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38 Nicknames For Lillian

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The beautiful feminine name Lillian comes from the Latin word "Liliam," which refers to a flower, a lily.

Lillian refers to someone kind and polite to all, yet she has strength and resilience that would surprise many. The Lily flower is a summer flower, and it symbolizes love and purity.

Although this name originates in France, it is a popular name worldwide. When you hear this kind of name, a charming little girl with a heart-melting smile comes to mind. There can be variations in the nicknames and sound-alikes like Lil, Lilan, Lila, Lili, Liliana, Lilian, Liliane, Lilli, Lilias, Lilliann, Lilly, Lillie, Lil, Lilliyan, Lillian Lilyana. Do you have a friend, spouse, kid, or colleague named Lillian? Do you need a sweet nickname to call her by? You are at the right place.

Cute Nicknames For Lillian

The kids will smile when they hear some of the wonderfully cute nicknames for Lillian.

1. Lili Boo - is a name that just oozes out the cuteness. Isn't it?

2. Lilikins - This one is perfect if someone prefers singing names rather than simply calling out.

3. Lilly Bear - to add cuteness, add a bear which is a cuddly creature.

4. Lillypad - describes the beauty of the floating leaf of a lily flower.

5. Lizzie - is the sweet nickname meaning 'God is my oath'.

6. Loon Moon - when the baby girl is as lovely as the moon.

7. Ms. L - prefix and initial sums up to a nickname.

8. Queen Li - one who is mighty as a queen.

Popular Nicknames For Lillian

For someone with the name Lillian, there are a variety of nicknames that are possible; choose the right one:

9. Anne Lilli - is a graceful person.

10. Lenny - one who is brave as a lion.

11. Lil - is a name for a little, sweet, and beautiful.

12. Lilly - purity and innocence. It is a suitable name for a Potterhead or a nature lover!

13. Lily Bug - an affectionate and popular nickname.

14. Lin - is one of the cute nicknames that means forest.

15. Luce-Lee - this takes after the most famous martial artist Bruce Lee.

16. Lulu - an adorable nickname for someone named Lillian.

17. Nana Li - someone who is caring like a granny.

18. Niña - Pronounced as Nee-nee-aa, means a girl in Spanish.

Cool Nicknames For Lillian

Here in this section, you will find some cool Lillian nicknames:

19. Ella - best as a girl's name.

20. Leena - young palm tree, tender, delicate.

21. Liliness - quite senseless, yet a name.

22. Lili Pop - as sweet as a lollipop.

23. Linda - a derivative of the linden tree.

24. Lionel Lillian- for all the Messi fans.

25. Lucky Lil- for a Lillian who is lucky in your life.

26. Nelly Lilly- a Lillian with silly behavior.

27. Tiger Lily - is a symbol of wealth, positivity, and pride.

Funny Nicknames To Take A Dig At Lillian

These names will make people laugh, serve as an inside joke and be a perfect nickname.

28. Lanky Lil- one who is petite and tall.

29. Lillie Bin - someone who is a messy person.

30. Lion Lilli- feisty woman, queen of the jungle.

31. Lone-ly - is a lone wolf character.

32. Silly Lilly - one who is so silly.

33. Smelly Nelly - a playful reminder of someone who forgets to shower.

34. Yellow Mellow Lillo- a pale-looking Lillian.

Unique Nicknames For Lillian

If you are someone who prefers to take the road less traveled by when it comes to nicknames. These unusual names for Lillian are likely to be appreciated by you.

35. Julienne - a name sounding very similar to Lillian.

36. Lian - a shortened version of Lillian, contrary to the popular short version Lil.

37. Lily - another way of shortening the name Lillian.

38. Lindt - pronounced without the T is a famous chocolate brand, apt for a Lillian who is a sweet tooth.

43. Lone-Lil - one who is lonely.

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