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Top 125 Best Beautiful Water Names

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Water is one of the elements of nature.

It’s a powerful life element that has the ability to nourish as well as destroy. The strength of water makes it the perfect inspiration for naming your baby.

While water has always been considered a more peaceful life-giving element, there’s no doubt that it exercises a great deal of control over our lives. Water is universally important to all of us, and giving your newborn names of water is a great way to ensure they have a rich, meaningful name that they can carry their whole life.

Check out our list of water names to find something that’ll be perfect for your baby. Whether you’re looking for baby girl, boy, or gender neutral names, our list won’t disappoint you. If you want more inspiration, take a look at these elemental names or these names that mean lightning, storm and air.

Water Names For Boys

(Water names are a beautiful choice.

Looking for baby names that refer to water for your little boy? Here’s a good list to choose from.

   1. Aalto (Finnish origin), this name means ‘wave.’

  2. Aenon (Biblical origin), meaning ‘water spring.’

   3. Bach (German origin), this name means ‘one who dwells near a brook.’

   4. Birney (English origin), this English name means ‘island with a brook.’

  5. Bradford (English origin), this English name means ‘a wide river that has shallow water.’

   6. Brodny (Slavic origin), meaning ‘someone who lives near a stream.’  

   7. Cain (English origin), this name means ‘clear water.’

   8. Caindale (English origin), this name refers to someone from the clear water valley.

   9. Coburn (Welsh origin), if you’re looking for names meaning river, this one means ‘stony river.’

  10. Como (Italian origin), this soothing name means ‘lake.’  

   11. Conway  (Welsh origin), meaning ‘holy water.’

   12. Destan (French origin), meaning ‘beside the still waters.’

  13. Deveraux (French origin), meaning ‘riverbank.’

  14. Dylan (Welsh origin), the name of a God of the sea, meaning ‘son of the sea.’

  15. Eaton (English origin), meaning ‘riverside.’

  16. Holmes (English origin), meaning ‘islet in the river/near the mainland.’

   17. Iluka (Aboriginal Australian origin), meaning ‘by the sea.’

   18. Irving (Scottish origin), this name means ‘friend of the sea.’

  19. Kano (African origin), meaning ‘God of the water.’

  20. Lir (Irish origin), this name refers to ‘the God of the sea.’

  21. Loch (Gaelic origin), meaning ‘lake,’ representative of a body of water.  

   22. Maxwell (Scottish origin), meaning ‘a great stream.’

   23. Morrissey (Irish origin), this name means ‘the choice of the sea.’

   24. Moses (Biblical origin), meaning ‘one who was delivered from the water.’  

  25. Murphy (Gaelic origin), this name is the English version of Murchadh which means ‘sea warrior.’

  26. Neptune (Roman origin), this is the God of freshwater in Roman mythology.  

   27. Orwell (English origin), meaning ‘river branch.’

   28. Pegasus (Greek origin), this name means ‘from the water spring.’  

   29. Rio (Spanish, Portuguese origin), this name means ‘river’.  

   30. Struan (Scottish origin), meaning ‘stream.’  

   31. Wade (English origin), this English name means ‘at the river crossing.’

   32. Wolcott (English origin), this English name refers to a cottage near a stream.

   33. Wyre (Welsh origin), meaning ‘a winding river.’

   34. Zale (Greek origin), this name is popular among baby names and means ‘the strength of the sea.’

Water Names For Girls

Want meaningful yet powerful oceanic names for your baby girl? Look no further than this comprehensive list.  

   35. Adair (Scottish origin), this is among the popular water names that mean ‘a river close to oaks.’  

   36. Amaya (Basque origin), this name means ‘night rain.’

   37. Anahita (Persian origin), meaning ‘Goddess of water or river.’

   38. Ara (Arabic origin), this name means ‘to bring rain.’

   39. Baia (Portuguese origin), meaning ‘bay', it is a cute beachy name for your daughter.

   40. Beck (English origin), this English name refers to ‘someone living next to a small stream.’

   41. Beryl (Greek origin), a Greek name that carries the meaning ‘sea-green jewel.’

   42. Cari (Welsh origin), this is among the popular water names meaning ‘someone who flows like water.’  

  43. Cascade (English origin), meaning ‘waterfall.’

   44. Chantara (Thai origin), this name means ‘moon water.’

   45. Cherith (Hebrew origin), this name means ‘winter stream.’

   46. Coraline (English origin), meaning ‘from the sea coral.’

   47. Cordelia (Latin origin), meaning ‘daughter of the sea.’

   48. Ginevra (Italian origin), among the popular ocean names meaning ‘white wave.’  

   49. Jennifer (Cornish origin), meaning ‘white wave.’

  50. Kendall (English origin), meaning ‘valley of the River Kent.’

  51. Lana (Hawaiian origin), meaning ‘to stay floating on calm waters.’  

   52. Lynn (Irish origin), this name means ‘lake,’ a body of water.  

  53. Marcelline (French origin), this name means ‘the sea defender.’

   54. Maree (Latin origin), this is a good ocean name meaning ‘tides of the ocean.’  

  55. Maris (Latin origin), meaning ‘from the sea.’

  56. Maristela (Latin origin), meaning ‘start of the sea.’

   57. Muriel (Celtic origin), this name means ‘of the bright sea.’

   58. Nahla (Arabic origin), this name means ‘drink of water.’

   59. Narelle (Australian and Aboriginal origin), this name means ‘little river.’  

   60. Nerida (Greek origin), this name refers to a ‘sea nymph.’

   61. Rialta (Italian origin), meaning ‘deep brook.’

  62. Rosemary (Greek origin), this name means ‘dew of the sea.’

  63. Sabrina (Celtic origin), this is the Latin name for the Severn River.

  64. Sedan (From Inuit mythology), this is the name of the Goddess of the sea and marine creatures.

  65. Shannon (Irish origin), meaning ‘old wise river.’

   66. Tahoe (Native American origin), meaning ‘edge of the lake.’

   67. Talia (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘heaven’s dew.’

  68. Tallulah (Native American and Irish origin), meaning ‘leaping water.’  

   69. Ula (Celtic, Hawaiian, Scandinavian origin) meaning ‘gem of the sea.’

  70. Yareli (Native American origin), this water-based name means ‘water lady.’

  71. Zarya (Slavic origin), in Slavic myth, this is the name of the Water Priestess who also serves as the Warrior Protector.  

Gender Neutral Water Names

Don’t want to know your baby’s gender before they are born? Here are some gender neutral baby names all about water.

  72. Agam (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘lake.’

   73. Aukai (Hawaiian origin), this name refers to a sea explorer.

  74. Dwyn (Welsh origin), this name means ‘wave.’

   75. Eyre (English and Norse origin), meaning ‘a gravel riverbank.’

   76. Firth (Scottish origin), this name means ‘arm of the sea.’

   77. Fjord (Norwegian origin), this gender neutral name means ‘passage in the sea.’

   78. Gali (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘my wave.’

  79. Garam (Korean origin), this name means ‘river.’

  80. Hurley (Irish origin), this name means ‘sea tide.’

   81. Indra (Sanskrit origin), this is among the popular water names meaning ‘possessing raindrops.’ Indra also represents the God of rain and the sky in Hinduism.

  82. Kai (Hawaiian origin), meaning sea.  

   83. Kallan (Scandinavian origin), meaning ‘stream’ or ‘river.’

  84. Laguna (Italian origin), meaning ‘lake or pond.’

  85. Locklyn (Scottish origin), this name means ‘lake land.’

   86. Ondine (Latin origin), meaning ‘little wave.’  

   87. Rain (English origin), could signal rain literally or refer to blessings in abundance.  

   88. Remington (English origin), meaning ‘a place on a riverbank.’

Names Meaning Water, Sea Or Ocean

(Why not give your baby a name meaning water?

Looking for something more specific? Why not choose from among this list of names that mean water, ocean names or a name that means sea? Take your pick from our options listed below.

   89. Adrian (Latin origin) (M), meaning ‘water’ or ‘sea.’

  90. Aqua (Latin origin) (F), meaning ‘water.’ The word also represents a blue-green color.

  91. Bahari (Swahili origin) (M/F), this name means ‘ocean.’

   92. Bardo (German, Tibetan, or Aboriginal origin) (M), meaning ‘water.’

   93. Brooklyn (English origin) (M), this is one among the names that mean ‘water.’

   94. Calder (English origin) (M), meaning ‘rocky water.’  

   95. Darya (Iranian origin) (F), this name means ‘sea’.  

  96. Deniz (Turkish origin) (M/F), meaning ‘sea.’  

   97. Doris (Greek origin) (F), this name means ‘gift of the ocean.’

   98. Dover (Welsh origin) (M), meaning ‘clear water.’

   99. Hali (Greek origin) (F), this Greek name is the word for ‘sea.’

   100. Kaimana (Hawaiian origin) (M), meaning ‘power of the ocean.’

  101. Kairi (Japanese origin) (M/F), meaning ‘sea.’

   102. Kiyo (Japanese origin) (F), this name means ‘water.’

   103. Llyr (Welsh origin) (M), this name means ‘sea.’

  104. Marilla (Latin origin) (F), meaning ‘shining sea.’

  105. Maya (Hebrew origin) (F), meaning ‘water.’

   106. Mayim (Hebrew origin) (F), meaning ‘water.’

   107. Mira (Sanskrit origin) (F), meaning ‘ocean’ or ‘sea.’

  108. Moana (Polynesian and Maori origin) (F), meaning ‘sea.’

   109. Nen (Egyptian origin) (M), meaning ‘ancient water.’  

  110. Nereo (Greek, Italian origin) (M), this name means ‘water.’

  111. Oceania (Latin origin) (F), this is a good ocean name meaning ‘from the ocean.’  

   112. Pelagic (Greek origin) (M), meaning ‘ocean.’

   113. Shui (Chinese origin) (M/F), meaning ‘water.’

   114. Talise (Native American origin) (F), meaning ‘lovely water.’

   115. Thalassa (Greek origin) (F), representing the clear water of the sea.  

   116. Trent (Latin origin) (M), this name carries the meaning of ‘gushing water.’

   117. Yang (Chinese origin) (M), meaning ‘ocean.’

Beachy Names For Your Baby

Considering some water names that have a beachier feel to them? Take your pick from among this list of beachy baby names.

   118. Bada (Korean origin) (F), this water-inspired name means ‘beach’ or ‘sea.’

   119. Cove (English origin) (M/F), this beachy name means ‘a tiny bay or coastal inlet.’

  120. Gal (Hebrew origin) (F), meaning ‘wave.’

   121. Glan (Welsh origin) (M/F), this name means ‘from the shore.’

  122. Hama (Japanese origin) (F), this name means ‘seashore or beach.’

   123. Havilah (Biblical origin) (F), this name refers to a ‘stretch of sand.’

   124. Niley (Aboriginal origin) (F), meaning ‘shell.’  

   125. Tarni (Australian origin) (F), this name means ‘surf or wave.’

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for water names then why not take a look at these ocean names for girls, or for something different take a look at these mermaid names.

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