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92 Nicknames for Lucas

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According to the 2020 data of the Social Security Administration, Lucas is the eighth most popular name in America.

Although the names of a baby are determined by their gender, however, picking a suitable name for your baby becomes difficult. To help you in this task, we have devised a series of nicknames for children with Lucas as their formal name.

The origin of the word 'Lucas' can be credited to Greek and Latin. However, the name Lucas has different meanings in different cultures. When Lucas is used as a Latin name, it has a masculine reference, while the feminine version of Lucas can be Lucia, Lucille, and Luciana. The name Lucas is not just cute but also resonates with a sense of positivity.

Whenever you close your eyes and utter the name Lucas, you will feel a certain sense of calmness and peace inside you. Generally, the purpose of nicknames is to show the close bond that you have with a person. Normally, family members are the ones who use nicknames for their near and dear ones.

Unique Nicknames For Lucas

Not everyone wants to have a common nickname. If you are looking for nicknames that make you stand out from the crowd, here is a list of nicknames for Lucas. This list has nicknames for both males and females. So, without further delay, dive into the list.

1. Lew-Lu - a nickname that can be used to tease Lucas.

2. Lou - a name that stands for a famous warrior.

3. Lou Cake - nicknames for Lucas that represents adorable love and compassion for the baby.

4. Loopy Luca- a funny version of Lucas, which means famous warrior.

5. Luka - used for the nickname of a baby with Latin origination, meaning 'a bringer of light'.

6. Lucas Goodwin - a unique baby boy's name similar to that of a fictional character in 'House Of Cards'.

7. Lucas Gottesman - taken from the fictional character of the popular Netflix web series 'Pretty Little Liars'.

8. Lucas Jade - a masculine nickname resembling the American actor Lucas Jade Zumann.

9. Lucas Sinclair - in reference to a fictional character shown in the popular Netflix series 'Stranger Things'.

10. Lucia - a Latin feminine name used to mean 'light'.

11. Lucky - a nickname for Lucas that means fortunate.

12. Loukas - a nickname used for boys with the official name Lucas or Luke.

13. Lucy bug - the name of one of the oldest fossils that exist in this world.

14. Lucy pie Lu- is a name that can be used for a Lucas who is as sweet as pie.

15. Lukas - originated from Sweden and is similar to Lucas with a slightly different spelling.

16. Luke - a nickname that is commonly used in Germany, Scotland, and Sweden.

17. Lukie Lou - a popular Christian name with reference to the Bible.

18. Luks - a nickname used in Latvia for Lucas.

19. Lulu - a cute nickname for boys taken after the name of the popular singer Lulu Antakirsa.

20. Young Lucas - a sweet nickname for a baby in reference to the Renaissance painter of the name 'Lucas Cranach The Younger'.

Funny Nicknames For Lucas

Nicknames for Lucas are quite common.

Everyone's way of expressing love is different. While some prefer expressing their love to their toddlers by calling them some adorable names, others like to keep it fun. Below are some funny nicknames for Lucas.

21. Candy baby Lucas - the ultimate bulky Lucas that can be used for a plumpy baby.

22. Loco - a masculine nickname used for boys who are active enough to take up any task at once.

23. Lola - a cute and funny nickname for a boy related to 'Lolita', meaning sorrows.

24. Lu - often used as a short form of the official names like Lucas, Lucy, Luka, etc.

25. Lu Jackson - a fictional character in the film 'Cool Hand Luke' portrayed by the American actor Paul Newman.

26. Luca Boo - a universal nickname for Luca or Lukie Lou or Luc.

27. Lucardo - a Swiss name related to the popular city of Locarno in Switzerland.

28. Lucas Pokemon - a funny nickname for a boy in reference to the protagonist of the popular anime game Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

29. Lucas Scott - a character in the popular television series 'One Tree Hill' effectively played by Chad Michael Murray.

30. Lucky Pucky - an adorable and fun name that can be used as a nickname for Lucas.

31. Luco - a short version of Loukas that has a Greek origin meaning enthusiasm and versatility.

32. Luke Skywalker - the lead character of the popular Star Wars trilogy.

33. Lukeyboi - an adorable and often funny nickname used for a male baby.

34. Lukin - a person belonging to the Luka village of Belarus.

35. Lukz - a short form of the name Lucas or Lucky, is commonly used among friends and family.

36. Lukzy - called for a baby boy, used in a friendly tone to appear cool.

37. Saint Luke - a very popular name in the Bible, commonly known as the name of a Disciple who completed the third Gospel of the New Testament.

38. Thomas Luke - a heavy name in reference to the singer and songwriter of America, Thomas Luther Luke Bryan.

Creative Nicknames For Lucas

When it comes to finding nicknames, there are some people who prefer choosing names that are a bit uncommon. People like to utter some names that make them one in a million. In the case of nicknames, along with the uniqueness, the factor of creativity also should be taken care of. Below are some creative nicknames for Lucas.

39. Aucas-Lucas - a creative and fun way to call Lucas.

40. Blush Lucas - to be used for a shy and introverted male baby.

41. Cabron Lucas - a Spanish name to express friendly affection and compassion for fellow mates.

42. Calaca Lu - a Spanish nickname for the skeleton can be used for people who are skinny or extremely thin.

43. Calle Cas- taken from the Scandinavian or Swedish diminutive form of Karl or Carl.

44. Callie - another baby name meaning pretty or bright-eyed.

45. Cass - another name for Lucas means overpowering a man and shining over him.

46. Elz Lucas- a masculine name that denotes logical reasoning, intuitiveness, and gracefulness.

47. Glitter Lucas - this is a baby boy's name for Lucas that means sparkles or enlightenment.

48. Lengua Larga - can be used for people who are talkative or who like to converse a lot.

49. Listo - a Spanish nickname for a smart person or an intelligent child.

50. Logan - a male nickname suitable for a hairy person and resembles the character of Wolverine belonging to the Marvel universe.

51. Lolly Polly - an adorable and cute name used generally for a baby boy to show affection towards her.

52. Lucario - a Japanese name introduced in the fourth generation of Pokemon stands for dual-type fighting.

53. Lucas Belle - While Belle is the diminutive of the Italian name Isabella, Lucas stands for light.

54. Lucas Cupcake - an adorable male name for a tiny tot of the house.

55. Lunes - sounds similar to Lucas and means Monday in Spanish.

56. Luz - a Spanish word for a person who is dearly loved.

57. Missoula - the name of a place in Montana.

58. Nova - has a Latin origin meaning something new.

59. Quick Lucas - a boy's nickname who is a little mischievous and naughty.

60. Ronan - a masculine name of Ireland that stands for a little seal.

61. Sparkles - a famous nickname that can be used for people with leadership qualities and great personalities.

62. Sparkline - an interesting baby name meaning flame or flash.

63. Valentine Lucas- a name that can be used in reference to the popular red-letter day, Valentine's Day.

64. Yeti Luca- a Spanish fictional character that can be used for an extremely hairy person.

65. Zane - a charming name in reference to the name of the western novelist Zane Grey.

66. Zorina Lucas - a popular dancer's name that stands for golden.

Cool Nicknames For Lucas

Are you in search of some trendy nicknames for Lucas? Well, your search ends here as here you have a detailed list of nicknames for Lucas that are not just trendy but also cool enough to match the culture of gen-z. Without further delay, let's check out the trendy nicknames for Lucas.

67. Achillus Luca- originated from the Greek name Achillies.

68. Adelfus Lufucas- taken from the Greek word Adelfus, meaning brother.

69. Adonis Luc- an extremely handsome and good-looking boy with a Greek reference to the man loved by Aphrodite.

70. Agustus Luc- a masculine name with Latin origin meaning magnificent or great.

71. Albinus Cas- a name of Anglo-Saxon origin which was also the name of an abbot.

72. Amory Lucy- originated in German, means a brave power.

73. Angel Lucas- a name in reference to a spiritual fairy or celestial creature.

74. Annett-Luc - has a French origin and means grace and favor.

75. Big L - this universal nickname for Lucas can be used for younger adults.

76. Buckling - an attractive and friendly masculine nickname.

77. Chan Chan Lucas - referred to a Lucas who is very energetic.

78. Choco Lukzy - friendly nicknames called among friends to denote a chocolate boy with the name of 'Lucas'

79. Charles the Lucas- an old English word that can be traced back to the time of Charles the Great.

80. Chato Luca- belongs to native American origin and is called for a person with a flat nose.

81. Juicy Lucy - a fun rhyming nickname for a female used among friends and family.

82. Keita Lucas - a gender-neutral nickname that means a blessing or offspring.

83. Liam Lucz- an Irish word used for a protector and a brave, strong-willed warrior.

84. Lucas Apple - an adorable nickname for Lucas is the apple of the eye of the family.

85. Lucas Kin - called to denote the whole family of a person named 'Lucas'.

86. Prestige Lucas- a name of Anglo-Saxon origin that belongs to a family in Prestwich.

87. Sunny Lucas- a name for a bright and enthusiastic person who is as radiant as the sun's rays.

88. Sweetie Lucy - an adorable name used when being affectionate to a baby.

89. Luckyan - a cool and trendy version of 'Lucy' or 'Lucas' or 'Luca' or one of the popular nicknames for Lucas.

90. Lukas Cage - this nickname is taken from the Marvel Universe superhero.

91. Lengua large - baby, an expression of adoration for a person named Lengua Larga.

92. Lucy Honey - similar to Lucy bug or Luca expressing love.

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