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67 Rocking Radio Station Names For Budding DJs

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Being a DJ is one of the most fun jobs in the world and imagine getting paid to play music!

You are getting paid to play music and vibe with it because DJing has become quite mainstream and widespread over the last decade. But there are many more radio stations worldwide that play music from their own cultures, regardless of which era they're from.

Music is arguably the easiest and most enjoyable way to transport your brain out of reality and dive into the lucid world of rhythm. Putting in your headphones and blasting your favorite music after a long day at work is a great feeling.

Read on for some interesting business name ideas for your upcoming radio station.

Funny Radio Station Names That Kids Will Love

Listed below are radio stations that are particularly popular among kids. They feature children's programs.

KDIS-AM – Radio Disney 1110 AM – Los Angeles is one of the unique trademark names for a media company in the radio business.

KDIS-FM – Radio Disney 99.5 – Little Rock, AR is one of the fun names as every letter of the name is easy to spell for listeners.

KKDD-AM – AM 1290 Radio Disney – Riverside, CA is a memorable and catchy business name.

KMKI-AM – Radio Disney AM 620 – Dallas is one of the fun and brandable name ideas for creating an impression on the listeners.

KYDZ-AM – KYDZ Radio – Las Vegas is one of the basic business name ideas for a new brand.

WDYZ-AM – Radio Disney AM 990 – Orlando, FL is one of the business name ideas to create a lasting impression on listeners.

WDZY-AM – AM 1290 Radio Disney – Richmond, VA is a memorable brandable name that can create a lasting impression on the listeners.

WRDZ-FM – Radio Disney 98.3 – Indianapolis is one of the most brandable radio company names.

WWJZ-AM – Radio Disney AM 640 – Philadelphia is indeed one of the popular business name ideas with simple words like WWJZ.

WWMI-AM – Radio Disney – AM 1380 – Tampa, FL is a memorable and catchy business name.

Country Radio Station Names

When one thinks about country music, they often relate it to roughnecks and highwaymen, but there is much more. Since the early 20th century, country music has gone through several changes, and today it's open to new ideas. From banjo to harmonica, all are different sides of the same dice. Before you brainstorm to generate some catchy names, here are some of the country radio stations to give you some ideas and tips!

KDBL-FM 92.9 plays more of today's country favorites like Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, and Keith Urban.

KEZJ-FM 95.7 is one of the best that country music has to offer. One of the easy-to-remember business name ideas.

KGKL-FM 97.5 has been serving for more than 45 years! One of the truly fascinating business name ideas.

KICK-FM 97.9 plays music from all of the country's biggest stars.

KIXS-FM 107.9 plays the best and most country music. It can surely make the workday go faster. It is a good name for creating a brand.

KKCN-FM 103.1 plays a large variety of your favorite country music.

KKYR-FM 102.5’s playlist includes country superstars such as George Strait, Brooks & Dunn, Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, and Kenny Chesney.

KORD-FM 102.7 is the Tri-Cities #1 Country station, playing continuous country favorites. One of the unique business name ideas.

KWFS-FM 102.3 plays the best new country and your all-time favorites. It is a memorable name for branding a radio business website.

KXKS-FM 93.7 has a great supply of country radio staples from the past 20 years and today's hits.

KXKX-FM 105.7 covers music from Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, Kix Brooks, Carrie Underwood, Justin Moore, JT Hodges, and more.

KZIN-FM 96.7 plays all your favorite country music for various artists.

WBKR-FM 92.5 is the country radio station western and central Kentucky residents have turned to since 1972.

WDLA-FM 92.1 plays the music of top country artists. It is a catchy business name that is easy to call.

WFRG-FM 104.3 plays continuous country music for New York Central. An impressive brand name.

WFYR-FM 97.3 plays the best music that country has to offer.

WWJO-FM 98.1 broadcasts the best music across half the state. It is indeed one of the fun business name ideas.

Seeking tips from experts before finalizing a business name is a good strategy.

'40s Radio Station That Really Existed

The '30s through the '40s were considered the Golden age for American radio. If you want to generate a name, the sound of which will be liked by the listeners, then brainstorming is extremely important. When your brainstorm, you are able to generate some great ideas.

Some of the popular radio stations in the '40s are listed below!

KBLU is a commercial AM radio station in Yuma, Arizona. It's operated at 560 kHz and is owned by El Dorado Broadcasters.

KDCO operates at 1340 kHz and is a non-commercial AM radio station licensed to Denver, Colorado.

KFBC is an American sports formatted radio station in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and targets the entire market. It operates at 1240 kHz.

KHAS is a radio station broadcasting an adult contemporary format and transmitted at 1230 kHz. It's licensed to Hastings, Nebraska, United States, and the station serves the Grand Island-Kearney area.

KMYC was originally on 1420 kHz and moved to 1450 kHz in 1941 due to the NARBA agreement. It moved to 1410 kHz in 1952.

KODL is a radio station licensed to serve The Dalles, Oregon, United States, and operated at 1440 kHz. This station began broadcasting in October 1940 and is currently owned by Larson-Wynn, Inc.

KWAT is an American radio station broadcasting a news format serving the Watertown, South Dakota area at 950 kHz.

KWLM  has been an American radio station licensed to serve the community of Willmar, Minnesota, since 1940. It's transmitted at 1340 kHz.

KYCA is an American radio station broadcasting a talk radio format in Prescott, Arizona, at 1490 kHz.

WAJR is a News/Talk/Sports formatted broadcast radio station licensed to Morgantown, West Virginia, serving North Central West Virginia at 1440 kHz.

WBAS transmits at 1240 kHz. It's an American radio station licensed to West Yarmouth, Massachusetts, serving Cape Cod.

WDJC-FM (93.7 FM) is a radio station licensed to Birmingham, Alabama.

WEBC-FM was a radio station licensed to Superior, Wisconsin, serving the Duluth-Superior metropolitan area.

WFAN-FM branded Sports Radio 66, and 101.9 FM or The Fan is a commercial radio station licensed to New York City.

Fake Radio Station Name And Ideas

Branding is incredibly necessary for the radio industry. A great radio station name will make you stand out from the herd and increase your chances of getting noticed. However, a boring name or a bland one will increase the chances of people never even knowing about your radio station. Brainstorming on related business names is a good idea to generate a name that will sound original. Making a strong first impression and establishing a unique identity in the mind of your listeners is essential. The name of your station should resonate with the target audience, but at the same time, it should be easy to read and pronounce. You need to undertake brainstorming and analysis to find a name that is related. Now, we know how the names of radio stations work. Keeping that in mind, let's explore the names of some Fake Radio Stations that might inspire you.

Beautiful Days Radio is one of the fantastic radio station names.

Channel 10 is one of the fantastic radio station names.

Chilli FM is one of the interesting business names related to the radio business and it is unique in itself as well.

Crowd Roar sounds quite cool and is a good name with a hint of hype.

Happy Radio is one of the fantastic radio station names.

Heart Radio is one of the fun radio station names.

Manic FM is one of the fun radio station names.

Melody FM is among the unique radio station names.

New Revolution is one of the interesting radio station names.

Nuff Said is a short and unique name. It would be good during marketing.

Out Loud Radio gives an idea about all those energetic songs you might be playing on your station.

Out Loud Radio is a truly fantastic name.

Panic 97.8 is a name with a bit of weight in it.

Queen City Classic Rock is quite an exquisite name.

Radio One is one of the simple business names. So it'll be easier for people to remember.

Radio Real gives a vague idea about the station. It might make your audience curious and lead them to explore your station more.

Real Hits illustrates the idea that your station would be playing the best music they've to offer.

Remixed Radio might get popular since people nowadays are more inclined towards brand new remixes of songs instead of listening to the original one.

Smooth Jazz is an interesting name.

Spirits Radio is an aesthetic business name related to an analysis show.

The Groove is one of the interesting radio station names.

The Mixx is one of the interesting radio station names.

The Revolution has a hint of nostalgia in its name. It'll get popular among gamers.

The Rockies has quite a classic vibe to it.

The Rockies is one of the fun radio station names.

We Love the '90s gives an idea that your station would be playing the evergreen songs.

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