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81 Tau Names For Your Talented Little Character

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In the world of Gaming, Tau Warhammer became a trending topic for entertainment.

So, if you are a gamer or game lover, you must have heard about Tau. In the tabletop wargame, Warhammer 40,000 Tau is an alien race.

Some popular full-name options for fire warriors in Warhammer 40k are Shas'O Viorla Shovah Kais Mont'yr, Lar'Shi' Vre, and Shas'O Vior'la Shovah Kais Mont'yr, Aun'O T'au Acaya Va'Denta, Shas'La T'au Kais, Fio' Vre Ke'Lshan, Kor' Ui Vash'ya Tozhan and Por 'La Vior'la Kais'uam.

In Tau lexicon, warriors are divided into different castes like air caste, water caste, Earth caste, and ethereal caste.

Hence, here are some amazing and popular Tau names that you can choose for your talented little character. If you are looking for a name related to the game character, you can find a perfect choice.

Tau Commander Names

In the Tau's Empire, the two highest ranks of the Tau Fire Caste are Shas'O and Shas'El. Here are commanders' names that belong to this Empire. 

Brightsword is a Tau commanding officer who was a student of Commander Farsight.

Dawnstrike is an amazing character who is the commander of Tau's battalion, a great option from fully developed septs, irrespective of castes and races.

O'Kais is a well-known commander who is a student of Commander Puretide. It is also popular as the Living Weapon.

O'Ryan is a commander in the army who led the Empire's Fire Caste. This is a unique word to call your fire warrior.

O'Shalas is a Tau Commander whose other name is Commander Swift Flame. A great Shas name from an advanced culture.

O'Shasan is one of the vulnerable Tau Commanders who is the hero of the Fire Caste.

Pridestar is an excellent Tau Commander who became the victim of a sniper bullet during the Klodate Worlds Suppression.

Puretide is a legendary commander in the Tau's Empire at the time of the Second Sphere of Expansion.

Quickstrike is a fantastic Tau Commander who is also the hero of Bork'an Sept. So, the name is perfectly suitable for a heroic young character from Forces of Imperium.

R'alai is a well-known Tau space military leader who is also known to be a battle-suit pilot.

Shas'El is a Tau fire Warrior, attaining the second rank in the Tau army. A good Shas'ui commander name for a fire warrior.

Shas'El Courra is a leading commander of the Tau's colony who led a Manta death Blow Hunter Cadre at the time of the Nimbosa campaign.

Shas'El K'irri is a strong commanding officer from the Tau's Empire who led a night attack on a forward Imperial airbase during the Taros Campaign.

Shas'o is a Fire Warrior who is the highest rank commander in the Tau army. It could be a great Kauyon name.

Shas'O Ja'Vra, whose other name is Commander Skyroar, is a powerful name you can use for your character.

Shas'O R'myr, also famous as Commander Longknife, is a Tau commanding officer during the Taros Campaign.

Shas'O Shaserra is also known by the named commander Shadowsun. The overall commander of the Tau Fire Forces.

Shas'o T'au Ta'Sar is a master of adaptive defense, popularly known as Commander Sternshield.

Shas'o Vior'la Shalas, commonly known as Commander Swiftflame, was a young commander and hero of the Third Sphere Expansion. A great name for warriors from Vespid races.

Shas'O Vior'la Suam Eldi, also known by his low Gothic title, Commander Flamewing, is the leader of the Fire Caste Hunter Cadre.

Starblaze, part of the Traxis Sector Conflict, is a great commander in the Tau's cavalry liked by a number of teams.

Truestar is one of the brilliant female Tau commanders. A great name for a battle-hardened military pilot.

V'ors L'ar is another word for Kauyon Tau Commander who led the Empire of Tau at the time of War for Taros. It is a favorite of a number of teams.

Tau Sept Names

Looking for new and fantastic sept names from the Tau's army? Here is a list of good Tau sept names that you can pick for your young character.

Aun'O Tares is pronounced as orn-tar-rees. This is the highest ethereal of the Oresh'uan sept of the Tau's Empire. A good name for a young male personality.

Cal'sean is a perfect name for your talented little character with farsight for the greater good.

Dal'yth, a Tau sept settled during the First Sphere Expansion, has become the hub of trade and commerce for the Tau Empire.

Gai'kal is an isolated Tau sept founded during the Second Sphere Expansion. The name means 'indomitable perseverance'.

J'affa is a renowned former sept in the Tau's Empire. The Sept was founded at the time of the Fourth Sphere Expansion.

Kor'tael is a newly founded sept during the Third Sphere Expansion in the Frontier world. The name holds the meaning 'flowing soul'.

Ky'San Rebels is one more Tau sept in the Tau's Empire. Also, a creative and catchy name for a skilled young personality.

Mo'cal, a Second Sphere Expansion T'au, is a famous sept of the Tau's Empire team.

Mu'sha is a cadre and alien auxiliary from the Third Sphere Expansion. This is a sept in the Tau's battalion.

Por'la, a Tau sept, has a fiery temperament from the world of Vior'la. A great sept name for a brilliant little character from air caste.

T'olku is one of the famous T'au septs founded during the Second Sphere of Expansion.

Ta'unar is another T'au Sept, the larger sept of Tau's Battlesuit. A great personal name for a fire warrior.

Vior'la, which means 'hot blooded', is a sept from the Tau's Empire, which orbits a binary star.

Viorl'yth is an amazing T'au sept personal name that you can pick for your talented character from the water caste of the Tau empire.

Xe'voh is one of the best and most loyal septs of the T'au Empire.

Team members prefer to select a name that reflects a greater good.

Tau Empire Ship Names

The Tau Empire was prosperous with various powerful and terrific weapons, ships, escorts, and cruisers. Below is a list of amazing and powerful ship names from the Tau's Empire.

Barracuda Class Fighter is the most common aircraft from the Tau's Empire/

Gal'leath, also known as explorer among the Imperials, was the first major battleship and the interstellar vessel in the Tau's Empire.

Il Fannor, also popular by the name Merchant, was the biggest ship in the Tau's army.

Il'Porrui, also popular by the name Emissary, was the first vessel that was developed for the renovation of the Tau Fleet.

Kass’l, also codenamed as Orca Gunship, is a nimble vessel.

Kir'la Carrier is a small escort known as Warden. This was the smallest warship from the Tau's Empire.

Kir'qath is a defender escort vessel and the only escort in the Kor'vattra from the Tau's Empire.

Kir'shasvre is an escort also known as Castellan and compared with the Imperial Navy's sword and Firestorm frigates.

Lar'shi is a starship that was codenamed Hero and was born out of the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

Lar'shi'vre is one of the main fighting vessels of the Tau's army. A great name for ethereal species from space.

Manta Class Bomber is a missile destroyer in the Tau's Empire used to transport the Hunter Cadres.

Or'es El'leath is the newest generation Tau ship which was the largest battleship of the class KorOVeshi. The ship was also named Custodian.

Orca Dropship is an orbital transport vehicle from the Tau's Empire.

Razorshark Strike Fighter, an important dropship in the Tau's Empire, is an atmospheric strike fighter in the AX3 version.

Skether'qan is the smallest escort in the Tau's army. It was codenamed Messenger and equipped with a Gravitic Drive.

Sun Shark Bomber, an aircraft of the AX39 variant, is an atmospheric bomber attack craft.

Tau Kroot Names

Here are some Tau Kroot Names for you.

Akchan'kur is home to the Kroot civilization known as the Karakh-Kar. This belongs to the Xenos World class.

Anghkor Prok is one of the greatest and most legendary Kroot leaders during the War of the Place of Union.

Dahyak Grekh, an employee of Rogue Trader Janus Draik, is a Kroot mercenary.

Gorok was one of the Kroot shapers in the Tau's Empire Vishwas present on Gravlain in the late M41.

Great Knarloc is the kroot which is similar in appearance to the Krootox.

Knarloc is the smallest Kroot from the Tau's Empire. These are formidable carnivorous predators which are used as a mount.

Kroot Hounds is a Tau's Empire canine-like Kroot with the barest glimmer of sentience.

Krootox is an evolutionary dead-end Kroot similar to Kroot Hounds.

Ky'san is a Kroot colony from the Tau's Empire located in the Eastern Fringe.

Orak is a Tau's Kroot shaper who was fighting under Commander Brightsword. The name can also be pronounced as orek.

Pech is a native Kroot from the Tau's Empire with minimum manufacturing capabilities.

Yunn'chen is a part of Tau's Empire, a Kroot and Ice World.

Tau Ethereal Names

Ethereals are considered members of the fifth caste of the Tau's species. They are the rulers of the Tau's Empire. A few ethereal names from the Tau's Empire are listed below.

Aun'El Basel'kyth is the head philosopher and researcher of Tau forces.

Aun'El Shi'Ores is one more accompanying ethereal of Shas'O Kais during the Dark Crusade.

Aun'El T'au Ko'vash is ethereal in the Tau's Empire which the Imperial Forces captured.

Aun'la Tsua'Malor Vior'la is the lowest-ranked ethereal cast member. The Deathwatch Kill team captured him.

Aun'O Tsualal is the overall commander of all Tau forces and also the ethereal strategist for the Tau forces.

Aun'Ro'Yr is an Ethereum to accompany Shas'O Or'es'Ka during the Kaurava Campaign.

Aun'shi is an ethereal Tau that was considered the hero of many battles and was seen as a sign of victory on the battlefield.

Aun'taniel is the head ethereal of the Tau's colony.

Aun'Ui Kol'denh is another ethereal figure of the Tau's forces who was a social engineering advisor in Jericho Reach.

Aun'Va is the most recent, oldest, and wisest Ethereal Supreme of his caste. He was the master of the Undying spirit.

Aun'Vre is a Tau ethereal who accompanied Shas'O R'myr at the time of the Taros Campaign.

Aun'Wei, the predecessor of Aun'Va, was the supreme ethereal from the Tau's Empire.

Shas Aux'Phan is a Tau ethereal who died during the Auxion campaign.

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