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100 Super Funny Pokemon Names

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Do you find yourself stuck searching for the name for your new Pokemon team?

Coming up with a unique and awesome name every time in a game is a daunting task. Therefore, we have compiled a list of uber-cute, unique, and funny names for Pokemon to end all your worries.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick the perfect nicknames for Pokemon and amaze all your friends with your impeccable creativity.

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Funny Unique Type Nicknames

A funny nickname is a name that tickles you. It has some nostalgia and goofiness attached to it. Are you also looking out for funny naming options for your Pokemon? If you answered yes, here are some funny names for Pokemon for you.

1.Subway - A fatso Pokémon that eats a lot.

2.Boyfriend – Are you falling in love with your Pokémon? If yes, the boyfriend can be the best name for him.

3.Bread – A Pokemon that is lazy and lethargic like Slakoth, Slaking, and Snorlax.

4.Ketchup – Ideal name for any Pokemon that is in liquid forms like Grimer and Muk.

5.Meatballs – Are you having meatballs in dinner tonight? Why not name your Pokemon after this dish.

6.Nausea – The best option for dirty and unhappy Pokemon.

7.Patrick – Named after the famous SpongeBob SquarePants, could name a little slow Pokemon.

8.Ron Weasley – After Ron Weasley from the famous Harry Potter series.

9.Webcam – It is a funny name for a hilarious Pokemon like Beldum that resembles a camera.

10.Zzzz – This is for the Pokémon who are best at sleeping. So why not name them Zzzz.

Funny And Cute Type Nicknames

Some Pokemon are lovable and cute like a furball. So let us dive into the top 10 cute and funny names for Pokemon that will make you fall for them again.

11.Anastasia – Derived from Anastasia Romanov, this name goes well with a princess-like Pokémon.

12.Aphrodite – It is named after the ancient Greek Goddess.

13.Aurelia – It is a Latin term that means something that is gorgeously golden.

14.Buttercup – Buttercup is a beautiful little flower that is generally yellow. It shines like gold in the sunlight.

15.Glitter – This can be the best name for the Pokémon that is always glowing and shinning.

16.Heidi – It is a feminine term that is derived from the Adelheid. Heidi means nobility.

17.Mooch – You just want to shower all your affection and love for this Pokemon.

18.Rainbow – A wonderful and colorful name for your Ponyta and Cressilia Pokémon.

19.Tabby – Ideal option for cat Pokémon.

20.Unicorn – This is an excellent option for colorful Pokemon like Rapidash or Keldeo.

Funny Fire Type Nicknames

Naming fire Pokemon have become all the rage lately. Naming is essential to identify the animated character that is representing you on the online platform. Check out these amazing 10 fire Pokemon nicknames or Pokemon puns and pick the best one for your Pokemon.

21.Arsenal – It means a lot of ferocious firepowers.

22.Face Melter – Meltdown, your opponents like Charmander and Rapidash with a fierce name like Face Melter. It almost sounds like a real Pokémon character, isn’t it?

23.Fireball – It means something super fast and super hot.

24.Gas Fire – It is a powerful naming option that will scare your opponents.

25.Gun Smoke – Be a nightmare for your opponents by keeping a name like Gun Smoke.

26.Smolder – Smolder is the one thing left once you blow your opponent with the blow of fire.

27.Solar Flare – It is also a unique name for your Pokémon, which means something hotter than the Sun.

28.Third Degree – It means the most dangerous types of burns one can get?

29.Yellowstone – Name your fire Pokémon after the name of a giant volcano, Yellowstone.

30.Zippo – It is a popular lighter brand. Why not use it to name your favorite fire Pokemon?

Funny Water Type Nicknames

Check out these amazing Pokemon puns or Pokemon nicknames for your game and amaze everyone with your creativity.

31.Aquamarine – Aquamarine refers to the beautiful light blue color of the sea.

32.Bubbles – Consider naming your cute water Pokemon like Squirtles and Psyduck as Bubbles this gaming season.

33.Hook – Did you catch your water Pokemon while fishing? Be creative and name it Hook. Or, maybe, Captain Hook?

34.Krabs – Does your water Pokemon resemble a crustacean? If yes, Krabs can be the best name option for it.

35.MyBeach – name your water Pokemon MyBeach to show how strong your bond is with the team.

36.Puddles – Do you have a Golduck or Wartortle water Pokémon? You cannot find a cuter name than Puddles.

37.Seaweed – A fantastic name for the Pokemon, which is both grass and water type.

38.Squid – You cannot think of a better name for your water Pokémon.

39.Squidward – It is named after Squidward from the famous cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants.

40.The Navy – Name your water Pokémon The Navy if it has the power of an entire army.

Funny Rock Type Nicknames

Rock Pokemon are super effective against ice, fire, bug, and flying. Here are some of the best Pokemon names for your Rock Pokemon game.

41.Carbon – This is what all the rocks in the universe are made of.

42.Carbonite – Explode your opponents by naming your Pokemon Carbonite.

43.Caveman – Did you find your rock Pokémon in the caves? If yes, you cannot find a better name than this.

44.Flint – Is your rock Pokémon solid enough to ignite a fire? If yes, Flint can be the perfect name for you.

45.Hard Rock – Give a musical twist to your Pokémon by naming it a Hard Rock Pokémon.

46.Malachite – It is a green-colored stone that is like Tyranitar.

47.Malphite – Taken from the League of Legends.

48.Obsidian – Obsidian is a solid black volcanic glass made from the lava.

49.Rocco – Are you tired of the regular naming options? Try naming your Pokémon after a German and Italian origin name, Rocco.

50.Rosetta – It is named after the famous Rosetta Stone.

Funny Bug Type Nicknames

(Pokemon are hugely popular characters and loved all over the world.

Bug Pokemon are some of the funniest ones ever. They are lovable and adorable. Here are some interesting bug Pokémon names for you to try.

51.Aragog – This name is derived from the famous Hollywood series of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

52.Aristaeus – Aristaeus if the name of an ancient Greek God of bee-keeping.

53.Bumble – Bumble is a creative name for a wasp or bee Pokémon.

54.Hive – A good name for a Combee or Vespiquen.

55.Junebug – It is one of the largest leaf-eating beetles in the world.

56.Ladybug – The most beautiful name available for your bug Pokémon.

57.Larva – Perfect name for a caterpillar-like Pokémon.

58.Nit – It is a very tiny bug that keeps on annoying everyone.

59.Shelob – Are you a Lord of the Ring fan? If yes, you can choose Shelob for your bug Pokémon.

60.Stink Bug – Ideal option for a horrible smelling bug Pokémon.

Funny Fighting Type Nicknames

Do you want to name your fighting Pokemon? Here are the top 10 name options for you to consider in your game:

61.Bam-Bam – It is a famous Flinstones character who always indulges in fights.

62.Bruiser – The opponent will not look the same after the clash.

63.Bully – Give the name Bully to your aggressive fighting Pokemon.

64.Hoodlum – Hoodlum, can prove to be a unique name for your fighting Pokémon.

65.Jackie Chan – How about naming fighting Pokémon after the martial art legend?

66.Melee – It refers to a Pokemon that uses his hands in battles and not any secret powers.

67.One-inch Punch – A martial art move introduced by Bruce Lee.

68.Schwarzenegger – Named after the very famous Arnold Schwarzenegger.

69.Stunner – Name your Pokémon stunner and let your opponents guess what hit them.

70.Throttle – This Pokémon name will knock the opponents just like a ragdoll.

Funny Flying Type Nicknames

Pokemon is one of the most lovable animation characters in the world. Therefore, you should make every possible effort to give  unique names to your flying Pokemon :

71.Aerial – Aerial is the king of skies.

72.Azax – It is a Greek term that means eagle.

73.Bird Brain – It means the smartest bird that is hard to trap.

74.Grythin – It is derived from the mythical half lion half eagle. It is one of the weirdest names ever for a Pokémon.

75.Jet Stream – Something that flies faster than a fighter jet.

76Ozone – Ozone will be a perfect name for the Pokemon that flies high in the sky.

77.Stratus – This word means the low-lying stratus cloud.

78.Vortex – It means a revolving gust of liquid or wind.

79.Zazu – Named after Zazu, a famous character from The Lion King series.

80.Zenith – Zenith means the highest point in the sky. Naming Pokemon Zenith means he can fly to the highest points.

Funny Ice Type Nicknames

Ice Pokemon have become all the rage lately in the game. If you are looking out for some interesting names for your ice Pokemon, here are the best 10 contenders.

81.Aurora – Derived from the mesmerizing Northern Lights.

82.Eve Lanche – It is a witty naming idea for a snowslide.

83.Flurry – It means a spinning mass of snow.

84.Frieza – This name is taken from the very famous Dragon Ball Z.

85.Olaf– A funny snowman from the Frozen series.

86.Frozen – Everything freezes the moment one enters the warzone.

87.Mammoth – It is taken from the prehistoric elephants found in the forests.

88.Snowflake – It is the best name for a delicate ice Pokémon.

89.Snowy – Name your ice Pokémon Snowy who is always covered in white snow.

90.Marshmallow- An ice marshmallow from Frozen Series who is responsible to safeguard the ice palace.

Funny Dragon Nicknames

Dragons are fierce and powerful. Here are the best 10 dragon Pokemon nicknames for you to create a powerful team.

91.Drag Queen – A quirky Pokemon pun for a female Dragonite.

92.Dragon Ball – Named after the famous anime, Dragon Ball.

93.DragonGlass – This name is taken from the enigmatic volcanic rock that is used to kill White Walkers.

94.Hungarian Horntail – The name is taken from the Harry Potter series.

95.Mizuchi – It is a Japanese dragon that generally lives in the deep water.

96.Toothless- This name is taken from the popular 'How to Train Your Dragon'.

97.Smaug – This name is taken from The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings franchise.

98.Spyro – Derived from a popular video game series.

99.FlygonJinn- Tribute to the legendry Quin-Jonn from Star Wars.

100.Gorn - Taken from the film Star Trek.

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