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50+ Nicknames For Lily

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Why nicknames for Lily

Lily is a Latin name derived from the word Lilium derived from another Greek word, 'Leirion.' In English, Lily means lovely, pure, and white, which describes the white flower color of the Lily itself. Besides the Lily flower, the name is associated with beauty, purity, and innocence, symbolizing white. Lily is commonly considered to be feminine. These nicknames are appropriate and meaningful options that you can choose to call your loved one.

Short Nicknames For Lily

1. L - is the perfect abbreviation with only the name's first alphabet.

2. Lee (Old English-Irish origin) - means poet or poetic, or meaning sheltered or meadow in English.

3. Lee - Lee - is an alternative name for Lily with a different spelling.

4. Li (Chinese origin) - means 'reason, language, power, capability, beautiful'.

5. Lilo - inspired from the cartoon 'Lilo and Stitch'.

6. Lil

7. Lils

8. Lisly

9. Lulu (multiple origins) - means 'precious, peaceful, protected, and calm'.

Cool Nicknames For Lily

10. Chill Lil

11. Lilias (Scottish and Latin origin) - means 'Oath of God; God is satisfaction'.

12. Lillie - is an alternative nickname with a different spelling.

13. Lily Boo

14. Lily Brown - inspired by a character in 'Nanny McPhee.'

15. Lily Pad - is the floating leaves of a water lily.

16. Lily Stone - about a character from the movie 'Thomas And The Magical Railroad.'

17. Lily Luna Potter - one of the fictional characters from the Harry Potter series. Lily Luna Potter is also the protagonist's daughter.

18. Lu (Latin origin) - means 'light'.

Creative Nicknames For Lilythree women sitting on a bench

19. Chili Lily

20. Crin (Romanian origin) means 'the flower lily'.

21. Flora (Latin origin) - means 'blooming flower or flourishing', which is a good nickname for someone named after a flower.

22. Lilibet - it was a nickname for Queen Elizabeth and is Lilibet Diana the name of Prince Harry's daughter.

23. Liilia (multiple origins) - a variation of lily.

24. Liliana

25. Liliom (Hungarian origin) - means 'Lily'.

26. Lily Ann

27. Lily Potter - one of the fictional characters from the Harry Potter series. Lily Potter is the mother's main character, Harry Potter.

28. Laquetta (American origin) - means a 'quiet and well-behaved child'.

29. Luka (Latin origin) - means 'light'.

30. Lynett (English, Welsh origin) - means 'nymph, idol'.

31. Lyra (Greek origin) - means 'an expression of emotion or song'.

32. Na-Ri (Korean origin) - means 'lily'.

33. Ren (Japanese origin) - means 'lotus'.

34. Yuri (Japanese origin) - means 'flower' and is also an alternative for the nickname Lily.

35. Zambak (Middle East, Turkish origin) - means 'Lily'.

Cute Nicknames For Lily

36. Liane (Latin origin) - means 'bond, to twine around, youthful or Jove's child'.

37. Lien (Vietnamese origin) - means 'Lotus'.

38. Lile (French origin) - means 'from the island'.

39. Lilith

40. Lily Darling

41. Lily Honey

42. Linea (Scandinavian origin) - means 'lime or Linden Tree, twinflower'.

43. Lily Bear

44. Lily Bug

45. Baby L - is a sweet nickname for your little daughter.

46. Lily Pop

47. Lyric (Greek, French origin) - means 'songlike' or 'lyre.'

48. Lala

49. Lan (Chinese, Vietnamese origin) - means 'orchid.'

50. Lynel (French origin) - means 'little lion.'

51. Lynn (Celtic origin) - means 'pool, pond, waterfall, lake.'

52. Lolly

53. Lillia

54. Lizzie 

Famous People Names Lily

55. Lily Jane Collins (born 18 March 1989) is a British and American actress and model.

56. Lilly Becher (1901–1978), a German writer, journalist, and activist.

57. Lilly Singh (born 1988), Canadian YouTuber.

58. Lilly Steinschneider (1891–1975), Hungarian aviator.

59. Lilly Martin Spencer (1822–1902), American painter.

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