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80+ Royal Nicknames

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Royals are just like us, at least when it comes to having silly, heartwarming nicknames. Yes, even those who wear crowns and tiaras aren't immune to the charm of a cheeky moniker. Behind the palace walls, the British Royals aren't always the 'Your Majesty' types. They have playful names they call each other, just like you might dub your little brother 'squirt' or call your bestie 'BFF supreme'.

From the young ones to the more seasoned royals, it seems no one can escape a cute nickname. And while they might not shout these out during official ceremonies, these fun names have a way of sneaking past palace gates and into the eager ears of fans. These nicknames not only offer a peek into their familial ties but also show off the royal family's sweet, lighter, and more relatable sides.

So, if you're up for a royal revelation, explore this treasury of monikers and get a fresh, fun perspective on your favorite members of the monarchy. Who knows, you might even get inspired to crown your pals with some royalty-inspired nicknames!

Nicknames For Members Of The Royal Family

Have you ever wondered if the royals have a secret club of sorts? Well, they kind of do, with a roster of fun and playful nicknames! Even behind those grand palace walls and majestic titles, they're not all formal and rigid. Get ready to unravel a list of monikers that might make you chuckle or smile with admiration. These aren’t the titles you'll hear at grand ceremonies, but they sure give a sneak peek into the royal lounge.

1. Arch - This nickname was given to Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor by his parents.

2. Babe - Kate called her husband Prince William 'Babe' at the Chelsea Flower Show.

3. Baldy - Kate Middleton has called William Duke of Cambridge 'baldy' in the past.

4. Bubba - Meghan Markle has been overheard calling her son Archie 'Bubba'.

5. Cabbage - The late Prince Philip called his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, 'Cabbage.'

6. Cath - Prince Harry calls his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, 'Cath'.

7. DDG - Diana referred to her eldest son as 'DDG', which means 'Drop Dead Gorgeous'. 

8. Darling - Prince William calls his wife, Princess Kate Middleton, 'darling'.

9. Duchess of Doolittle - Prince William also calls his wife, 'Duchess of Doolittle'.

10. Euge - Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson calls Princess Eugenie 'Euge'.

11. Flash - Prince Harry was called 'Flash' after a fictional army officer, Harry Flashman.

12. Flower - Doria Ragland calls Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, 'Flower'.

13. Fred - Queen Camilla calls her husband, King Charles (formerly Prince Charles), 'Fred'.

14. Gan-Gan - Prince George called Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, 'Gan-Gan'.

15. Gary - Prince William, called Queen Elizabeth II 'Gary' instead of 'Granny'.

16. Ginger - Prince William revealed that he uses the nickname, 'Ginger', for his brother Harry.

17. Gladys - Inspired by 'The Goon Show', King Charles calls his wife, Queen Camilla, 'Gladys'.

18. Grandpa Wales - Prince George calls his grandfather, King Charles, 'Grandpa Wales'.

19. Granny Diana - Princess Charlotte addressed the late Princess Diana as 'Granny Diana'.

20. H - Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, calls her husband Prince Harry, 'H'.

21. Lenchen - This is the nickname of Queen Victoria's child, Princess Helena.

22. Lili - Prince Harry uses this sweet nickname for his daughter, Lilibet.

23. Lilibet - Queen Elizabeth's father, King George VI, once said about her, 'Lilibet is my pride'.

24. Little man - This is Prince Harry's nickname for his son Archie.

25. Little Pumpkin - Meghan and Prince Harry also call Archie 'little pumpkin'.

26. Lottie - Kate, the Princess of Wales, nicknamed her daughter Princess Charlotte 'Lottie'.

27. Mama - Meghan Markle's nickname for Queen Elizabeth II is 'Mama'.

28. Meg - Prince Harry has the nickname 'Meg' for his wife, Meghan.

29. Mignonette - This is Princess Charlotte's nickname, as revealed in Kate's Chelsea Flower Show Garden.

30. My Love - Meghan Markle's heartwarming nickname for her hubby Prince Harry is 'my love'.

31. P.G - Prince George is called this nickname by his schoolmates, formed from his initials.

32. Poppet - Prince William refers to Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, as 'Poppet'.

33. Potter - Prince Harry was nicknamed Potter, after the legendary Harry Potter.

34. Steve - Prince William used the name 'Steve' during his university years so as to not draw attention to himself.

35. Tungsten - This is King Charles's nickname for Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.

36. Wombat - Princess Diana gave Prince William the childhood nickname 'Wombat'.

Boy sitting on thorn wearing crown

Best Royal Nicknames Of Old

Between regal titles and ceremonious greetings, many past royals have had some rather unique nicknames. While today's royals might get tagged with simpler, cutesy names, their ancestors sported some head-scratchers like the 'Prince of Wales' tag used to address George V. Now, it's time for a joyride down the royal nickname lane; it's a mix of cute, quirky, and downright hilarious. So get ready for a chuckle and perhaps some nickname inspiration for your pals as you explore this royal treasure trove of monikers!

37. Good Queen Bess - Elizabeth I of England was known as the 'Good Queen Bess'.

38. Harefoot - Harold I of England was also called 'Harefoot'.

39. New-Day - Valdemar IV of Denmark was known as 'Atterdag' which translates literally to 'New-Day' or 'Return of the Day' in Danish.

40. Poet King - Denis of Portugal was popularly known as 'Poet King'.

41. The Astrologer - Alfonso X of Castile was also known as 'the Astrologer'.

42. The Avenger - Alfonso XI of Castile was also called 'the Avenger'.

43. The Brave - Afonso IV of Portugal was also known as 'the Brave'.

44. The Glorious - This was the nickname given to Athelstan of England.

45. The God-given - Louis XIV was nicknamed 'the God-given'.

46. The Hammer of the Scots - Edward I of England was given this unique nickname.

47. The Handsome - Ferdinand I of Portugal was nicknamed 'the Handsome'.

48. The Hardy - Canute III of Denmark was also known as 'Canute the Hardy'.

49. The Invincible - Demetrius I of Bactria was nicknamed 'the Invincible'.

50. The Lionheart - This was the nickname of Richard I of England.

51. The Man - John II of Portugal was nicknamed 'El Hombre' by Isabella of Castile, which means 'The Man'.

52. The Merry Monarch - Charles II of England was known as 'the Merry Monarch'.

53. The Mighty - Uroš IV of Serbia was popularly called 'Dušan the Mighty'.

54. The Navigator - This was the nickname of Prince Henry of Portugal.

55. The Patriot - This was the nickname of Manuel II of Portugal.

56. The Red King - Macbeth of Scotland was known as 'the Red King'.

57. The Sun King - Louis XIV of France was known as 'the Sun King'.

Royal Nicknames Of Kings

Fancy a peek into the secret nickname diary of kings? Beyond the crowns, scepters, and official decrees, these kings had nicknames that might just surprise you. Some might sound regal, others, not so much. These could be names you’ve heard before or something that’ll be entirely mindblowing. Now, get set to take a whistle-stop tour through some of the most entertaining monikers in monarchy history.

58. Bertie - George VI of the United Kingdom was addressed by the nickname, 'Bertie'.

59. Cecco Peppe - 'Cecco Peppe' was used to address Franz Joseph I of Austria informally.

60. Kaiser Bill - Wilhelm II, German Emperor was also called 'Kaiser Bill'.

61. Little Sabre - This was a popular nickname for Victor Emmanuel III of Italy.

62. The Hopeful - Peter V of Portugal was also known as 'the Hopeful'.

63. The Humanist - Martin I of Aragon was also called 'the Humanist.

64. The Iron - Ernest of Austria was also known as 'Ernest the Iron'.

65. The Kind-Hearted - Eric I of Denmark was known by the byname, 'the Kind-Hearted'.

66. The Little Impaler - Basarab Ţepeluş cel Tanar of Wallachia was nicknamed 'the Little Impaler'.

67. The Long-haired King - Chlodio was popular as 'the Long-Haired King.'

68. The Lover of Elegance - John I of Aragon was also known as 'the Lover of Elegance'.

69. The Master of Avis - John I of Portugal was known as 'The Master of Avis'.

70. The Memorable - This was the nickname of Eric II of Denmark.

71. The Mild - Halfdan of Romerike and Vestfold was known as 'Halfdan the Mild.'

72. The Reformer - This was the nickname of Joseph I of Portugal.

Royal Nicknames Of Queens

How's this for some crown jewels of information: Queens have pet names too! Yes, even the ladies who reign supreme in palaces have been given interesting nicknames. Whether it's something whimsical or sweet, these names offer a fascinating (and downright adorable) glimpse into royal lives. So, join this fun romp through a list of queenly nicknames that range from charming to peculiar. Perhaps there's one here that's so quirky it's destined for the Nickname Hall of Fame!

73. Daisy - Daisy is the nickname of Margrethe II of Denmark.

74. Ena - Ena is the nickname of Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg.

75. Gloriana - Gloriana is the nickname of Elizabeth I of England. It was given to her by the 16th-century poet Edmund Spenser in his poem 'The Faerie Queene'.

76. Harry - This was the nickname given to tomboyish Queen Maud of Norway, also known as Maud of Wales.

77. May - Queen Mary of Teck was also known as May; she was nicknamed after her birth month.

78. Mehbooba - King Charles refers to his wife, Queen Camilla, as 'my Mehbooba'.

79. Missy - This was the nickname by which Queen Marie of Romania was informally addressed.

80. The Most Beautiful - It was the nickname of Maria of Portugal, Queen of Castile.


Hope you enjoyed this delightful exploration of the world of regal nicknames! Now, while some of these monikers may have left you in giggles, they're a sweet reminder that royals, with all their grandeur, cherish personal moments like the average person. On the flip side, some names might sound a tad quirky, but hey, that's the fun of it! If this list has sparked your curiosity, why not come up with some playful nicknames for your loved ones? After all, there's a bit of royalty in each of us. So, crown your friends and family with affectionate names and add a sprinkle of royal flair to your everyday life.





















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