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220 Nicknames For Older Sisters

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A sister is not just a sister. She is the best friend who takes care of you like a mother does. However, this special relationship can be made more special when you give your sister a nickname that shows your affection and love for her.

Here are some of the best nicknames that would suit her personality.

Cute nicknames for older sister

Every relationship is special. However, the relationship between the two sisters is more than just special. To make this relationship even more interesting, we have listed cute nicknames below.

1. Angel Eyes - is a great nickname for a big sister.

2. Angel face - is another beautiful nickname.

3. Angel's eyes - is another beautiful nickname.

4. Apple Pie is a cute nickname.

5.   Atom - is a perfect nickname for a sister who studies science.

6.   Baby deer - is a precious nickname.

7.   Bambie - meaning 'Baby girl' and is referred to as 'Disney's character,' who was a cute deer, is a charming nickname for a cute sister.

8.  Beanie - is another affectionate nickname.

9.   Big sis - is another good and cute nickname for your elder sister.

10.  Blue - is another beautiful nickname.

11.  Born queen - is an attractive nickname.

12.  Boss - is a very common nickname for older sisters.

13.  Bubb - is an adorable nickname.

14.  Butter Girl - is a brilliant nickname.

15.  Butter Girl - is a charming nickname.

16.  Butterscotch - is a wonderful nickname.

17.  Caretaker - is a perfect nickname for a sister who cares for you.

18.  Champ - is an incredible nickname.

19.  Chatterbox - is a cute and funny nickname.

20.  Choco-pop - is a perfect nickname.

21.  Chub - is a cute nickname for a chubby sister.

22.  Chum Chum - is a perfect nickname for your crazy and fun-loving sister.

23.  Crazy Pants - is an extremely creative nickname.

24.  Cupcake - is another delightful nickname.

25.  Dearie - is a great nickname for your dearest sister.

26.  Deedee - is another charming nickname.

27.  Dimples - is a perfect nickname for a sister with dimples.

28.  Donut - is a good nickname.

29.  Doodle - is a cute nickname for the artist's sister.

30.  Drama Queen - is a moody nickname for a moody sister.

31.  Duckling - is a funny but cute nickname.

32.  Elf - is another adorable nickname.

33.  Firecracker - is a brilliant and suitable nickname for a hot-headed sister.

34.  Fluffy - is indeed a cute nickname.

35.  Freckles - this is a perfect nickname for a sister who has freckles.

36.  Geek - is a suitable nickname for a studious sister.

37.  Giggles - is a cute nickname for a funny sister.

38.  Gorgeous - is a beautiful nickname.

39.  Graceful - is a gorgeous nickname.

40.  Grumpy - is a suitable nickname if annoying your sister is simple.

41.  Guardian angel is a brilliant nickname for a protective sister.

42.  Heart Breaker - is a creative nickname for a chatterbox sister.

43.  Honey Bee - is another delightful nickname.

44.  Jelly Bean - is another lovely nickname.

45.  Jewel - is a great nickname.

46.  Jewel Lover - is a great nickname for a sister who likes jewelry.

47.  Joy - is a perfect nickname for a cheerful sister.

48.  Kiki - is a cute nickname for an older sister.

49.  Ladybug - is a suitable nickname.

50.  Missy - is a lovely nickname.

51.  Missy Sissy - is an adequate and decent nickname.

52.  Ninja - is a perfect nickname.

53.  Old Woman - is the most suitable nickname for your older sister.

54.  Panda - is a precious nickname for an adorable sister.

55.  Pooh Bear - is a lovely nickname.

56.  Rollie Pollie - is an elder sister's funny but adorable nickname.

57.  Sib - is short for 'Sibling.' And it is a great nickname.

58.  Sis - is short for 'sister' and makes a simple but cute nickname.

59.  Sista - is a perfect nickname for big sister.

60.  Sisterly - is an adequate nickname for older sisters.

61.  Smart Head - is suitable for an intelligent sister.

62.  Smart Lady - is a good nickname for a smart sister.

63.  Smarty - is a good nickname for a smart sister.

64.  Smiley - is a charming nickname.

65.  Smiley - is a good nickname.

66.  Sweet - is a sweet nickname for your elder sister.

67.  Sweet Pea - is another good nickname to show your affection.

68.  Sweets - is another wonderful nickname. 

Sweet Nicknames for Older Sister

Older sisters become more caring and compassionate when you call them sweet names. Here are some sweet nicknames to call your older sister.

69.  Aura - is another beautiful nickname.

70.  Baby bear - is perfect for a cute sister.

71.  Bee - is an impressive nickname.

72.  Biscuit - is a delightful nickname.

73.  Boo - is another precious nickname.

74.  Bubbles - is another mesmerizing nickname.

75.  Buttercup - is another cute nickname.

76.  Button - is a perfect nickname for an adorable sister.

77.  Candy - is another lovely nickname.

78.  Cheese - is a sweet nickname for your sister.

79.  Cherie - is the sweetest nickname.

80.  Chef - ideal for older sisters who can cook.

81.  Cherry Cake - is the sweetest nickname ever.

82.  Chirpy - is perfect for a sister who talks a lot.

83.  Chuckles - is another funny and cute nickname.

84.  Cookie - is a precious nickname.

85.  Cutie Head - is another adorable nickname.

86.  Cutie Pie - is just precious for a nickname.

87.  Daisy - is a sweet and beautiful nickname.

88.  Dido - is a funny but adorable nickname.

89.  Diva - is another attractive nickname.

90.  Dorito - is a sweet nickname.

91.  Dorky - this nickname is suitable for a funny sister.

92.  Eli - is another sweet and heartwarming nickname.

93.  Foxy - is another adorable nickname.

94.  Froggy - is a quirky but cute nickname.

95.  Glitzy - is a sweet nickname.

96.  Gravity - is a funky but cute nickname.

97.  Gummy Bear - is another sweet nickname.

98.  Honey - is as sweet as it sounds.

99.  Jolly - is a happy nickname.

100.   June - is a perfect nickname for a sister born in June.

101.   Loony - is a sweet nickname indeed.

102.    Lucky charm - is a suitable nickname.

103.    Lulu - is a good nickname.

104.   Marshmallow - is an expressive nickname.

105.   Mimi - makes a perfect nickname.

106.   Mom Jr - is a perfect nickname for an older sister.

107.   Mumsy - is an adequate nickname.

108.  Munchkin - is just adorable for a nickname.

109.  Nina - is a decent nickname.

110.  Pearl - is a beautiful nickname.

111.  Pepper - is an adorable nickname.

112.  Pixie - is a gorgeous nickname.

113.  Pom pom - is a joyful nickname.

114.  Poodle - is a cute nickname.

115.  Power puff - this nickname comes from a cartoon, 'Power puff girls.'

116.  Princess - is another amazing nickname.

117.   Rollie - is another charming nickname.

118.  Rose - is an adequate nickname for a sister who loves roses.

119.  Sugar puff - is a cutesy nickname.

120.   Summer - is a mesmerizing nickname.

121.   Sweet bun - is another soft and warm nickname.

122.   Sweetheart - is another nickname for showing your love.

123.  Sweetie - is such a sweet nickname.

124.  Teddy - is a cute, affectionate nickname.

125.   The big one - is a suitable nickname for an elder sister.

Funny Nicknames For Older Sister

The Latin root for the word sister is from the Latin word 'Soror.' Add a little amusement and fun to your relationship with your sister with these funny nicknames for older sisters. Make sure you choose the best one that suits your sister's personality best.

126.   Angry Peach - is an adorable but comedic nickname.

127.   Bag of tricks - is a perfect nickname for a prankster.

128.   Banana - is another fantastic nickname.

129.   Beagle - is a quirky nickname.

130.   Beast bunny - is an affectionate but lighthearted nickname.

131.   Big bear - is a comical nickname.

132.   Big chicken - is a hilarious nickname.

133.  Booger - is a fitting nickname.

134.  Boots - is a funky nickname.

135.   Bossy - is a suitable nickname for a bossy sister.

136.   Cartoon - is a simple but funny nickname.

137.   Cheeks - is a sweet but funny nickname.

138.   Cheeky Monkey - is another laughable nickname.

139.   Chicken - is another humorous nickname.

140.   Chucky - is a comical nickname.

141.   Couch Potato - is a perfect nickname for your elder sister.

142.   Crooked - is a perfect nickname.

143.   Cutie Patootie - is a cute nickname indeed.

144.   Cutlet - is another comedic nickname.

145.   Daredevil - is the funniest nickname.

146.   Ding dong - this nickname gives off a fun vibe.

147.   Duckling - is a cute but amusing nickname.

148.   Dusty - is an impressive nickname.

149.   Flashy - is a good nickname.

150.   Foxy Lady - is a clever and fun nickname.

151.   Funny Hunny - is a sweet and funny nickname.

152.   Gentle Lady - is a humorous nickname.

153.   Giggle - monster is a witty nickname.

154.   Giraffe - is a suitable nickname for a tall sister.

155.   Goober - meaning 'naive, ignorant.' It is a funny nickname.

156.   Goof - is a quirky and funny nickname.

157.   Grasshopper - is another suitable nickname.

158.   Heartbreaker - is a funny and exact nickname.

159.   Jumbo - is a hilarious nickname.

160.   Kangaroo - is an efficient nickname.

161.   Lilliput - is again a funny nickname.

162.   Loco - is a lighthearted, funny nickname.

163.   Loopy - meaning 'highly charged personality,' is a perfect nickname.

164.   Maniac - is a funny nickname for your older sister.

165.  Megamind - is the best nickname for a smart sister.

166.   Monkey Girl - is a joyful nickname.

167.   Mumma Bear - is an amusing nickname.

168.  Nugget - is an incredible nickname.

169.   Nutter Butter - is a perfect nickname.

170.   Odd duck - is a hilarious nickname.

171.   Old Gold - is an accurate nickname.

172.    Oldie - is a suitable nickname for an elder sister.

173.   Oldster - is an adequate nickname for an elder sister.

174.   Plum - is a sweet but humorous nickname.

175.   Pookie - is a great nickname.

176.  Pumpkin - is a cute but humorous nickname.

177.  Rockstar - is the best nickname.

178.   Shadow is an adequate nickname.

179.   She-devil - is an excellent nickname.

180.   Sisty - is a decent but cute nickname.

181.   Sticky - is another amazing nickname.

182.   Sticky-icky - is a sweet and funny nickname.

183.   The Big Devil - is an attractive nickname.

184.   The Fierce Doll - is a simple but funny nickname.

185.   Toto - is a funny nickname indeed.

Unique Nicknames for Older Sisters

When you share an extraordinary relationship with your siblings, then this unique relationship deserves a unique nickname. And if you are looking for a unique nickname for your older sister, then here is a list of all the best and unique nicknames below.

186.  A giant - is a funny and unique nickname.

187.    Baddy - is the best nickname for a strong older sister

188.   Butterball - is a cute and imaginative nickname.

189.   Chattery - is a suitable nickname for a talkative sister.

190.    Chica - is another very good nickname.

191.   Chirpy - is a suitable nickname for a talkative sister.

192.   Classy - is an elegant nickname.

193.  Cuddly - is a sweet nickname.

194.    Devil Horns - are an outstanding nickname.

195.    Dobby - is named after a fictional character from the 'Harry Potter' movies.

196.    Dumbstruck - is a great nickname.

197.   Enigma - this can mean, riddle or puzzle and is perfect for older sisters who are difficult to read.

198.   Firecracker - is an extraordinary nickname.

199.   Gal Pal - is an impressive nickname.

200.   Gangsta Baby - is a desirable nickname.

201.   Godzilla - is an efficient nickname.

202.   Goth - is the best nickname.

203.   Heart Of Gold - is a creative nickname.

204.   Hissy Sissy - is a quirky and unique nickname.

205.   Hoochie Coochie - is an efficient nickname.

206.   Lamby - is a funny and unique nickname.

207.   Matchstick - is a perfect nickname.

208.   Moody - is the best nickname.

209.   Phantom - is a creative nickname.

210.   Punk - is a goofy but unique nickname.

211.   Racoon - is a humorous but unique nickname.

212.   Rebel - is a perfect and unique nickname.

213.   Red Chilli - is indeed a spicy nickname.

214.   Rolly Polly - is an adorable nickname.

215.   Scooby-Doo - is named after a fictional character from 'Scooby-Doo'.

216.   Scrappy - is an imaginative nickname.

217.   Slick Chick - is an impressive nickname.

218.   Space Queen - is the best and unique nickname.

219.   Danger - is a perfect nickname.

220.   The Mad Head - is a great nickname.

221.   The Mummy- is a suitable nickname.

222.   The Polar Bear - is a lovely but impressive nickname.

223.   Two-eyed Monster - is a funny and quirky nickname.

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