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Recently, nicknames have become a way of identifying people rather than their names.

It is ubiquitous for a celebrity or sports person to have nicknames, but have you ever looked for nicknames for a prince? The literal meaning of 'Prince' is a son of a reigning monarch and is often the next in line to the throne.

Did you know that the word 'Prince' is derived from two words? Primus, meaning first, and Caput, meaning head. In simpler words, it means the First and Foremost.

Here is a list of Prince Nicknames that are cool, creative, and more popular for a prince. Pick your favorite nickname so you can even use it for your prince.

Popular Prince Nicknames

Let's start the list of the most popular nicknames for a Prince. These are also common amongst people who use this nickname.

  • Carona - is one of the funny nicknames for a prince.
  • Champagne -is a nickname for someone bubbly and liked by people.
  • Clean Queen - is the nickname for a trustworthy and loyal person.
  • Dean - is a cute nickname for someone beautiful.
  • Game Of Phones - is a funny take on the HBO drama, 'Game of Thrones'.
  • Glitter -is a nickname for a person who lives life to the fullest.
  • Lion -is a nickname for someone who will be a king in the future.
  • Navy -is a nickname for a patriotic person.
  • Our Prince -is a nickname for a prince loved and adored by everyone.
  • Royan - a name to signify the royalty of a prince.
  • Sunflower -is a nickname for someone with a bright future ahead of him.
  • The Journey - is a nickname for a person who likes to travel around.

Creative Prince Nicknames

Here are some nicknames based on the Prince's personality, which makes them different, something that doesn't everyone would understand.

  • Asphalt -is a nickname for a prince who loves bikes and bike rides. 
  • Baby Spice -is a nickname for someone who used to have many temper tantrums as a child.
  • Crate Cave -is a term that can be used for someone who doesn't like to socialize. It depicts a prince who prefers to be alone.
  • Ella -is a nickname for someone who deserves the entire world and universe.
  • Elian -is a nickname for a person who has a caring personality and is very smart.
  • Ethier -is a person who is obsessed with many things, like cars and bikes, similar to the vivid likings of a Prince.
  • Eyecandy - is for a prince who is very handsome and pleases the eyes.
  • Fiona - is a nickname for someone beautiful from inside and out; they are sensitive and caring.
  • Granny's World - is a nickname for someone who is their grandmother's favorite.
  • Gwendolyn - is a nickname for someone who lights up your entire world by just simply existing.
  • Happy Soul - is for someone who feels that nothing in this world would dampen their happy mood.
  • Heaven -is a nickname for someone people love to be around.
  • Leanna - is a nickname for someone perfect in every way possible.
  • Jumbo King -is a funny nickname for a prince with a nice physique.
  • Prince Bond -isfor a prince who has a deep bond with his brothers.
  • Seraph - is the name for the highest ranked angels in heaven.
  • Sparkling -is a nickname for someone who has a bright future.
  • Vernon -is a nickname that Aristocrats use.

Unique Prince Nicknames

Another fact about the word prince originated from France, not the United Kingdom.

These nicknames are those who are different from the others and don't mind walking away from the sheep herd and creating a new path better suited for them.

  • Ander -is a nickname for the most amazing person you will ever know.
  • Buckling -is a cute nickname for a young man.
  • Coquette -is a nickname for a person who is a natural charmer.
  • Hampshire -is a nickname for someone who has a hippie personality.
  • John - is an attractive person who has a good sense of humor.
  • Lian - is a nickname for someone unique and beautiful.
  • Keita - is a nickname for a loving person who is a risk-taker.
  • Peach - is a nickname for a person who is sweet with everyone.
  • Rocking -is a cool nickname for an incredible person.
  • Scoobie -is a funny nickname for someone goofy.
  • Shine -is a nickname for someone who stands out amongst the crowd.
  • Shortteas - is someone who loves drinking tea in short intervals.
  • Sunshine -is a nickname for someone who is like a ray of sunshine in your life.
  • Trinidad - is a nickname for a person who looks exotic.
  • Watta -is a nickname for someone who values their relationships.

Cool Prince Nicknames

This segment is especially for all those incredible people out there. They are known for their extraordinary personality, and therefore, people need some cool nicknames. Furthermore, the word Prince is used in the modern English language. In the Anglo-Saxon language, princes were called 'Ætheling'.

  • A Cuddle Of Pandas -is truly a unique nickname for a prince.
  • Abel -is an alias for someone shy and keeps to himself.
  • Adam - is a nickname for someone funny, caring, and intelligent.
  • Alexander - inspired by King Alexander the Great, this man is brave, beautiful, and intelligent.
  • Akin -is a nickname for someone who has a powerful character.
  • Auster -is a nickname for someone who is poetic.
  • Calikings - is a nickname for someone who was born in California.
  • Christian -is a nickname for someone handsome and creative.
  • Corin -is a nickname for someone considered fierce as well as a faithful person.
  • Darius -means rich and kingly.
  • Edla -was the mother of King Emund of Sweden and Queen Astrid of Norway.
  • Edward -is a nickname for someone weird but also sweet at the same time.
  • Griffith - is a nickname for someone who has a goofy personality.
  • Harry -is anickname for someone who is a Harry Potter fan.
  • Hamlet - is a nickname for someone obsessed with Shakespeare.
  • Fortune -is a nickname for someone blessed with a good life.
  • Intelligent Prince -is one of the most popular prince nicknames.
  • Kenton-is a nickname for someone who is known for his excellent personality.
  • Just Imagine Prince -is a nickname asking the prince to open up his imagination.
  • Lagniappe - it is used to refer to a small gift given to a customer by the merchant at the time of purchase and is one of the most sought-after nicknames for a prince.
  • Logan -is a boy who loves playing different sports.
  • Peter - isa guy who is liked and loved by all. It surely sounds like an interesting nickname for Prince.
  • Phineas - is a very common nickname.
  • Power - this is an unconventional yet realistic nickname.
  • Prestige - is a nickname for someone who thinks they are better than others. 
  • Prigio -is anickname for someone who has a charming and robust personality. 
  • Purple -is a nickname for someone who has almost purple eyes.
  • Rhys -is a nickname for a gentle giant who is very caring.
  • Rollo - is a nickname for someone who loves wine.
  • Rowan -is a nickname for someone sneaky like a cat.
  • Ruslan - is a Russian name which stems from the old Albanian word, Aslan, meaning lion, which can be a nickname for someone with a fierce personality.
  • Ryan -is a nickname for someone who wants to have fun but is short-tempered.
  • Stephen -is a nickname for someone who has a genuine and kind soul.
  • Stone - is a very common nickname that is sometimes used to signify power.

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