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40 Super Cool Cat Names For Your Kittentabby cat names

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Are you bringing a new cat into your home?

We all know how exciting it is to bring home your new cuddly bundle of joy. One of the most exciting parts is undoubtedly deciding on its name.

When bringing a kitten to your home you need to think about what you are going to name it. Selecting cat names is exciting and a lot of fun. If you need a little help in choosing a cat name, whether it be female cat names or male cat names that you are looking for, we want to help! Here are some of the coolest names for cats for you to choose from.

For more cat name ideas, check out these Korean cat names and these anime cat names.

The Top 10 Names For Cats

Here are the top ten cat names, hopefully one of these cool names will inspire you when naming your own kitty!

1 . Bella means "beautiful".

2 . Charlie refers to "a fool."

3 . Chloe means "blooming" in Greek.

4 . Cleo means "pride", or "glory."

5 . Lucy means "light."

6 . Luna is an Italian name that means "moon."

7 . Max indicates "a maximum amount".

8 . Milo indicates "soldier."

9 . Oliver indicates "descendants of ancestors".

10 . Simba means "lion",  and is a hugely popular cat name.

Cool Cat Names For Girl Cats

Cute Calico cat looking at the camera

Are you searching for cool cat names for girls? Check out this useful list of cool female cat names that we think you will love.

11 . Agatha, (Greek origin) meaning "right" and is a perfect nickname for cats.

12 . Alice is a very famous and well known name for cats, it has been popular for many years.

13 . Amber is suited to yellow eyed kitties.

14 . Adhira is a cool Indian name. The meaning of this name is "restless."

15 . Akemi is the perfect name for cats. This name refers to "beauty" in Japanese.

16 . Akira means "bright" in Japanese. It is a beautiful and cool cat name, especially for black female cats.

17 . Callie is the perfect name for all the female cats and is derived from the word calico. This would definitely suit a cat with calico markings.

18 . Chloe is derived from the United States. It means "blooming" and it perfect for a cute little kitten.

19 . Mona, (Celtic origin) the meaning of this cool name is "noble".

20 . Peridot means "magical powers" and "influence."

21 . Sylvester, (Latin origin) means "wooden" or "from the forest".

22 . Sally is one of the cool names, this is the name of the first American woman in space, Sally Ride.

23 . Scarlett is one of the coolest cat names, meaning "courage".

24 . Willow is a pleasant and straightforward sounding name, perfect for a cool cat.

25 . Zircon is one of the cool cat names meaning "wisdom".

Cool Cat Names For Boy Cats

Are you searching for cool male cat names? There are many unusual and unique names for a boy cat in this list of cool cat names for boys.

26. Angus (Scottish origin) means "independent" and "robust cats."

27 . Atlas was the name of the God that held the world on his shoulders.

28 . Bandit is a great name for cool cats that have a multi-colour coat.

29 . Caesar can be a great name for a boy cat who acts like an emperor.

30 . Casper is one of the best cat names for boys that are white in colour.

31 . Felix is an excellent name for a black and white cat.

32 . Max is a healthy choice for any cat.

33 . Odin is a God of many things in mythology (including magic and mystery).

34 . Romeo is an excellent and cool name for a cute and loving kitty.

35 . Sonic means beyond the speed of sound.

36 . Smokey is a fitting name for black and grey cats.

37 . Tux is great if you have a black cat with some white patches of fur.

38 . Tiger is excellent for striped cats.

39 . Tom is a very popular name for male cats, it is such a good name for a boy cat.

40 . Zeus is a famous God name which is a cool choice when naming a cat.

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