

30. Helma - German for 'helmet', which means 'Liam'.

31. Lem - just a fun way to pronounce 'Liam'.

32. Lima 

33. Mail 

34. Mali 

35. Payne - for our 'One Direction' and Liam Payne lovers.

36. Protector - nicknames which are meanings of 'Liam' can be a cool way to call a friend.

Cute Nicknames For Liam

37. L'Zombie - for the fan of 'The Walking Dead.'

38. Lee CoCo 

39. LeeBoy - a cute nickname for a baby Liam.

40. Li Lo - Just a cute, fun nickname to have!

41. Li Luv - the cute baby we all love.

42. Lil' Man - a small yet mature kid who knows how to take responsibility for loved ones.

43. Lil' Pie - for toddlers who loved their pies.

44. LiLi Looni - a crazy name for the comic friend.

45. Meum - like a small baby would pronounce 'Liam'; isn't it just cute?!

Famous Nicknames For Liam

46. Curtis - for the fan of Liam James, who plays the character of Noah Curtis in the movie '2012'.

47. D&D Warrior - if Liam is a D&D fan, he would like to relate to Liam O'Brien, who is a part of D&D and many anime series.

48. Livingstone - for the cricket fan and lover of Liam Livingstone, an English cricketer.

49. Payno 

50. Spartacus - the popular Australian actor Liam McIntyre goes by this uber-cool nickname.

51. Chippy - Liam Brady's nickname can be a perfect fit for soccer fans and great soccer players.

52. L'Mill - a soccer fan would recognize Liam Miller as one of the most popular players.

53. Lili 

54. Taken - This is a perfect name for the movie series 'Taken' fan and the amazing Liam Neeson himself.

55. Weetabix - for the musician named Liam, the nickname of Liam Gallagher, an English singer of the band 'Oasis' sounds pretty apt

Fun nicknames for Liam

56. Liam Liamy

57. Jerry - When people think of the classic cartoon Tom and Jerry, they often think of Jerry Mouse as one-half of the show's namesake duo.

58. Mountain King- Inspired from the incidental music for Act II, Scene 6 of Henrik Ibsen's 1867 drama Peer Gynt.

59. Origilm - a made-up word for original and Liam.

60. Ochre - Natural clay earth pigment ochre combines ferric oxide, clay, and sand.

61. Liam locks - Nickname for a Liam who has locks.

62. Teba - A name inspired by the Battle of Teba.

63. Doodle - drawings that are done in one's spare time.

64. Mason - Masons make up the world's largest and oldest goodwill fraternity.

65. Booden - a soft and cute nickname for a boy with curls.

66. Liamie- a creative and cute name.

67. Mercury 

68. Custard 

69. Daffy - the name of a cartoon character, Daffy Duck.

70. Canary 

71. Gummy Liam - a person who has a beautiful gummy smile.

72. Ken - from Barbie and Ken

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