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51+ Scorpio Nicknames

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The Unisex name Scorpio initially originated from the Latin word which means 'Scorpion.'

Scorpio child names are as magnetic and strong as the Scorpions themselves. Scorpio names are usually drawn from various sources that consist of the properties of the zodiac sign for the children born between October 23 and November 22.

As per Astrology, Scorpio is associated with the color red, steel, and flowers from surroundings like Chrysanthemum. The nicknames for babies born as a Scorpio mostly include names with the meaning 'water' as Scorpio comes under 'water sign'. October names and November names can also be considered for a Scorpio child.

Some unique Scorpio baby names rank in the top list of names in the US. These include names connected to various symbols of the astrological sign like steel and aster. Many have the same meanings, like Keir and Kanika, which mean Dark. There are also names like Arden, Artemis, Cole, and Tallulah, which are not very common. Some celebrities born as Scorpions are Pablo Picasso, Bill Gates, Kris Jenner, Julia Roberts, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Scorpios have noticeable personality traits that make them stand out in a crowd. They are mysterious, profound thinkers, passionate, secretive, and always a step away from the public. Of course, they quietly match their Lethal symbol 'The Scorpion'. Even though they desire seclusion, Scorpios can be entrepreneurs and motivated employees capable of facing any hurdles. Scorpios give great importance to friendships and personal relationships in life.

On the other hand, Scorpios are very emotional, with a demanding personality and commanding appearance. Another Scorpio trait is persistence- when their heart is set on something. They will fling themselves into danger and be the first to take up or volunteer a tough job.

So, don't you think a Scorpio should have the best, most unique, charming, and fascinating nickname available? Browse through the article to get some cool names for the newborn.

Scorpio Nicknames For Girls

Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac, is all about excitement, passion, and living life with a mission to the fullest. Scorpios are amazing in many ways. Scorpio babies are fun to be around, and when they grow up, they make excellent friends. When you need a job to be done, you can count on a Scorpio, always. But, along with all the good qualities, Scorpios will sting like a Scorpion sometimes- mind you. Why don't you look at the fascinating list of Scorpio names for your cute baby girl?

1.   Adriana - Woman from the sea.

2.  Aleria - Agile like an eagle.

3.  Alexandra - Protector of a person in Greek.

4.   Ambrosina - Immortal and divine (Greek Origin).

5.  Anastasia - One who rises again.

6.  Andrea - Meaning strong in Greek.

7.  Arabella - Heroine like an eagle.

8. Arlette - Like an eagle.

9.  Armina - A warrior maid.

10.  Athena - A warrior goddess of wisdom in Greek.

11.  Audrey - Strong, noble.

12.  Autumn - Fresh as a flower.

13.  Ava - An eagle-eyed girl.

14.  Bernice - One who brings victory.

15.  Brenna - A black‐haired baby.

16.  Calypso - Legendary nymph from the sea.

17.  Cassandra - A Greek prophetess.

18.  Cybil (Sybil) - A prophetess.

19.  Doris - A woman from the ocean.

20.  Edna - Renewal, and rebirth.

21.  Elke - Queen-like and noble

22.  Emily - A very eager rival.

23.  Erica - A powerful, authoritative ruler.

24.  Ernestine - Very serious and earnest.

25.  Eve - Means temptress in Hebrew.

26.  Hebrew - One which flows downwards.

27.  Judith - A woman of Judea in Hebrew; avenging.

28.  Melanie - The dark one in Greek.

29.  Sabrina - A legendary character.

Scorpio Nicknames for Boys

(Scorpios are seriously passionate and give their soul and heart to causes and people -especially their partners whom they care about.)

Are you finding it difficult to develop a name for your Scorpio baby? There are billions of baby names to consider, but we have to narrow down and look specifically for things like astrology, which may give some guidance. If the cute one is born between October and November, scroll down the list of nicknames for Scorpio boys.

30.  Drake - A popular nickname for Scorpio.

31.  Marius - Warrior from Mars.

32.  Martin - Boy of the Mars.

33.  Phoenix - The Greek symbol of rebirth.

34.  Raynor - A wise, powerful, and discreet warrior.

35.  Raymond - One who protects like a God.

36.  Ronald - Wise, powerful ruler.

37.  Sullivan - A black‐eyed baby.

38.  Traherne - With strength.

39.  Valentine - With strong, romantic, and courageous nature.

Scorpio Nicknames for Pets

A Scorpion is considered one of the exotic and fascinating creatures in ancient legends. A pet Scorpion can never become a buddy and crawl into your lap. But a pet lover can surely pick a strong and fearless pet name- from inspiration from these creatures with lightning reflexes and defense mechanisms. Check out the various Scorpion names, which are sure to fit even the fiercest of pets.

40.  Akasha - Entertaining and lovable.

41.  Apollo - Playful and active like a butterfly.

42.  Basiliscus - Derived from Greek, meaning King.

43.  Caesar Augustus - Roman emperor.

44.  Cleopatra - Beautiful and Lovely.

45.  Dogo - means small, tiny, and cute.

46.  Duke - Hereditary title for a pet with a fighting attitude.

47.  Eusi - A moniker for the black one.

48.  Giftig - Poisonous like a serpent.

49.  Herculies - With great strength like a Greek hero.

50.  Klein - African word for black.

51.  Napoleon Bonaparte - Reference to Emperor of France.

52.  Pluto - Referring to the underworld Greek God.

Traditional Scorpio Nicknames

The energy of a Scorpio is frequently subdued and quiet on the outside, but they are deeply emotional inside. Scorpios are usually secretive, with an aura of mystery surrounding them. Enthusiasm, audacity, ingenuity, fierce loyalty, and fearlessness are other characteristics of a Scorpio. As no two Scorpios are the same, each person born under the same zodiac sign is dissimilar. Due to all these reasons, some traditional Scorpio nicknames suit different personalities.

53.  Benjamin - Derived from Hebrew Binyamin.

54.  Brooks - A masculine Surname of English Origin.

55.  Emma - A very royal name that means universal.

56.  Hazel - Referring to the Hazelnut tree.

57.  Henry - An estate ruler-Used by the British Royal family.

58.  Julia - Form of Jupiter, meaning Sky father or youthful.

59.  Luna - Luna is derived from the Roman Goddess of the moon.

60.  Magnus - Popular in Norway and Finland, meaning greatest.

61.  Orion - Rising star in Greek Mythology.

62.  River - Originated from Nature.

63.  Sage - Fragrant name which connotes wisdom.

64.  Scarlett - An occupational surname for a person who sells Scarlet.

65.  Theodore - Gift of God originated from Greek.

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