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95 Phenomenal Jolteon Nicknames

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Jolteon is a quadrupedal, mammalian Electric-type Pokémon first seen in Generation I.

It evolves from Eevee when exposed to a Thunder Stone. It is one of Eevee's final forms, the others being Vaporeon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon.

The gaming world is fascinating, and if you are Pokémon go enthusiast and want to give your Jolteon some cool nicknames, then your search ends here. Add a little fun to your gaming world with attractive Jolteon nicknames like Sparky, Lightning, Storm, Electra, Speed, Tesla, Thunder, and several others. Choose your desired one and enhance your Pokémon gaming profile. Make sure you read the article and choose your preferred nickname.

Female Jolteon Nicknames

Are you looking to name your Jolteon something girly and beautiful? We have listed all the female Jolteon nicknames that will bring out the best in your Jolteon.

  • Angry Fox- this nickname lights up the personality of Jolteon.
  • Battery- is another superb nickname.
  • Blast- is a popular nickname that any person would like.
  • Blaze- is a term that is a fierce but humorous nickname.
  • Blitz- is an unbeatable nickname.
  • Bolt- is a term that will bring some energy to your gaming.
  • Bolteon- is a standout nickname.
  • Bolty- is another charming nickname.
  • Bomb- is a term that is suitable as a nickname.
  • Booster- is an attractive nickname indeed.
  • Bullet- is a term that can be considered an attractive nickname.
  • Buzz- is another considerable choice for a nickname.
  • Chargeon- is an alternative for Jolteon.
  • Circuit- is a cool and funny nickname.
  • Conductor- is an electric nickname.
  • Crash- this nickname has a comical touch.
  • Currentia - is a variant of the name 'Current.'
  • Denki - meaning 'electrical or lightning,' is an unbeatable nickname.
  • Duracell - is a creative nickname named after the battery brand.
  • Electra - is an electrifying nickname for a Pokémon. Electra surely is an attractive nickname.
  • Electro- is a term that suits Jolteons personality perfectly.
  • Energetic- quite the energy this nickname gives.
  • Energy- is a suitable nickname for Jolteon.

Funny Jolteon nicknames

Double the fun and amusement with these fantastic and funny nicknames for Jolteon. Listed below are all the possible funny Jolteon nicknames for you. Choose which suits your Pokémon the best and have fun gaming.

  • Eon- is a term that makes a brilliant nickname.
  • Firecracker- is an adequate nickname.
  • Flare- is a classy nickname.
  • Flary- is a great nickname indeed.
  • Flash- is named after a fictional character.
  • Flasher- is a flashy nickname.
  • Flashy- is an attractive nickname.
  • Fulminis- is a nickname that surely sounds catchy.
  • Glitzy- is a perfect nickname for a female Jolteon. One of the impressive words to be used as a nickname.
  • Granite- is a nickname that sounds cool.
  • Impulse- is an energetic nickname.
  • Jade - a beautiful name like the precious stone.
  • Jelly Wiggle- is a hilarious nickname.
  • Jelly- is an adorable nickname.
  • Jol- is a fitting nickname.
  • Jolly Bean- is an adorable nickname with a bit of humor.
  • Jolly- is a nickname that gives off a happy vibe.
  • Jolt- is an alternative for Jolteon.
  • Jolter- is a perfect alternative to Jolteon.
  • Joltie- a very much suitable nickname for female Jolteon.
  • Joltronic- is a combination of electronic or Jolteon.
  • Kaminari- Japanese for 'lightning', this is a bold female Jolteon nickname.

Cool Jolteon Nicknames

You can name your Jolteon as 'Sparky,' 'Flareon,' and 'Rainer.' Cool nicknames are all you need sometimes, and if you are looking for some cool nicknames for your Jolteon, then you have come to the right place. Listed below are all the cool nicknames for you to choose from.

  • Kinetic- is a suitable nickname for Jolteon.
  • Kinetto- is a great nickname.
  • Kiwi- is a cute and simple nickname that would be perfect.
  • Koji- meaning 'heal, peace, cultivate,' is a charming nickname.
  • Lighta- is a weird but shiny nickname.
  • Lighter- is a term that can light up the gaming fun.
  • Lightning- is a flashy nickname.
  • Magnet- is a term that is an attractive nickname.
  • Medusa- is named after a Greek Mythology figure 'Medusa.'
  • Megatron- is a brilliant nickname.
  • Missile- is another impressive nickname.
  • Nitro- is a cool nickname indeed.
  • Orko- is an imaginative nickname.
  • Pinecone- is a funny and adorable nickname.
  • Rayo- meaning 'bright or light,' is a cool nickname.
  • Sharpshooter- is one of the best nicknames.
  • Shivers- is a magnificent nickname.
  • Sobo- is a term that sounds like a grumpy nickname.
  • Spark- is a term that would be the best choice for a nickname.
  • Sparky- is a fantastic nickname.
  • Sparkz- is a head turner.
  • Speed- is a fantastic nickname.

Shiny Jolteon Nicknames

You can have various nicknames for your shiny Jolteon like 'Tamao,' 'Sparky,' 'Electron,' and 'Sparkz.' To make your Pokémon stand out from the rest, you need these shiny and shimmery nicknames for your Jolteon. To make your Pokémon shine, you are free to choose any of the below nicknames.

  • Speedy- is an efficient nickname.
  • Spike- is a suitable nickname for his spike appearance.
  • Spiker- is a term that fits perfectly on Jolteons personality.
  • Spikes- is a suitable nickname for female Jolteon.
  • Spiky- no nickname can be more apt than this.
  • Spinner- is a nickname that must not be overlooked.
  • Spooky- is a term that is fitting enough for a nickname.
  • Static- is a great nickname.
  • Storm- is the best nickname.
  • Stormy- is a nickname that will bring storms.
  • Teon- is a perfect nickname.
  • Tesla- is a suitable nickname for a Pokémon.
  • Thor- is named after a fictional character from the movie 'Marvel.'
  • Thorns- is a wonderful nickname.
  • Thunder Attack- is the best nickname you can have.
  • Thunder Fox- is a term that would be a fantastic choice for a nickname.
  • Thunderbolt- is a magnetic nickname.
  • Thundercharm- is a fiery nickname.
  • Thunderheart- is a beautiful but comical nickname.
  • Tormenta- for Jolteon, this nickname is adequate.
  • Trinity- is a nickname that sounds perfect.
  • Voltage- is a term that falls in the category of the cool nickname.
  • Voltali- is a nickname that suits Jolteon well.
  • Voltar- is a nickname that sounds unusual but is cool.
  • Voltie- is a term that you can use as a nickname.
  • Yellow Light- is a term that can be considered a perfect choice for a nickname.
  • Yellow- is a term that suits the personality of Jolteon.
  • Zeus- is named after the Greek God of Lightning 'Zeus.'

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