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73 Nicknames For Reagan

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Nicknames are normally short and simple.

Nicknames give a reasonable personality, and they can be used as a term to show affection. Nicknames create a new identity for someone.

Everyone loves their nicknames and wants them to look cool and fancy. A nickname is often given to a person who doesn't have a usual name or when there is a similarity in someone's name to another person. Friends and family members can also give a child a nickname as they grow up. A person may have multiple nicknames for himself or herself. Reagan is a variation name for Regan, which is an Irish name. It means 'Royal'. So here we've got you covered with an entire chunk of unique, cool, creative, and witty Reagan nicknames.

Creative Nicknames For Reagan

A creative nickname is always very important for everyone. So, check out some really creative nicknames here.

  • Andrew - It is a boy nickname that stands for 'strong and manly'.
  • Meagan - It sounds much like Reagan and means 'strong, capable, pearl'.
  • Oregano - It literally translates as 'mountain of happiness'.
  • Paige - It is a gender-neutral name. It's of Latin origin means 'young helper or mate of young nobles' and is derived from the Greek word 'Paidion'.
  • Rae Dawg - Rae stands for 'ewe or female sheep'.
  • Raegan - It is a look-a-like boy name for Reagan, which means 'impulsive; of nobility'.
  • Raekwon - This is an American rapper's name. It means 'One who is gifted with words '.
  • Raelyn - It is a Hebrew and an American name that means 'embrace; ewe, lamb'.
  • Ragan - Ragan is a unisex name which means 'noble'.
  • Ragem - This nickname reflects the emotional energy of acceptance.
  • Ragn - It has a German origin, a plural form of the word regin, which means 'advise'.
  • Ragna - The meaning of the name is 'Goddess or warrior' in Norse Baby Names.
  • Rahsaan - This nickname is a unique name, which means 'He who is compassionate'.
  • Raijin - Raijin nickname stands for the word 'The Thunder God'.
  • Rajon - It is an Indian origin name, which means 'sun'.
  • Rakeem - It is an Arabic origin name that means 'Said to be derived from Raheem, which means compassionate'.
  • Rannie - According to South Africans, it means 'gift of God'.
  • Regan - This name can be given to the little king.

Witty Nicknames For Reagan

Let's find out what your nickname should be!

What's a nickname that doesn't sound witty? Check out some witty nicknames for Reagan here.

  • Rashawn - It is a blended name of Ray and Shawn, which is a modern nickname for sure.
  • Ravioli - In the Italian dialect, it means 'little turnips'.
  • Ray - It can be a boy or a girl name; it means 'light or sunlight'.
  • Ray gun - It is the name of a hypothetical future weapon.
  • Raygan - In Latin, English origin, it means 'Queen, Descendant of Riagan, A variant of Regan'.
  • Rayghun - Rayghun is a word like Raygun.
  • Rea of sunshine - It's a beautiful nickname, which means flowing sunshine.
  • Rea Rea - It is a variation name of Rhea.
  • Reag - It is a unique name with no exact meaning.
  • Reaga - It is a derived nickname for Reagan.
  • Reagana - It stands for 'little ruler'.
  • Reaganne - It is a name like Reagan.
  • Reagatoni - It comes from the Italian word rigato, which translates to "ridged" or "lined.
  • Reaggie - It's like Reggie, it means 'ruler's advisor'.
  • Reaghan - The name Reaghan means 'nobility', in Celtic baby names.
  • Reagle-Bagel - It is a funny boy name, where bagel means a bread roll.
  • Reags - A cute short form for Reagan

Female Reagan Nicknames

Reagan can be used as a unisex name. But here are some suggestions for feminine nicknames.

  • Rags - Stylized nickname of Reagan.
  • Reasin - It is a word like the name of resin.
  • Reason - It is a surname in old French but can be used as a nickname also.
  • Reeeegan - A cute personality nickname is Reeeegan.
  • Reese - This nickname stands for 'ardent or fiery'.
  • Reg - The meaning of the name is 'Mighty counselor-ruler' in English Baby Names
  • Regent - This name means a person who rules or reigns.
  • Reggae Potato - Like rege, it can mean either 'rags, ragged clothing' or 'a quarrel, a row '.
  • Reggie - This nickname stands for 'ruler's advisor'.
  • Regina - One of the feminine names, means 'queen'.

Famous Nicknames For Reagan

Famous nicknames bring joy to both parties in the conversation. Check out some famous nicknames here.

  • Regino - You can choose it as a masculinized form of Regina.
  • Regs - A stylized version of the name Reg.
  • Reign - This name stands for 'Rule, Sovereign'.
  • Rhegan - This is one of the names which means 'queen'.
  • Rhosyn - A feminine nickname which stands for 'rose'.
  • Riagain - It is an Irish boy's name meaning 'furious; impulsive'.
  • Rickon - A modern made-up name which, to some extent, means 'little king or impulsive'.
  • Rikin - It is a baby boy name mainly popular in the Hindu religion and means 'powerful, glory'.
  • Rin - One of the Italian girl's names means 'dignified, severe'.
  • Rochen - An Indian name that means 'Giving Pleasure or Satisfaction, Charming, Bright'.
  • Rogan - It is an Irish surname, also a nickname, which means 'red-haired'.
  • Roisin - This nickname stands for the word 'little rose'.
  • Rosan - One of the names comes from the word 'rose'.
  • Rosanna - It is like Rosan. One of the names comes from the word 'rose'.
  • Rosanne - This name stands for the meaning 'compound of Rose and Anne'.
  • Roshan - One of the Hindu religion names, means 'splendid light, bright'.
  • Roxana - It is a feminine name derived from Greek, meaning 'bright star'.
  • Roxane - The meaning of the name Roxane is 'Dawn, bright' in Persian Baby Names.
  • Roxanna - Roxanna is a feminine name given by friends. It is derived from a Greek name that stands for the meaning 'bright, sun, sunlight, sun god, day'.
  • Roxanne - Another version of the name Roxane means the 'dawn, bright'.
  • Rushan - This name is derived from an Arabic word that means 'illuminated'.
  • Ruxin - The name stands for the meaning 'to tame heart and mind, to mold heart and mind, to refine heart and mind'.
  • Sun Raes - The nickname raes is like raees, which means 'chief' or 'leader'.
  • Sun ray - Another different kind of name, which means 'sun ray'.
  • Weagan - It is a stylized name for Eagan. Eagan means 'Fiery; forceful'.

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