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153 Nicknames For Sisters

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Why do people use nicknames when they already have their birth name? Birth names are used for formal identification, while nicknames are used to exhibit a sense of belonging and affection towards a close one. Nicknames not only bring people closer, but they also mark the uniqueness of each relationship.

Every relationship is special and deserves a special identification. Isn't it a blessing to have an adorable little sister with whom you can grow up and share your world? Right from pulling out pranks together to caring for each other, sisters can definitely brighten up your days. So, they deserve all your love and attention. Calling your sister by her name or just the term 'sister' itself does not do justice to your bonding. If you cherish your sister and she means the world to you, then you can show off your bonding with nicknames that bear testament to your unique bond. Here is a plethora of cool, funny, weird nicknames to choose from for your bundle of joy!

Unique Nicknames For Sisters

Check out these out-of-the-box nicknames for your baby sister to mark the uniqueness of your relationship!

1. Baby Bear - when you have an adorable newborn sister, you can name her 'Baby Bear'.

2. Baby Doll - when you have an innocent little sister who is as pretty as a doll, just call her 'Baby Doll'.

3. Beauty Queen - well-suited for the sister who is at par with the latest beauty trends.

4. Bubbly - when you have a sister who possesses a bubbly and cheerful nature.

5. Buttercup - when your sister is a follower of 'The Powerpuff Girls'.

6. Butterfly - perfect for your ever cheerful sister.

7. Cara Mia - a unique nickname that implies 'my beloved' in Italian.

8. Champ - short for 'champion' that you believe your sister is.

9. Chubby - for the kid sister who has chubby cheeks.

10. Cuddly Bear - if your sister loves to cuddle with you, nothing fits better!

11. Dimple - if your sweet sister has a dimple on her face every time she smiles, then nothing suits her better than this.

12. Drama Queen - for the sister who is always throwing tantrums and is the perfect example of a drama queen.

13. Giggles - perfect way to convey that your sister has the best smile on her baby face.

14. Goldielocks - for the sister who is blessed with those luscious golden curls.

15. Hungry Bird - for the sister who never gets tired of munching on her favorite snacks.

16. Itty-Bitty - when you are elder to your itty-bitty sister.

17. Lady Bond - female version of the popular character of James Bond.

18. Little Lamb - when you have an innocent baby sister whom you dote upon.

19. Little Red Riding Hood - when your sister loves to dress in red and ends up looking like the famous Red Riding Hood.

20. Lucky Charm - if your sister brings you good luck, root for this one.

21. Makeup Kit - for the sister who always buries her face under piles of makeup.

22. Miss Hercules - when your sister is the strength, that is, the Hercules of your family.

23. Miss Marvel - when you can't help but marvel at God's creation, that is your sister.

24. Miss T - unique way of referring to the little trouble maker.

25. Munchy - for the sister who loves to munch, munch, and munch!

26. Newbie - a cooler way of greeting your newborn sister to the family.

27. Odd-Duck - a unique name for an atypical sister.

28. Pinky - for the sister who's crazy about the color pink.

29. Pooh Bear - a popular nickname to show love for your sister.

30. Princess - when your sister is the most pampered one in the house, and you know she's your little princess.

31. Rockstar - is your sister a bathroom singer, or is she obsessed with percussions? Nothing fits better if she is.

32. Rollie Pollie - for the minuscule sister who enjoys rolling around everywhere.

33. Rosie - if you have a sister as delicate and beautiful as a rose, then this nickname fits well.

34. Sistella - amalgamation of sister and 'stella', implying 'celestial star' in Latin.

35. Sloth Bear - if you have a lazy little sister at home who always requires a push, then nothing suits better than this one.

36. Smarty - the best way to take pride in your sister's smartness.

37. Sparkles - for the sister who always greets you with her sparkling smile.

38. Twinkle - when you have a sister who brings brightness to your life.

39. Wee One - suitable for your tiny little newborn sister.

Nicknames For Sisters Overloaded With Cuteness

Cute sisters deserve cute nicknames!

If your sister qualifies as your good luck charm, then try out these overtly cute nicknames for sisters.

40. A-Boo - a cute nickname for the kid sister.

41. Apple Pie - the name of a favorite sweet dish so if you can't have enough of your sister's sweetness, then call her 'Apple Pie'.

42. Baby Boo - if you have an infant sister, you've got to gift her the sweetest nickname ever!

43. Bambi - you can use this cute and common nickname for your sister, meaning baby deer.

44. Barbie Doll - perfect nickname for the prettiest sister.

45. Bebo - a cuter version of the word 'baby'.

46. Big Sissy - perfect for the dutiful and doting elder sister.

47. Bonbon - another lovable nickname for your tiny sister.

48. Buddy - another nickname for your sweet sister who has always got your back.

49. Candy - nothing suits her better when you want to show how sweet your sister is!

50. Chocopie - a chocolaty nickname for your sweet sister.

51. Clingy Koala - the mixture of clingy and koala gives the perfect blend of adoration and cuteness.

52. Cutie Head - another fun way to highlight your sister's cuteness.

53. Cutie Patootie - one of the cutest nicknames for your tiny sister.

54. Cutie Pie - when your sister defines cuteness.

55. Darlo - another version of darling.

56. Dearie - a cuter version of dear.

57. Dollie - you can use this wordplay for your doll-like sister.

58. Fluffy Panda - who can avoid the cuteness of a fluffy panda? The same goes for your sister.

59. Fluffy Rabbit - a cute nickname for your soft-skinned sister.

60. Gummy Bear - gummy bear is candy and can be one of the cutest nicknames that describe the sweetness of your sister.

61. Honey Bunny - cute nickname for the apple of your eye.

62. Hugster - for the baby sister who always craves your warm hugs.

63. Li'l Sissy - when you have a sweet little sister, you can use this funky version of the common nickname.

64. Missy - a common nickname for a younger sister.

65. Munchkin - one of the cutest nicknames you can come up with for your infant sister.

66. Pixie - if you've got a capricious yet adorable sister just like these tiny mischievous fairies, then 'Pixie' is perfect.

67. Poppet - a common way of regarding a pretty child.

68. Sissy - if you want to keep it cool and short, just call your sister 'Sissy'.

69. Smalley - apt for your younger sister.

70. Sugar - suitable for the sweetest sister in the world.

71. Sugar Puff - for the sister who is too sweet for words.

72. Sweet Corn - a sweet nickname for a sweet sister.

73. Sweet Potato - for the sister who's the perfect combination of sweetness and chubbiness.

74. Sweetie Pie - another version of 'Cutie Pie'.

75. Sweets - an endearing nickname for your sweetheart.

76. Sweety - a common yet endearing nickname of all time.

77. Teensy-Weensy - perfect for the newborn baby sister.

Funny And Weird Nicknames For Sisters

Pick out some of the craziest nicknames for your baby sister who always gets on your nerves but makes you happy at the same time.

78. Angry Bird - best-suited for the hot-tempered one!

79. Big Nose - apt for the sister who's always poking her 'big nose' into your business.

80. Bigsie - when you have a bossy elder sister.

81. Bossy - when your sister is always bossing around despite being younger.

82. Cartoon - apt for the sister who never stops amusing people.

83. Cheeky Monkey - the best way to annoy your sister is to call her cheeky and monkey at the same time!

84. Chocolate Thief - apt for the sister who's behind the disappearance of candies and chocolates.

85. Crazy Pants - when you have a crazy baby sister.

86. Cry Baby - for the sister who always cries to get things done!

87. Double Trouble - when your sister is always creating ruckus in the house.

88. Dumbo - a fun way of calling out the silliness of your sister.

89. Dwarf - for the sister who can never match up to your height.

90. Froggie - for the little sister who's always full of energy, jumping and playing around.

91. Funny Bones - if your sister cracks you up every time, then you've got to use this nickname!

92. Funny Hunny - perfect combination of humor and sweetness for your dearest amusing sister.

93. Goofball - a funny nickname for your cute and silly sister.

94. Grasshopper - this nickname is sure to vex your petite sister.

95. Happy - everything about this nickname evokes happiness, just like your sister!

96. Hippo - a fun way of pulling your sister's leg.

97. Hocus Pocus - for the one who loves magic tricks.

98. Hotchpotch - for the sister who is always confused.

99. Kangaroo - for the sister who is full of energy and life.

100. Kiddo - a short nickname for your kid sister.

101. Lilliput - for the sister who is much smaller in height.

102. Loudspeaker - best-suited for the sister who annoys you with her loud, gibberish talks.

103. Moodie - when the mood of your sweet little sister changes as frequently as you need to change her diapers!

104. Peepee - one who runs for a loo break every now and then.

105. Pesky Mouse - when your sister doesn't fail to get on your nerves.

106. Queen Kong - the female version of 'King Kong', apt for the sister who's always on the swing!

107. Ratface - a quirky yet funny nickname to get back at your annoying sister.

108. Red Chilli - perfect for the hot-headed sister.

109. Shorty - the best way to be playful with your sister is to tease her by calling her 'Shorty'.

110. Sleepyhead - funny nickname for your sleep-craving sister.

111. Smallsie - when you have a lovable younger sister.

112. Smiley - for the ever-smiling little sister.

113. Stinky Skunk - the ultimate nickname to tease your little sister with!

114. Sugar Bear - a fun way to call your darling sister.

115. Tag-along - when you are confused between your shadow and sister!

116. Tickly - when you know the soft spot that your sister dreads.

117. Xerox - when your sister is more like your extension and exactly your smaller version.

Creative Nicknames For Sisters

The best way to create artistic nicknames is by pumping up the creative quotient. Check out these uber cool creative nicknames for sisters.

118. Angel Eyes - the best way to praise the big dreamy eyes your sister possesses.

119. Babylicious - a unique mix of 'baby' and 'delicious'.

120. Bambina - refers to a 'little girl' in Italian.

121. Bestie - when your sister is your secret keeper and best chum.

122. Blabbermouth - a suitable nickname for your talkative sister.

123. Bookworm - perfect for the geek sister who loves to read.

124. Burger Queen - for the sister who is fond of burgers.

125. Cherry - when your sister completes the family, she is definitely the cherry on top of the cake!

126. Cindy - short for the beautiful Cinderella-like sister.

127. Clown - why not tease your sister by calling her a clown? This one has the right balance of adoration and fun.

128. Copycat - it's annoying when your sister is copying, but you've got a follower!

129. Dee Dee - when you have a sister just like Dexter's.

130. Dreamy - for the little sister who is always lost in her thoughts.

131. Fashionista - perfect nickname for the sister with a great fashion sense.

132. Firecracker - when you have a sister who loses her cool too often.

133. Gossip Queen - when your sister is all knower!

134. Haughty Naughty - the best nickname for the sister who always has tricks up her sleeve.

135. Hermanita - refers to 'little sister' in Spanish.

136. Lady Luck - for being the lucky charm in your life.

137. Little Brat - for your sister who's always on the lookout for some mischief.

138. Little Ninja - for the sister who puts up a good fight despite her small size.

139. Minnie - wordplay on 'minute' for your younger sister.

140. Minty - mint stands for freshness, so you can choose this one for the sister who always leaves you rejuvenated.

141. Miss Lofty - when your sister has grown up to a stunning height, this is the best way to compliment her.

142. Miss World - when your sister means the world to you.

143. Mystique - suitable for the sister who has an air of mysteriousness.

144. Night Owl - perfect for the sister who's always up at night.

145. Partner-in-Crime - perfect for twin sisters!

146. Petite Soeur - French for 'little sister'.

147. Precious - the best way to show the value your sister holds in your life.

148. Rapunzel - apt for the sister with gorgeous long hair, just like Rapunzel!

149. Snow Belle - if your sister is drop-dead gorgeous, you can opt for this one.

150. Sunshine - for the sister who lights up your world.

151. Thumbelina - when your sister is so small, like the maiden named Thumbelina.

152. Tinker Bell - for the sister who's akin to Tinker Bell, the little fairy from 'Peter Pan'.

153. Wonder Girl - when you have a sister as graceful and strong as Wonder Woman.

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