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77 Rattataki Names For Your Little Character

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There is no need to be involved with a random name generator to generate some Rattataki gladiator names that might sound a bit harsh to choose from, for here are some new Rattataki names for your perusal.

Before choosing a name based on Rattataki characters, make sure you are thorough with exactly what Rattatakis are. In the online multiplayer role-playing game 'Star Wars: The Old Republic', these fictional characters are usually bald with a pale skin tone.

Their name comes from their home planet Rattatak. These humanoid species are characterized as being lonely and isolated yet fierce. A major part of these species' lives seems to include war and other violent activities. Have a similar character in your fantasy world you would like to name as per the features that these characters possess? Here is a list of some interesting Rattataki names to choose from.

Female Rattataki Names

Here are some interesting female Rattattaki names for you to choose from for popular female characters. Female Rattataki characters are known to be fierce, with some of them being major Rattataki creatures. Here are some creative ideas for female Rattataki names.

Silas Fleetfire - is the name of the female Rattataki character who is a merchant alive during the war against Zakuul.

Amaran (Sanskrit origin) - meaning 'the immortal', is the name of a female Rattataki who served under Lord Serjay Thul.

Kantis - is a Rattataki Major at the reconstituted Sith Empire.

Lady of Pain - is a major female Rattataki character with little known about her. She is also the ruler of Sigil city.

Kaliyo Djannis - is one of the major Rattataki characters. This female anarchist is a revolutionary, active during the Cold War and the War against Zakuul.

Rattataki Bounty Hunter Names

Among the playable species of Rattataki in 'Star Wars: The Old Republic', many became bounty hunters after their unification. These are characters hired to end or capture a specified target with a bounty on their heads. Here are some ideas for Rattataki bounty hunter names that you can consider to choose a name for your character.

Duncan - meaning 'warrior', is a Scottish name you can use for naming bounty hunters.

Haze - a feminine name that has meanings like 'dust', 'smoke', or 'reddish-brown color'.

Scyther - is a name with an independent and militant aura, suitable for a bounty hunter.

Tyran - is a name of many origins, including Greek, and means 'dark'.

Fiend - is a name with strong meanings like 'an evil or devilish person' associated with it. It also refers to 'someone who is a fanatic'.

Dawn - is a feminine name that represents 'the first appearance of light in the day'.

Raven - refers to someone who is 'wise' or 'dark-haired'. It is also the name of big, dark birds belonging to the crow family.

Ash - is a gender-neutral name that means 'happy' or the 'ash tree'.

Fennec - inspired by 'Star Wars: The Bad Batch' character Fennec Shand, this name represents a 'fox'.

Brute - is a masculine name that refers to someone who is brutal.

Jango - is a name that means 'amazing and strong'. It is also the name of the bounty hunter named Jango Fett.

Cad - a name that means 'battle' in Welsh, is inspired by the dangerous bounty hunter named Cad Bane.

Boba - is the name borne by the character known as the son of Jango Fett, the legendary bounty hunter. This name means 'warrior, a man of family and honor'.

Din Djarin - is the name of the bounty hunter famously known as the Mandalorian.

Embo - is the name of another incredibly reliable and efficient bounty hunter in the Star Wars Universe.

Kacela - is a great idea for naming a female bounty hunter since this name means 'hunter'.

Karla - meaning 'strong' or 'tough', is a name of French origin.

Elda - meaning 'warrior', is an excellent idea for female bounty hunter characters. 

Bedelia (Irish origin) - means 'the exalted or tough one'.

Winda - is another female name that means 'hunter'.

Nakoa (Hawaiian origin) - meaning 'warrior', makes a great name for a male bounty hunter character.

Guillerma - is a female bounty hunter name that means 'determined'.

Trixy - is a short feminine name meaning 'adventurer'.

Cayden - meaning 'fighter', is a suitable name for a bounty hunter.

Kanok - meaning 'gold', is a good idea for naming male bounty hunters.

Pyro - is a masculine name that represents 'heat' or 'fire'.

Rattataki had no major contact with the Republic until Jedi Knight.

Names Of Famous Rattataki

There are not a lot of notable or famous Rattataki characters in the Star Wars Universe, as the depiction of these creatures outside of 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' is rare. However, we have collected some names of the famous Rattataki characters.

Ivory - is a name that represents 'white or pale'. This is a Rattataki crime lord's name.

Les Madrin - is another Rattataki who worked for Akaavi Spar.

Sraja - is another notable Rattattaki, even though this character is a prisoner.

Charnagus - is a famously-known Rattataki doctor.

Aidus - is the name of a Rattataki warrior who lived during the Clone Wars.

Heirad - is a dread guard who was a Rattataki commander during the Galactic War.

Sulkhaz - is another Rattataki doctor.

Ashy - the name of the male character who is a Rattataki pilot in the Republic Navy.

Asajj Ventress - is a notable character who was once considered a Rattataki but is later known as belonging to Dathomirian, a similar Zabrak-Human hybrid species.

Evil Sith Rattataki Names

Some of the most loved characters in the Star Wars franchise are the anti-villain protagonists whom the Jedi served as 'the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy'. But these Star Wars heroes would not have a purpose to serve without the great army of villains that are a part of the Star Wars Universe. Here are some of the evilest Sith Rattataki names.

Darth Sidious - known as the darkest Star Wars character, was born with the name Sheev Palpatine and is known as the Dark Lord of Sith.

Darth Vader - a well-known character known as Anakin Skywalker, who became a disciple of the dark side.

Darth Sion - is a Sith Lord, also known as the Lord of Pain.

Darth Bane - is one of the most important Sith Lords and one of the greatest names in the Star Wars Universe.

Darth Nihilus - is characterized as a Force Vampire who is the Dark Lord of Sith to reign after the Jedi Civil War.

Vitiate - is the evil character who is also known as the 'Immortal Master' and 'His Glorious Majesty'.

The Grand Inquisitor - is quite an effective Jedi hunter. Although, the inquisitors are not classified as Sith or Jedi.

Darth Malak - is a Jedi who turned evil as he committed unspeakable horrific acts to prove that he is a worthy Dark Lord with unquestionable powers.

Exar Kun - is another incredibly bright and talented Jedi who ended up embracing his dark side and the dark practices of Force.

Darth Krayt - emerged as the evil Dark Lord Krayt after he was captured and tortured by an alien race called the Yuuzhan Vong.

Grand Admiral Thrawn - could have made a great hero if he were not a fanatic about emerging victorious at the end. This character is shown to possess deceivingly evil qualities.

Freedon Nadd - is another Dark Lord who was once a Jedi. He believed that embracing the great dark power would serve him better and give him as much energy as possible.

Xizor - is believed to be one of the most powerful organized crime figures. His evil actions were always organized and planned to ensure him more power and wealth.

Count Dooku - of the Star Wars Universe is another dangerous Sith Lord who was once a Jedi trained by Yoda. He turned evil with a thirst for greater power.

Revan - is an ancient Sith Lord known as Darth Revan after turning to the dark side.

Jacen Solo - is a Sith Lord known as Darth Caedus.

Darth Vectivus - is a Sith antagonist who played an important role in the creation of Darth Caedus.

Darth Maul - a deadly Sith Lord, trained by Darth Sidious.

Kylo Ren - is known as the leader of the First Order and is a dark warrior who seeks to destroy the legacy of the Jedi.

Shira Brie - is a female known as the Dark Lady of Sith, who is also Force-sensitive.

Darth Cognus - also called 'the Huntress', is an evil Sith in the Star Wars universe. 

Darth Gravid - is also a Dark Lord of Sith. Darth Zannah was trained to carry the teaching of Darth Bane. He is another Dark Lord of Sith.

Darth Malgus - is the resurgent Sith Empire’s Sith Lord, also known as 'The False Emperor'.

Sith Inquisitor - is a character who can channel the energy of the Force, making others very fearful of them.

Savage Opress - is a notable antagonist in the Star Wars universe who became a Sith warrior.

Supreme Leader - Snoke was Force-sensitive and ruled the First Order as Supreme Leader.

Quinlan Vos - turned to the dark side to destroy the two Sith Lords.

Sphere of Sith - Philosophy is also known as 'the Pyramid of Sith Philosophy' and 'the Ministry of Sith Philosophy'.

Roganda Ismaren - was one of the companions of Darth Sidious.

Darth Millennial - is the name of the mutant Sith Lord with three eyes. He is also the heir to Darth Bane's lineage.

Mireya - is another evil character whose Sith teachings corrupted the Mecrosa Order.

Garu - was a warlord and a Sith Lord during the Empire's final years.

Darth Ruin - reigned as a Dark Lord of Sith and was also known as Phanius.

Jedgar - was a young Jedi who later became a Prophet of the Dark Side.

Azrakel - is a dark Jedi, also known as the Dark Warrior.

Kadann - turned away from the Jedi Order and became the Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side.

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