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63 Tasteful Tea Company Names For Your New Business

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Tea is an extremely popular beverage with people from all over the world drinking it all around the day, be it morning, afternoon, or evening.

Along with coffee, tea is one of the most sought-after beverages for its organic blend of herbs and aroma. An increasing number of businesses are foraying into the industry in search of success with the customer base.

The name selected for tea businesses must be an example of the brand's story to resonate with the customers. Your search for the best names for tea companies ends here.

Read on for a list of hot tea business names. Afterward, also check tea names and coffee brand names.

Green Tea Company Names

Getting a name for your green tea company is a difficult task. Your tea business name must be simple to catch everyone’s eye. You want a name to attract your favorite one’s attention. Here is a list of some amazing green tea business name ideas for your perusal: -

Morning Tea House- everyone desires to have a great cup of green tea in the morning, so don’t you think this is an amazing green tea company name?

Harmony Tea Co.- It is a really peaceful name for your new company.

Street Hut Sip- is a perfect name idea for your company, and this will definitely hit the spot!

Nature Close Tea Co.- It is a unique name for your favorite drinking company and ought to bring in many customers.

Principal Teas- If you go for this name, then brace yourself. This is the principle of all the existing green tea company names and brings a rush of customers to your sweet little spot.

Leaf Tea Room- This is another unique brand name for your company that has yet to attract customers.

BubbleStream Tea- It is a very creative business name for your favorite green tea company.

Cantalope Herbal Tea- It is a very beautiful business name giving a fresh vibe.

Happy Leaf Tea- isn’t this one of the happiest business name ideas for a tea brand?

Perfect Herbs- It is a name defining the very concept of green tea. You should definitely go for this name for your tea brand.

Bonaparte Tea Room- It is a cute and creative name for a tea brand.

LuckyChap Tea- just like the name suggests, ‘lucky’ will definitely help you go lucky with your new business.

Good Tea Time- It is one of the amazing business name ideas.

Tea Kettle Time- It is one of the simple business names for a tea house.

Organic Leaves- just when you sip your morning cup of green tea and read the label name, it will ooze a certain kind of freshness in your mind.

Superia Sip Tea House- It is yet another beautiful name for a tea business. Superia Sip Tea House is a great name for a tea business.

Leaf Tea Herbal Sip- It is one of the cute business names for your new tea new business.

Tappy Tea Turban- It is a funny yet attractive name. It is all free so grab it as soon as you can.

Hometown Tea Tree- signifies the importance of green tea in the life of tea lovers.

Wild Sippers- It is a catchy and attractive name for a tea and coffee shop.

Herbal Leafy- It is one of the catchy and unique names for tea brands.

Boba Tea Company Names

For the past three decades, Boba tea has been elevating tea to new heights. These boba tea store names are just a few instances of enterprises aiming to extend and grow the industry's need for this unusual drink, whether with jelly, pudding, or other ingredients. Here are some name ideas for your boba tea business.

Milk Note Boba- adding the name milk enhances one’s imaging capabilities, so this is your best creative find!

Yorkshire Tea- It is one of the creative name ideas for tea brands.

Milky Pearl Tea- As the name suggests, your boba tea will be just as fresh as the pear.

Gemstone Teahouse and Boba- It is a famous name that all your customers will adore.

Diamond Bubble Tea- one can realize your love for boba tea from the name of the company itself, and this name tells it all.

Pink Petals Boba- is another cute boba tea company name idea! Grab it.

Friendship Bubble Tea- is a perfect name for a newly opened business, which ought to attract a lot of friends if started in a cute little spot.

Royal Empress Boba- It gives a royal feeling.

Ancient Art Boba- is a beautiful aesthetic boba tea company name.

Boba Tea Leaves- if you want to garnish your boba tea with some tea leaves to enhance its beauty, then this is the name you should go for.

Boba Bulbs- it is a cute and attractive name for your cute boba company.

Bubble Wand Boba- it is a really attractive name with the aroma of a teahouse.

Tao of Boba- is a beautiful company name for people to sip their favorite boba tea.

Sweet Bubbles Teahouse- yet another attractive name, attracts people to have their favorite sip of their evening tea.

7th Heaven Boba & Tea- It is a name that ought to attract people no matter what.

Bubble Cafe & Tea Lounge- It is a beautiful café name and will attract many customers if opened at a cute little spot. Customers will enjoy their sips!

Morning Brew Coffee & Tea- It is an amazing name, a rare find.

For all tea lovers, tea time is one of the best times of the day.

Milk Tea Company Names

Milk tea is everyone’s favorite. Nobody can start their day without a cup of milk tea. Assam is famous for its amazing milk tea, and its great tea leaves production. Here we list some amazing milk tea company names.

Leaf n' Milk United- in green and white branding, this marketing fantasy will look fantastic. Tea leaves and milk are mentioned.

Peach Pot- It is a creative reference to a teapot, while peach may refer to your tea specialty.

The Teazy Taste- It is a memorable, marketable, and unique name that will help your company stand out from the crowd.

Milk Drop- with this current and fashionable name, the slogan choices are unlimited. Consider blue and white color schemes.

Honey Brew Co- It is a lovely and expressive name with plenty of possibilities for commercial development.

Imperial Tea- It is a really cute name for an aesthetic shop.

The Milky Herb- It is a great option that shows you care about tea. The word 'milky' gives the name a delightful twist.

Stash Tea Cafe- It is one of the wonderful name ideas.

Mind The Chai- when matched with a humorous teacup logo, is a funny yet original name that will stick out.

Lovely Darling Cuppy Cow- It is a great name for all pure cow milk lovers.

Assam Tea Cafe- It is a famous name considering Assam to produce world-class premium tea leaver!

Quirky Tea Company Names

Having quirky names does make people eye toward you. Moreover, having uncommon quirky names has the power to have a positive impact on your company. Therefore, we present you with some amazing, fun, quirky names for your tea business. So do look at our list of ideas containing some great quirky tea company names.

Assam Secret Tea Revolution- It is a great fancy name.

Dr. Tea Herbal- It is said to have some amazing medicinal qualities; therefore, this is your best find!

Tisane Easy- It is a cute and easy name. One of the interesting name ideas.

Bliss Stash Tea- It is another beautiful tea business name.

Hometown Teas- It is simple, memorable, and punchy. You'll undoubtedly attract the correct target market with the name Hometown Teas.

Pure Tea Tree- It is a good name for a tea shop.

Healing Tea Brew- It is a catchy and attractive name for your favorite tea company. Hope you grab it before it's lost!

Herbal Tea Company Names

Building your brand, establishing yourself as an expert, and connecting with potential consumers or clients require a solid name. Finding a name for your tea business may be tough, especially with increased competition. Because it is the first thing someone, notices about your company, the name may make or ruin it.

It's not simple to come up with the ideal name for your tea business. You can always discover new methods to accomplish things in the food and beverage sector. It could appear as if every decent name has already been taken. Here are some amazing green tea company names below.

Herbal Magic Cafe- It is a sweet name you can use for your beautiful tea company.

Premium Tea Leaves Co- It is a catchy name that can be used to name your company that aims to cater to or become famous among the new generation.

Tea Blend Cafe- It is a beautiful name example for a tea blend.

Hot Infused Tea- It is a great name for your cute little company.

Rea Perfection- It is a cute name that will attract a wide customer base.

China Porcelain Perfection- It has a graceful vibe surrounding it. This name would be loved by all milk lovers worldwide; hence, it will attract customers to have their sip of tea at your wonderful café!

The Tea Cup Boutique- It is a rare and creative name. A creative name enhances your chances of bringing in tons and tons of customers.

Tea O'Clock- It is a funny and catchy name and will bring in customers.

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