The 145 Most Handsome Names With Origin For Your Little Baby Boy

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Most parents look for boy names that mean strong and handsome and could be more famous than other common names.

The term handsome shows power, boldness, and adoration images. It refers to a person who carries himself with style and values himself and others and has the mysteriousness of an attractive stranger common in vintage movies.

Handsome boy names for a little boy are amongst the most popular baby names in the world. Parents must explore hundreds of handsome guy names in order to select a priceless one. Read on for some male names that mean handsome along with some cute boy names.

Handsome Boys Names

A gorgeous name or even one that implies handsome always gets attention at once. It adds a classic touch to a familiar name that gives them a sense of authority and leadership. Any name from this selection as a first name or a powerful middle name will make your little boy stand out.

Check out the handsome baby boy names from the list below.

Aarib (Urdu origin) is a popular baby boy name with meaning 'someone who is both healthy and attractive'.

Adam (Hebrew origin) implies 'son of the red soil', which is a classic attractive boy name. A name that enjoys great popularity

Alessandro (Italian origin), which means 'defender or rescuer of humanity', is a highly macho and manly name. It also has a softer edge.

Ambrose (English origin) means 'immortal', which is a fascinating old-fashioned name.

Anders (Scandinavian origin) has a masculine name meaning 'strong and manly'. The name sounds unique.

Apollo (Greek origin) means 'manly beauty'. Greek names are generally the most attractive.

Barney (Old English origin), which means 'son of comfort', is a charming name. It isa abbreviated form of Bernard and derived from the Slavic name Barni.

Benjamin (Hebrew origin) means 'son of the right hand'. You could certainly pin this option as a surname. Benjamin is among popular nickname options as well.

Broderick (Welsh origin) means 'brother', which is a Nordic name for strong and intelligent.

Caesar (Latin origin) means 'long-haired', and is unquestionably one of the most macho male names.

Carlisle (Old English origin) means 'from the fortified tower' and has an elegant ring to it. It also implies that 'god is gracious'.

Cato (Latin origin) means 'all-knowing', which is a great name meaning and a popular choice among men as a nickname.

Christopher (Greek origin) is a Christian name that means 'Christ-bearer'. A name that enjoys great popularity.

Damien (French origin) is a French word that means 'to take'.

Dante (Italian origin) is the Latin diminutive of Durant and means 'enduring'. It would be a remarkable baby name for your son.

David (Biblical Hebrew origin) means 'beloved', which is conventional and contemporary. A great name for a son who is a gift of god.

Dax (French origin) is a French place name meaning 'that pops up now and then' in the United States. A name that enjoys great popularity as it is easy to spell.

Devin (Irish origin) means 'poet'. It is a terrifically gorgeous variant of Devin. A name that is easy to spell.

Dominic (Latin origin) signifies 'of the master' or 'belonging to god'. It has several cool and cute variation options for last names.

Donny (English origin) means 'brown-haired chieftain'. It may be a gorgeous masculine name with a shot version as Don. It can be regarded as one of the most handsome last names.

Drake (Old English origin) implies 'dragon', and in this 'Game of Thrones' age, nothing is more attractive than names derived from dragons.

Ellis (Welsh origin) means 'benevolent', which is both moral and powerful. One of the handsome men names that parents like.

Evan (Hebrew origin) means 'the lord is generous'. It is a sturdy and attractive male name for a son who is a gift of god for parents.

Fabian (Italian origin) signifies 'bean farmer' is a soul Latin society name which shows that god is gracious.

Felipe (Spanish origin), which means 'horse lover', is an ideal name meaning for parents who are animal enthusiasts.

Fidel (Latin origin) means 'faithful'. There's nothing better than being loyal. A great name for a son who is a gift of god for parents

Foster (Old English origin) means 'forester', which seems intriguing and appealing due to its rarity.

Justin (Latin origin) means 'just' and is an old-fashioned name with many appeals.

Keith (Scottish origin) means 'wood or woodland', which is a simple name to pronounce.

Laszlo (Hungarian origin) means 'glorious ruler', has a stylish 'o' finishing and a salacious 'z' in the middle.

Linus (Greek origin) means 'flax', which is the ideal mix of handsomeness and old-world charm.

Luke (Greek origin) means 'bright one'. It is a strong character who appeared in 'Star Wars' films and 'New Testament'. A name variation that could be considered cute by parents.

Otis (German origin) indicates 'rich', and is a fascinating and unique name.

Reed (Old English origin) means 'red-haired,' is a gorgeous and unique name.

Reuben (Hebrew origin) means 'behold, a son', and is an underappreciated and elegant name.

Rhett (English origin), which means 'counsel', has soared to the top of this list. It's sassy, passionate, and oh-so-hot.

Rowan (Irish origin) means 'little red one,' which exudes strength and confidence.

Names Meaning Handsome

If you're expecting a boy, you might want to consider names with powerful and sturdy meanings. And, since your kid will grow up to be the world's most attractive boy, why not give him a name that simply means handsome?

Here's our recommendation for 'handsome' names.

Adonis (Phoenician origin) means ‘lord'. It is a wide moniker associated with male attractiveness.

Beal (Old French origin) means 'fair' and 'handsome'. It is pronounced as beel.

Beau (French origin) means ‘handsome'. Beau comes to mind as someone devilishly attractive with a lot of southern charm, which is a fantastic picture to give your son.

Bello (Italian origin) means ‘handsome, beautiful'. Bello is extremely attractive as Bella, although he is seldom known outside the Italian community. It might be ripe for export with its dynamic 'o' ending.

Calixto (Greek origin) means 'beautiful'. Calixto is the name of three popes in Spain, one of which was the victim Callixtus I, who was venerated as a saint.

Hassan (Arabic origin) means 'handsome'. Hassan is one of the most well-known Arabic names, and it also has a nice connotation.

Iorwerth (Welsh origin) means 'beautiful lord', which is a cool boy's name.

Jamil (Arabic origin) means ‘beautiful or handsome', which is an Arabic boy’s name.

Kazumi (Japanese origin) means 'beautiful piece'. It is a Japanese word. This name can be used for both men and women.

Keefe (Irish origin) means 'attractive' and 'heroic'. It's a lively Irish surname that's occasionally used as a first name.

Kennethh (Gaelic origin) means 'fire-born, handsome'. It has lost a lot of its glitter in recent years, but he has had his moments of brilliance.

Macmillan (Scottish origin) means 'son of a lovely man', is also a common Jewish name.

Paris (French origin) means 'handsome prince of Troy'.

Rupin (Indian origin) is a Sanskrit name for boys meaning 'handsome'. Rupin is one of those names that is almost unheard of in Western culture.

Rupjit (Bengali origin) means ' handsome' and 'beautiful person'.

Saumya (Indian origin) means 'handsome'.

Shaquille (Arabic origin) means 'well-developed', and 'handsome', and is an Arabic boy's name.

Suvesh (Indian origin) means 'exceedingly attractive and handsome man'.

Thanush (Indian origin), which means 'excellent, handsome', and is a beautiful and powerful Indian name with a deep significance.

Usain (Arabic origin) means 'beautiful', which is a primarily Arabic masculine name.

Vadim (Russian origin) means 'beautiful'.

names that are famous than other common names

Strong Handsome Baby Boy's Names

The very first thing that parents select for a baby boy is name. It might represent family history, preferences, or even the traits they want their kids to have.

Some individuals pick a meaning and then search for a name that fits that description. We've collected a list of powerful baby boy names for you if you want your child's name to symbolize or communicate strength.

Here is a list of strong, appealing baby boy names for you to consider.

Abiri (Hebrew origin) means 'my hero, my strength'. Abiri is a rare name in the United States, so if you pick it for your child, he or she will be unlikely to meet another Abiri on American soil. It's a name that both genders may use.

Ajax (Greek origin) means ‘earth or land'. It is a powerful Greek mythology name.

Alaric (Old German origin) means 'all-powerful leader'. The ancient regal name has an appealing ring that makes it worthy of consideration.

Alexander (Greek origin) means 'defender of men', and is a good name for powerful boys.

Anders (Scandinavian origin) means 'strong' and 'manly', and is a smooth-sounding name

Arne (Dutch origin) means 'eagle might'. It is a diminutive of the name Arnold.

Ayele (African origin) means 'powerful'. It is an Ethiopian Amharic name.

Bernard (Old German origin) translates to 'hardy as a bear' or 'strong as a bear.' Bert, Bernie, and Barney are some of the smaller versions of Bernard.

Bidzil (Navajo origin) means 'strong man'. It is a Navajo name.

Chidike (African origin) translates to 'god is mighty'.

Conall (Scottish origin) means 'wolf-like strength'. It is an Irish term.

Deandre means 'many' and 'strong'. It is a name from the United States.

Decebal (Romanian origin) means 'strong' and 'powerful'. Decebal was Dacia's penultimate ruler, and a massive statue of his head may be found in Dubova, Romania.

Dexter (Latin origin) means 'dyer, right-handed'. Dexter is a jazzy, ultra-cool name with much energy and vitality, like most names with an 'x'.

Enzi (Swahili origin)means 'strong', is a Swahili name.

Evander (Gaelic origin) denotes 'human goodness' and 'a powerful bow warrior'. It's one of the few names that with two origins.

Haile (English origin)is an Amharic name that means 'strength, might' and is most widely used in Ethiopia.

Honovi (Hopi origin) is a Hopi name that means 'strong' or 'strong deer'.

Mandla (African origin) is a Xhosa name that means 'strong'. It is frequently misidentified as the Zulu name.

Rowan (Irish and English origin) means 'little red one', which exudes strength and confidence.

Waldo (English origin) means 'powerful ruler'. Waldo is a name that derives from the existentialist writer of the same name.

Xander (Greek origin) signifies 'defending humanity'. It is a diminutive of Alexander.

Zac (Hebrew origin) means 'god remembers'. It is a short version of Zachariah, and it is icy, zesty, and fresh.

Rare Handsome Boys Names

The elegance of a name is how it serves as our permanent identity. Every parent wants a distinctive and rare name for their child. Finding such a name is not simple, but we can assist you in finding uncommon boy names for your young prince so that he stands out.

Your son is god's most beautiful creation, he is your a little angel. This tiny angel deserves a unique name, and we'll assist you in finding it for him. You may pick the most appropriate name for him from these uncommon boy names and give him a nice name for the rest of his life.

Here is a list of uncommon and handsome baby boy names to consider.

Abhiroop (Indian origin) means 'handsome' and 'appealing'. It is a Hindu boy's name for your handsome baby boy.

Absko (African origin) is a name that signifies 'power' or 'strong'. If you want to name your boy after someone of Kenyan origin, this is a fantastic option.

Ace (Latin origin) means 'one' or 'unity'. It is a cool kid name with a vintage yet modern vibe.

Aladendhi (Indian origin) means 'very beautiful man'.

Amare (French origin) is a French word that means 'beautiful'. It is also a popular beach hotel in Ibiza, Spain. Surely, one of the baby names that also means 'lovely'.

Amos (Hebrew origin) means 'borne by god'. It is a Jewish boy's name.

Ansel (English origin) means 'blessed'. It is a unique baby name.

Ayele (Ethiopian origin) means 'powerful'. It is an Ethiopian Amharic name.

Baqil (Arabic origin) means 'a bright and handsome young man'.

Beale (old French origin) is derived from the word Beale, which means 'beautiful guy'. This is one of the top favorite baby names.

Belvedere (Italian origin) is a term that means 'lovely view'.

Cadhla (Irish origin) means 'a man who is attractive and well-dressed'.

Cavin (Irish origin) signifies 'an extremely handsome boy'.

Collan (Gaelic origin) means 'a young boy who's charming, beautiful, and handsome'.

Dihishwar (Indian origin) means 'a boy with a pleasant and handsome persona'.

Eder (Hebrew origin) is a baby name that means 'lovely' and was given to the Portuguese player Eder Macedo.

Ghulam (Arabic origin) is an Arabic term that translates to 'young and attractive servant in heaven'.

Hasani (Arabic origin) means 'handsome' and 'amazing individual'. It is a Christian boy's name.

Hassan (Arabic origin) is a middle name, meaning 'handsome', and was adopted by Saadat Hassan/Hasan Manto, a notable Pakistani writer.

Irvin (Scottish origin) is a wonderful name that means 'fair and gorgeous'.

Jaheer (Arabic origin) means 'a tall, handsome man with a raspy voice'.

Kanu (Indian origin) means 'handsome', and is a Hindi moniker.

Other Names For Handsome

Here are some other attractive boy names that you will find interesting: -

Aayoush (Indian origin) means 'handsome' and 'good-looking'. You may pick this name for your gorgeous little prince.

Abhirath (Sanskrit origin) means 'great charioteer'. It is primarily a Hindu baby boy name with India as its primary origin.

Adam (Hebrew origin) means 'son of the red soil'. It is a classic attractive boy name.

Andrew (Greek origin) means 'manly and strong'. One of the disciples, who would eventually be called Saint Andrew, bears this name.

Anurup (Hindi origin) means 'handsome'. It is a famous Hindi name.

Brodie (Scottish origin) means 'small ridge'. We're completely smitten with this name.

Bruno (Old German origin) means 'brown'. This name was popularised by German scholar Bruno Bauer and Brazilian actor Bruno Campos.

Carlisle (Scottish origin) means 'from the fortified tower', with an elegant ring.

Cavanaugh (Irish origin), which means 'born handsome', is a nice Irish name that may be a more manly alternative to Cassidy, which is overdone.

Charlie (Old English origin) means ' handsome' and 'manly'. It is a sweet name for your little handsome baby boy.

Chaz (Old English origin) means 'manly'. It is a charming and easygoing name.

Cole (English origin) is a smokin' attractive boy name for your son with meaning 'black as charcoal'.

Damon (Greek origin) implies 'tame' or 'gentle.' It's a name from Greece.

Dana (English), which means 'from Denmark', has a certain edge.

Darius (Persian origin) means 'beautiful and uncomplicated'.

Ezra (Hebrew origin) means  'help'. This lovely Biblical name has an unexpectedly contemporary tone.

Ferris (Irish origin) means 'rock' and is said to be derived from Fergus.

Fletcher (English origin) means 'arrow maker' in Middle English and is one of the most handsome boy names.

Hannibal (Hebrew origin), which means 'mercy of Baal', is an excellent name.

Harry (German origin) means 'army ruler'. It is a sexy and beautiful name.

Hawk (Old English origin) is a word that signifies 'white falcon'. This name is as beautiful as the bird from which it is derived.

Hector (English origin) means 'to check'. It seems like a rugged guy's name.

Hugo (Germanic origin), which means 'intelligence', is one of the handsome baby boy names meaning handsome.

Jack (Old English origin) means 'god is gracious'. It's a name passed down through generations as a man's name. Both Jack and Jac are considered gender-neutral.

Nilan (Tamil origin) is a name for someone who is as intellectual and attractive as the moon.

Petros (Greek origin) means 'stone'.

Ryan (Irish origin) was derived from the Irish surname O Riain and means 'small king', according to the name. One of the common handsome baby names.

Sam (Hebrew origin) implies 'god has heard'.

Sanu (Sanskrit origin) means 'mountain top' or 'mountain surface'.

Shoban (Hindi origin) means 'handsome'. It is a Hindu boy's name.

Sven (Norse origin), which means 'youth', exudes a combination of arrogance and power.

Theo (Greek), which means 'divine gift,' is a great blend of sophistication and sexiness.

Theodore  (Greek origin) means 'god's gift'. Greek saints and, more subsequently, popular figures were known by the name Theodore.

Vincent (Latin origin) signifies 'conquering' or 'victorious'. This name, which dates back to the Middle Ages, is appropriate for boys who are intelligent, polite, and sociable in character.

Wasim (Arabic origin) means 'honest' and 'attractive'. It is a Muslim masculine name.

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