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101 Nicknames For Owen

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Owen is a great name indeed that has its roots in Irish and Welsh origins, and it means 'Noble, youthful, and well-born'.

If you share a special bond with a person named Owen, then you might be looking for a nickname to make this bond even more special. Mentioned below is a list of nicknames for Owen, from cute to funny.

Read on to choose your desired nickname for this popular Irish name.

Cute Nicknames for Owen

In biblical terms, the meaning of Owen is 'A well-born man'. Here are some cute nicknames for Owen that you will surely like.

  • Baby boo- is a great choice, and no nickname can be cuter than this one.
  • Big-O - is a term that makes a fantastic nickname.
  • Brownien - is an adorable nickname for a cute-looking person. 
  • Elmo - meaning 'protector', is a brilliant nickname indeed.
  • Enn - meaning 'Nurturing and wise', is a beautiful and cute nickname.
  • Ennie - meaning 'who fights with the sword', this nickname also means 'Light, bright, shining', is a perfect nickname.
  • Eno - is another decent nickname for a person named Owen.
  • Mellow - meaning 'fully ripe or mature', is the best nickname for someone chilled.
  • Moon - is a nickname that gives off a calming vibe.
  • New - is a sophisticated nickname, which also sounds cute.
  • Newo - meaning 'new or gift', is a nickname that can be used for a boy and a girl.
  • O - is simple but will make a good nickname.
  • Onan -meaning 'Strength, power', nothing beats this nickname.
  • Onwold -is a funny nickname for anyone named Owen.
  • Oreo - is a nickname that is as cute as it sounds.
  • Oswald - is a cartoonish nickname for an adorable child.
  • Otto -meaning 'wealth, prosperity', is a famous nickname to be used.
  • Owain -meaning 'youth', is a suitable nickname.
  • Owee -meaning 'well bonded', is a decent nickname.
  • Owie -meaning 'Remember God', is a good nickname for a person named Owen.
  • Owie-bear -is another adorable nickname that will bring a smile to your face.
  • Owii - meaning 'Lines in Vedic Verses or Shlokas', is a cute nickname.
  • Own - is an easy nickname.
  • Owscar - is a term taken from the word 'Oscars', is a good nickname.
  • Oww - is a term that would be a good choice for a nickname.
  • Ozz - is one of the cute nickname variants for Owen
  • Ozzie - meaning 'Bear God', makes a great nickname.
  • Wee - meaning 'yellow, to fall through', is a lovely nickname.
  • Wen - meaning 'warm', is a most used nickname.
  • Wennie - meaning 'Beautiful eyes', is a beautiful nickname mostly used in the United States and the Philippines.
  • Weno - is a nickname that is both simple and gives off a cute vibe.
  • Winnie - is another cartoony nickname from the cartoon 'Winnie the Pooh'.

Nicknames for Owen

The use of the name Owen dates back to 926AD in Wales. Here are some freezing cool nicknames for Owen. Choose the best one according to your preference.

  • Bro-wen - is a nice and friendly nickname.
  • Dearie - is such a lovely nickname for your dearest one.
  • En - meaning 'favour - grace - kindness', is a nickname that is beautiful and cool at the same time.
  • Enny - meaning 'bird-like - eagle', is a fantastic nickname.
  • Eoin - meaning 'God is Gracious', is a heartfelt nickname suitable for a baby.
  • Ewain - is a good nickname for a person named Owen.
  • Mr.O - is a quirky but cool nickname.
  • Oatmeal - is a suitable nickname for a foodie person.
  • O-frenzy - is a funny but cute nickname.
  • Ohie - meaning 'Emotional, powerful' - is a remarkable nickname.
  • Olly - meaning 'elf warrior', is a wonderful nickname.
  • Onrey - is a term would make a perfect nickname for a person named Owen.
  • Ony - meaning 'Eagle', is a fierce nickname.
  • Onya - meaning 'warning vision', is also the name of a band.
  • Oren - meaning 'pine-ash', is the best choice for a nickname.
  • O-sky - is a mesmerizing nickname.
  • Oswin - meaning 'God's friend', makes a superb nickname.
  • Otis - meaning 'Wealth', is a classy nickname.
  • Ouen - meaning 'Young warrior; well born', is a nickname that sounds classy.
  • Owain - meaning 'Youth', is a suitable nickname for a young person.
  • Owen Boo - is an adorable nickname.
  • Owenator - is a brilliant nickname for a person named Owen.
  • Owenzy - is a term that would make a cool nickname.
  • O-Win - is a motivating nickname for Owen.
  • Own the stars - is a positive and cool nickname.
  • Ows - is a decent nickname.
  • Owy - meaning 'open-minded', is a perfect nickname.
  • Oyy - is a cool nickname sounds complicated but makes a good nickname.
  • Wee - is a gleeful nickname, and perfect for a cheerful person.
  • Wenny - is a term that makes for a great and sophisticated nickname.
  • Wenzy - is a cool nickname that sounds cool.
  • Yon - meaning 'Dove', is a mesmerizing nickname.

Funny Nicknames for Owen

The name Owen has its roots in Celtic and Welsh origin. The name Owen originated during the Renaissance era. Here are some funny nicknames for Owen

  • Brownie - is a comical yet sweet nickname.
  • Elmo - meaning 'protector', is an amusing nickname.
  • Eoghan - meaning 'God's gift', is a beautiful nickname that would be adequate.
  • Frozen - is named after the animated movie 'Frozen'.
  • Hen - is a funny nickname, and would be suitable for a quirky personality.
  • Musturd - would be a good choice for a nickname.
  • Night owl - is a nickname that is suitable for a person who stays up late at night.
  • O-Boy -this makes for a funny and quirky nickname.
  • Ocean -is an elegant nickname for a beautiful person.
  • Odd duck - is a nickname that falls in the category of a funny nickname.
  • Ohana -meaning 'family', this nickname needs to be appreciated.
  • Old Winnie - is another absurd nickname.
  • Olly -meaning 'Olive tree', is named after a renowned singer 'Olly Murs'.
  • One eye - is a witty nickname that will bring some good laughs.
  • Orum - is a stunning nickname for someone close to you.
  • Oslo -meaning 'Meadow at the foot of a hill', an earthly nickname, is a perfect choice.
  • Otter - is an adorable nickname.
  • Otty - is a nickname that sounds cute and hilarious at the same time.
  • Ouncy Bouncy -this makes a perfectly humorous nickname.
  • Overrun - is a nickname that sounds odd but is funny.
  • Owli - is a good and comedic nickname.
  • Won -is an absurd but perfect nickname.
  • Wooly -is another laughable nickname for a heartwarming laugh.
  • Woozie - is an entertaining nickname.

Popular Nicknames for Owen

The name Owen has started gaining popularity and has been used extensively in recent times. Looking for popular nicknames for a person named Owen, then here are some popular nicknames for you to choose from. 

  • Br-owen- is a nickname that can be used for a brother.
  • Eenie - is a nickname that is full of warmth and affection.
  • Elowen -is a perfect nickname, which is simple and exact.
  • Mr.O - is a much more suitable nickname for a grown-up person.
  • Neo - is a beautiful nickname for a newborn baby.
  • Nic - is a nickname that is short but effective.
  • Nono - is a nickname for an Owen who's always saying no to everything.
  • One and only - is a suitable one for your precious and one and only.
  • Ossie -is another wonderful nickname.
  • Owens -is a nickname that is just a variant of the name Owen.
  • Owgie - is an adorable nickname that is all you need.
  • Ows - is a nickname for your precious ones.
  • Owyn - is a nickname that is another possibility of the word Owen as a nickname.
  • Rockstar Owen - is a nickname that would be fitting for someone who loves music.

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