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65+ Nicknames For Reese

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Reese is a Welsh name that means 'enthusiastic' or 'ardent'.

Reese is the anglicized version of Rhys, and it may also be regarded as the feminine form of the word, despite the fact that it was originally a masculine name. In the United States, the name is commonly given to both boys and females.

Reese is all over the charts, according to Social Security Administration data, bouncing up and down but often staying in the top 200. Reese was in the top 150 from 2009 to 2012 and has only recently returned in 2020. According to Google search data research, Reese reached its greatest popularity in the previous five years in November 2017. Reese was traditionally a masculine name until Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon (born Laura Jeanne) popularized it as a female name. The name also conjures up ideas of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. It's also a popular celebrity baby name, having been selected by famous people like NFL star Robert Griffin III, actress Andrea Roth, and Todd Biermann.

Cool Nicknames For Reese

These are great nicknames that can be used to name any baby among family members or friends. It can also be said as Reece nicknames as both Reese and Reece are accepted as the same in the dictionary.

  • Rae Rae- This nickname is a cooler version of the above nickname, just to add some creativity here when Reese gives some extra sun rays.
  • Ray- When Reese gives traces of hope or is as bright to produce a ray of sunshine, this can be a great nickname.
  • Rayce- This name refers to one who is a protector. So if this is the name you have been looking for, we are happy to help.
  • Ree- This one is for an enchantingly beautiful person, as the name signifies so. This is the easiest of all, as it's short and is a unisex name.
  • Reecee- This nickname is just an advanced form of Reese, meaning the same, referring to an enthusiastic or ardent person, with an extra 'e' at the end to emphasize that this Reese is over-enthusiastic!
  • Ree ree- Considering the name immediately prior to this, this can be a perfect nickname for a drop-dead gorgeous, with extra Reeeee!
  • Ressie- This one is of Greek origin and loosely stands for a harvester and can be a unique nickname for any human being.
  • Rice- This can be one of the funny names that parents naming their baby after a grain or staple food is hilarious, but then again, it's a nickname, and we can do wonders with our imagination and creative skills.
  • Rhies- Rhies is presumably a cooler version of Rhys, which means enthusiasm. As mentioned earlier, Reese is the anglicized form of Rhys. So this name could be a really good pick.
  • Receta- Would anyone believe that Receta means prescription? Yes! It does. So this one can be a really funny name if the person named so is asked about the significance of their name. Lord save the child and the parents!
  • Risa- The one whose laughter fills your heart every time you hear them laugh! If any such Reese is around you, among your friends or family members, tell them the significance of the name, calling them so, it shall make their day!

Proper Nicknames For Reese

These are great nicknames that might be full name Reeses, as in with both a first name and the last name. Let's look into the content more vividly to get a clear image of full-name nicknames. These are also the names of famous people from the entertainment and other industries.

  • John Reese- When John is ardent, he can be called so. Apart from this, John Reese is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the CBS crime drama television series Person of Interest.
  • Mason Reese- Mason Reese is an American former child actor and restaurant entrepreneur who appeared in many television commercials in the 1970s.
  • Reese Williams- This name is after the English professional footballer Rhys Williams, who plays as a centre-back for Liverpool. If Reese grows up to be a soccer fan, this name might have something to do with it. Another famous fictional character named Reese Williams and the main character in the ABC daytime drama 'All My Children' played by Tamara Brown.
  • Reese Wilkerson- This one was Malcom's older brother in the American TV series 'Malcom in the Middle,' played by Justin Berfield.
  • Reese Witherspoon- This is a famous American actress and producer, so this can be a quite celebrated nickname for Reese.

Unique Nicknames For Reese

The given name Reese has a ton of nicknames.

Here's another list of short and unique Reese nicknames to choose from. Follow up to know what they are.

  • Raisin- Raisin is kind of sweet dry fruit. Anyone with this name has to be unique.
  • Reecesta- This is a cool nickname that could be used for social media handles.
  • Reecicles- This one sounds like recycling and can be one of the unique and funny names.

Funny Nicknames For Reese

These names are really funny names and can be great nicknames for Reese. Though these are funny names, these are actually variants of the original name. Choose from the lot below.

  • Maurice- A Latin name variant for Reece/Reese which means ‘dark-skinned.’ So any dusky beauty can be called by this name.
  • Patrice- A French name variant for Reece/Reese that has the meaning ‘noble.’ So is there any noble Reese in the room?
  • Reeson- A French name variant for Reece/Reese, and this means ‘power of reason’. If Reese is your reason for happiness, you can call the person your inspiration, or if they are the reason for your inspiration.
  • Tyrese- An African name variant for Reece/Reese, and it has two meanings: one is ‘Smart, and the other is 'Talented.’

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