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Top 70 Babylonian Names for Your Baby

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Babylon, the ex-capital of Babylonia, is an ancient jewel from the Mesopotamian era with a rich history, making it among the most famous to date.

Today, its ruins are found in Iraq, south of Baghdad. Not only was Babylon a hub for learning, culture, and beautiful constructions, but it was also prominently referenced in biblical books.

This deep vein of history carries names along that incorporate antiquity, so if you're on the search for a distinctive baby name, look at our list of the top 70 Babylonian names for your baby.

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Names Of Famous Babylonian People Or Rulers

With Babylon's nearly two-thousand-year history, a long list of names left their marks in the city's story. Below, we've compiled the most recurring names of the famous people and rulers of Babylon who stood out for their impact; choose the one you click with for your little one!

1.Abil-Ili- Believed to be the son of God in Babylon.

2.Anammelech- Anu-malik when broken down (Anu meaning prince), Anammelech was an early chief of the old Babylonian holy trinity.

3.Ardorach- Ardorach was the seventh Babylonian king in the old time before the biblical flood.

4.Ardusin- The name of an early Babylonian king.

5.Bel- Bel is a title meaning "lord" and was used in names of gods in Babylonia, such as the Babylonian god Marduk.

6.Bellabarisruk- Originally a chief of the Magi, Bellabarisruk is a king known for expropriating the Babylonian throne.

7.Berosus- A Babylonian writer and Chaldean priest.

8.Daon- The name of the sixth king of Babylonia in the time before the biblical flood.

9.Dungi- An early king of Babylonia known for his dedication and care.

10.Gadatas- A man of Babylon known for his noble qualities despite suffering injustice from Belshazzar, son of the last Neo-Babylonian empire's king.

11.Illinois- Son of the famous greek Kissare and Assoros of Babylonian mythology.

12.Kara-Indash- A king of both Babylonia and the Kassi tribe. He was one of the influential and remarkable kings.

13.Kurigalzu- The name assigned to the dynasty of early kings of Babylonia.

14.Lakhmu- Believed to be among the first two gods to be created, Lakhmu is the Babylonian god of protection.

15.Merodach-Baladan- A king of Babylonia who was also the son of Baladan and was an early ruler of Chaldea.

16.Nabu-Nazir- One of the preferred Babylonian names. Nabu-Nazir was a king who restored native rule to Babylon after years of Chaldean rule.

17.Nebuchadnezzar- One of the most famous Babylonian names, after the old long-ruling, powerful king of Babylon.

18.Ubartutu- The last king and lord of Shuruppak before the flood swept over the land. He reigned for around 18,600 years.

19.Zaidu- A brave hunter with no intimate or emotional ties with others.

20.Zamama- A Babylonian war and sun god simultaneously.

Names After Places In Babylon

Babylon was once an exceptionally lavishing city with glorious and impressive structures. As such, names after placed in Babylon are not uncommon; if you're looking for baby names inspired by the striking beauty of Babylon, check these names out!

21.Akkad- Akkad can be considered ancient Babylon. It was the northwestern division before the collapse.

22.Anah- Located on the Euphrates river, Anah is a Babylonian city known for agriculture and trading activities.

23.Ashur- Previously the capital of Assyria, and is currently a world heritage site.

24.Jarmo- Located on the foothills of the Zagros mountains, Jarmo is now an archeological city and was once an agricultural one.

25.Larsa- Located southeast of Uruk, Larsa was a unique city during the early Babylonian times.

26.Mari- With a Syrian origin, Mari is now a trading hub near the northern border of Babylonia.

27.Nuzi- Earlier being the habitat of Assyrians and Hurrians, Nuzi is found southwest of Arrapha.

28.Opis- As per Greek texts, Opis, Babylonia's ex-capital, used to exist on the east side of the Tigris, near modern Baghdad.

29.Tayma- While it's located in Saudi Arabia, Tayma was conquered and witnessed the retirement of the last king of Babylon.

30.Uqair- Linked to the city of Gerrha found in Greek sources, Uqair is a fort with ancient Islamic origin and the primary seaport in the Persian Gulf.

Babylonian Girl Names

Give your baby a Babylonian name so that theycan carry the grandeur and culture with them in their lives.

Goddesses, queens, prophetesses, and ladies with alluring qualities all played essential roles in the history of Babylon. If you're expecting a little girl, look no further than our inclusive list of Babylonian girl names you'll fall in love with.

31.Anatu- A variant of "Anat", Anatu means "a woman who pays attention to her physical appearance and lacks imperfections."

32.Beltis- Derived from the Akkadian names Beltu/Beltum, Beltis means "lady" and is commonly used in goddess titles.

33.Davcina- Davcina is one of the most common Mesopotamian names; worshipped as the goddess of earth for her ability to control destiny.

34.Gula- Spreading out of love for the Babylonian goddess of healing, the name Gula means "a great healer" and is also referred to as "the lady of health".

35.Ishtar- One of the Mesopotamia names, a woman named Ishtar is associated with power and strength yet passion and love.

36.Kalumtum- This is one of the sweetest Babylon names and is another word for "a young sheep, reflecting innocence and cuteness."

37.Lilith- With an origin of ancient Babylonia, Lilith was considered an ancient demon for her darkness and uncontrollable personality.

38.Mylitta- Inspired by the Babylonian goddess of fertility, Mylitta is a meaningful name meaning "mother of the child."

39.Omarosa- While the name can carry different meanings in different countries, Omarosa means "the sea" in Babylonian.

40.Shala- Shala was an ancient goddess of Babylon and girls carrying the name are known for their compassion.

41.Sybella- One of the whimsical Babylonian names, Sybella means "a prophetess from the gods."

Babylonian Boy Names

There's no better inspiration for baby boy names than from the fascinating characters and leaders of the Babylon community. Think of what you'd want your little guy to be like, and you'll certainly find someone just like who you have in mind on our list of Babylonian boy names.

42.Abu-Waqar- A man of prestige and high status.

43.Adapa- Son of Ea, Adapa is known for his wisdom and rejection of the immortality gift by the gods.

44.Akki- A Babylonian man who is known for his irrigation capabilities: drawing tremendous amounts of water.

45.Alam: A word meaning "shadow" or "trace."

46.Atrahasis- Believed to be sent by the gods to end the human world, Atrahasis is associated with fine and virtuous men.

47.Belteshazzar- Daniel's Babylonian name. Daniel is the biblical prophet most known for his visions from God and the ability to interpret dreams.

48.Duzi- Commonly known as "the son of the earth life."

49.Ea- Lord of the underwater, especially the sea, with his own house of water.

50.Gaga- Among the names of the messengers of gods.

51.Gal- Referring to "the great and mighty."

52.Gibil- Among the names of the widely popular fire gods.

53.Igigi- The group of young, strong gods in Mesopotamian mythology characterized by their rebellious nature.

54.Muranu- The name of a little lion, Muranu, with lions generally representing kings and leadership in Babylon.

55.Nabu- Known as the literacy and wisdom god, Nabu also means "a prophet" in the Akkadian language.

56.Ninib- Babylonian god of war equipped with sufficient equipment to navigate the world.

57.Nuska- Known as a god of fire and light, Nuska is a heavenly and terrestrial fire symbol.

58.Ramman- Derived from Hebrew names, Ramman literally means "thunder" and is referred to as the god of storm.

59.Sar- Among the names used to refer to "a lord" or "king."

60.Sardanaplus- Known as the "heart protector," Sardanaplus refers to "a powerful yet extremely just man."

61.Shadrach- One of three Hebrew men thrown into a furnace by the Babylonian king yet was saved by god.

62.Shemesh- The sun god of Babylon, known for justice and compassion.

63.Shukura- A man known to provide comfort to those around him.

64.Sige- Among the Babylonian names that mean "heaven."

65.Sumai- Inspired by an early astronomer with a Chaldean origin, Sumai is a name indicating "a love for natural science."

66.Tammuz- Ancient god Tammuz was best known for inducing vegetation, especially in Springtime.

67.Urhammu- Meaning "the rays of light coming from the sun," Urhammu is a "life-enabler."

68.Urhamsi- Named after a Babylonian boatman, Urhamsi is among the perfect names for "a skilled water-lover."

69.Utultar- Among the names of hope, Utultar refers to "the spark of light coming from heaven."

70.Zu- Depicted as a huge bird with capabilities including breathing fire and water.

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