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120 Nicknames For Sarah

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The name Sarah is strikingly positive - it translates to delight and happiness in Arabic.

The beauty of the name Sarah is endowed with the potential for incredible strength and exquisite dignity. The Sarah nicknames are suitable for those who are enthusiastic, endearing, and tenacious.

According to the Hebrew Bible, Christian Old Testament, and the Muslim Koran, Sarah was Abraham's wife. In the process of searching for Sarah's cool nicknames and creative names, you achieve a cute and funny nickname using different versions of the language. Here are some cute nicknames, cool nicknames, and short nicknames for Sarah.

Baby Nicknames for Sarah

Food, books, movies, mannerisms, appearance, and past actions are often the sources of baby Sarah nicknames.

  • Ara - Means something decorative.
  • Boo - Calling lovingly.
  • Clara - Latin name meaning bright and clear.
  • Patootie - Patootie means sweetheart, pretty girl.
  • Saara - Another Finnish variation of the Nordic style.
  • Sar - An ornamental name derived from the archaic sar 'town city'.
  • Sara - Dutch is the language of origin of this version of the name.
  • Sae - Excitement.
  • Sarena - Latin name, meaning princess.
  • Saroo - Saroo denotes freedom of choice.
  • Sarrha - Variation of Sarah in Greek style.
  • Sarrie - Sarrie is another name for a sari.
  • Saru - The Lotus Garland.
  • Sasa - Sasa is a Japanese name that means princess.
  • Sasha - Sasha means the guard of men.

Classic Nicknames for Sarah

(According to Jewish tradition, Abraham's wife Sarah is the matriarch of the faith, but she is well known for giving birth to her son Isaac when she was 90.)

In addition to being a classic name that lasts no matter what trends come and go, it has a very international feel. Choosing pet names and nicknames can be a lovely way to express your love.

  • Essie - Means star.
  • Europa - In ancient Greece, Europa was the queen of Crete.
  • Jane - An ancient name that conveys the idea of God's graciousness.
  • Kala - Kala, which also means 'princess' in Hawaiian.
  • Larah - A beautiful and recognizable woman.
  • Rolly Polly - Rolly polly is a sweet dough that is filled, rolled, and baked.
  • Ropa - The name is derived from the moon of Jupiter.
  • Rory - In Irish, the name Rory means red king.
  • Rosso - The name Rosso means redhead in Italian.
  • Sahara - Sahara means desert, moon, and Inca Gold.
  • Sammie - Sammie evokes tenacity, sensuality, and charisma.
  • Sarai - This would be another Hebrew version of Sara.
  • Sarajane - A variation of Sarah describes princess.
  • Sarita - Sanskrit name that means river.
  • Sarka - Sarka is a Russian name that means thief.
  • Sarla - Means very pure.
  • Shara - Denotes the plains.
  • Share-bear - Share bear is a name in a care bear movie.
  • Shay - Very admirable.
  • Shazza - Shazza is a name for a kind and generous person.

Cute Nicknames for Sarah

People tend to connect with each other more strongly when they are given cute nicknames. Cute nicknames can be derived from flowers, fruit, or anything sweet, such as candies or sweets.

  • Bear - Stuffed bubbly with fur.
  • Bobo - Affectionate way of calling baby.
  • Ra - Name Ra conjures up traits like tact, patience, and humility.
  • Rah-Rah - Rah-rah is the shorthand version of hurrah in German.
  • Rahi - Rahi is the Arabic word for spring.
  • Rawr/Rawrie - Rawr's words' sound resembles the dinosaurs' roar.
  • Saho - Saho encourages acceptance, frankness, and compassion.
  • Saki - Rare exceptional blooming.
  • Salty - A salty moniker fits people with strong emotions.
  • Sam - Hebrew name that means told by God.
  • Sare - Variant of Sarah, which means joy and delight.
  • Shelly - English baby name Shelly means Slow Meadow.
  • Sherry - The French word chérie, which means dear, is spelled as sherry.
  • Shilo - gift.
  • Sia - Victory.
  • Sibi - Great king.
  • Silky - Extreme smooth and soft.
  • Silly - Who is crazy
  • Sio - The lesson and difficulty in life are reflected in the name Sio.
  • Siri - Wealth.
  • Sushi - The name sushi refers to Japanese food.
  • Susie-Q - Susie-Q is named of girl who is adorable, clumsy, and intelligent.
  • Sweetie sare - Calling someone with the name sare in a pleasant manner.

Funny Nicknames For Sarah

The definition of a funny nickname is a pet name or a phrase of endearment that makes you smile or grin. 

  • Airy - High-achieving, diligent students choose the name Airy.
  • Ari - The word Ari means lion.
  • Faerie - Faerie means everyone's favorite handsome boy.
  • Hara - Hara means 'one who purges sins'.
  • Harry - German name meaning 'home leader'.
  • Hassa - Hassa is a persuasive, charitable, and upbeat name.
  • Munchkin - Munchkin stands for imagination, enquiring mind.
  • Princess - An attractive woman deserves a prince.
  • Que Sera Sera - An Italian phrase that translates as 'Whatever will be'.
  • Sadee - Sadee is a princess.
  • Sadye - Sadye means princess in Hebrew.
  • Sahron - Very plain.
  • Sala - Hebrew name Sala is appropriate for someone who is too gentle.
  • Salcia - Salcia stands for idealism, wisdom, and generosity.
  • Sallie - In Hebrew, Sallie means princess.
  • Sally Sal Sar - Princess.
  • Sally - Alternate Version of Sallie.
  • Sana - Brilliance
  • Sarabel - Means spiritually intense.
  • Sar Sar - Little Prince.
  • Sara Bareilles - An American singer-songwriter.
  • Sara Lee - Sara lee is an English word that means princess.
  • Sarah Bella - Means calling Sarah beautiful.
  • Sarah Bug - Sarah Bug is a cute nickname for a troublemaker.
  • Sarah Connor - An actress well known for her role in 'Terminator'.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker - American actress is known for playing Carrie Bradshaw.
  • Sarah Palin - An American politician and former Governor of Alaska.
  • Sarah Patootie - Describing Sarah as a cute girl and a sweetheart.
  • Sarah Paulson - She starred in the hit series American Horror Story.
  • Sarah Silverman - Known as a stand-up comedian.
  • Sarah Sue - The name Sarahsue is a nickname for a 'quick thinker'.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar - Sarah Michelle Gellar is a producer, entrepreneur, and actress.
  • Sarah-boo - Sarah-boo is calling in a loving tone.
  • Sarahai - Denotes creativity, curiosity, charm, and friendliness.
  • Sare Bear - Sare bear is suitable who feel like a bear when they're cuddled.
  • Sari - A Sari nickname refers to someone who is 'yellow, pale, or fair-haired'.
  • Sarie - Sarie is Sare's variant spell.
  • Sarina - Sarina is a variation of Sarah, which means 'girl' or 'princess'.
  • Sashie - The meaning of the name Sashie is 'seriousness'.
  • Sassa - A Swedish name.
  • Sassy - We can call someone bold and spirited, 'Sassy'.
  • Sattie - The name Sattie evokes ambition, grace, and modesty.
  • Savi - Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Say - Say is a variant spelling of the Japanese female name Sae.
  • Shala - Chinese name.
  • Shusha - Shusha, the ancient name of the city, means 'glass'.
  • Sierra - Saw in Spanish.
  • Sippy - Who instills the noble ideal of helping others.
  • Skipper - The English name Skipper, which means 'ship captain' or 'master'.
  • Sody - Mankind, Great Lover, Optimistic is the meaning of the name Sody.
  • Sookie - The name Sookie refers to a lily flower.
  • Sorcha - A traditional Irish name.
  • Soso - SoSo can be humorous for Sarah, implying a diminutive tone.
  • Storm - The name Storm is a Hebrew name for boys.
  • Sukey - A variant spell of Sookie.
  • Suri - This version of the name originates from Yiddish.
  • Sydel - Princess.
  • Syra - Hindi word meaning fate.
  • Syrup - It's a strong symbol of luck, and destiny.
  • Zara - Arabic name which means 'dawn' and 'blooming flower'.
  • Zarah - Zarah means 'shining flower' in Arabic.
  • Zaria - 'Luminance' is the meaning of the Arabic name Zaria.

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