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It is important to choose a name that reflects your brand perfectly so that the mention of that name evokes emotion in your customers.

Diners are a special part of American culture that have spread throughout the world. They usually serve fried or grilled food. Choosing the perfect diner name, just as with cafe names, restaurant names, or other sectors of the hospitality industry, helps you create a family of customers.

Whether it’s a quirky name or a cool laid back one or one that inspires nostalgia of days past, it is important to choose one that carefully and strongly conveys your brand.

We hope this list helps you to find the perfect name but if you want more food based inspiration why not look at food names for dogs or food names for cats.

Clever Diner Names

Penne pasta in tomato sauce with chicken, tomatoes decorated with parsley on a wooden table.

Having a diner name that signals creativity is a sure way to build up your diner's brand early on. You could go for good funny restaurant names too. If fact, some names of restaurants and diners in the 1950s are perfect for a business today.

1. 3 Squares Diner: a not so subtle play on “three square meals”.

2. A Taste of Heaven Diner: this name brings to mind really delicious food.

3. Big Bad Breakfast: a play on the Big Bad wolf folklore.

4. Calendar Girls Diner: brings to mind a playful atmosphere for dining.

5. City Diner: simple but very clever. A popular name for 50's diners.

6. Countryside Diner: brings to mind it's serene Tennessee surrounding.

7. Cozy Corner: evokes a personal warm space for dining, among the popular names of diners.

8. Diner the Great: a play on a suffix commonly used for medieval kings.

9. Galaxy Diner: a theme based name, giving the diner an extraterrestrial feel.

10. Good Stuff Diner: where you get the good stuff.

11. Moonstruck Diner: a play on the word “Starstruck”.

12. Munch Box: a witty wordplay on “Lunch box” and “Munch”

13. One Man Band Diner: a quirky little diner that's perfect for dining alone.

14. Over Easy Diner: A pun on 'eggs over easy', getting eggs right is crucial for a dinner.

15. The Crispy Biscuit: perfect for a breakfast Diner, among the simple but urban restaurant names.

16. The Hobbit: a name inspired by the popular mythical character.

17. The Joy Bus Diner: a nonprofit that casters to homebound cancer patients, to bring joy.

18. The Rusty Spoon: an Orlando diner that serves made from scratch features.

19. The Strand: a cozy breakfast diner in Minnesota.

20. West Egg Cafe: a combination of its Westside, Atlanta location with its delicious egg feature.

21. Arctic Circle Restaurant: inspired by a 50's diner.

22. Bourbon Street: a clever urban name for bakeries and cafes. Just the place to dine right.

Cute Diner Names

Here are some cute diner names to help get you creative as you decide what to name your brand new diner.

23. Geronimo: taken from the Apache folk hero.

24. Golden Touch Diner: a play on the mythical Midas touch that turns things gold.

25. Grandma’s House: this name evokes feelings of a home-made meal.

26. Ground Control: a vegan diner that serves freshly made vegan dishes.

27. Happy Clap: a name chosen for its happy go lucky feel.

28. Morning Coffee Diner: a name that hints at the diner’s 24 hour breakfast feel.

29. The Diner Train: a chic diner hosted on a repurposed train.

30. Tick Tock Diner: a New York-based diner famed for its family-friendly atmosphere.

31. Wallflower Diner: a casual neighborhood eatery specializing in comfort food.

32. Big Pink: a uniquely large pink Miami Beach diner that serves comfort food.

Cool Diner Names

People in the younger demographic tend to want something out of the ordinary. Having a cool diner name is a sure way to set yourself apart, and build an enduring base of customers drawn in by your diner's brand power.

33. 40th Street Cafe: a spartan styled diner in Phoenix, Arizona.

34. Applejack Diner: Applejack is an old-styled diner in the middle of New York City.

35. Blue Hill: a cozy diner set in a townhouse that uses locally sourced ingredients.

36. Coral Bagels: this is a New York-style breakfast diner in Miami, Florida.

37. Harry Buffalo: named for Buffalo, the place, not the animal.

38. Lion’s Pride: a nice name with a play on the social groupings of Lions.

39. Little Goat Diner: a niche name for a niche diner.

40. Midnight Express Diner: a unique quirky name to contrast this breakfast eatery.

41. Nookies Edgewater: a family-owned local chain that serves breakfast food all day.

42. Petit Gourmet Diner: an eccentric name for an eccentric diner.

43. Stateside: a name that symbolizes its location in the city and the food culture there.

44. Sweet Tomatoes: this diner, like the name suggests, has a salad-based menu.

45. The Basement: a basement diner that serves lunch and dinner.

46. The French Laundry: a diner served out of a stone farmhouse.

47. The Great Breakfast Diner: this name is so simple and obvious that it demands attention.

48. The Silver Flare: a meat-based diner in Canada.

49. Tracks End: this name is used to confer rest and relaxation to prospective customers.

50. Tucson Black Bear Diner: a woodsy diner serving comfort food.

51. Two Men and a Griddle: a nice polemic name for a breakfast diner.

52. White Wolf Cafe: a quaint diner with a lot of paintings hanging around.

Funny Diner Names

Vegetarian pasta Fusilli with zucchini, mushrooms and capers in white bowl on wooden table.

A funny diner name signals the mood of the diner. It serves to provide a welcoming, funny vibe that makes customers comfortable and let their hair down.

53. B-Line Diner: a swanky diner that serves comfort food and desserts.

54. Cirque By Night: this diner incorporates circuses in their program.

55. Eggy’s Diner: this name is a play on the words “Egg” and “Edgy”.

56. Griddle 24: a 24 hour Chicago diner with really good pancakes.

57. Jackson Hole Diner: a diner that mostly serves breakfast and burgers.

58. Johnny Rockets: a splendid name for a splendid diner.

59. Monday Mist: a name that evokes a quiet serene morning.

60. Moonrise Cafe: this name is a play on “sunrise”.

61. Rover’s: known for its signature local and continental dishes. Also a famous restaurant in Lucknow, India.

62. Sideshow: family-owned diner based out of Oakland, California.

63. The Oceanaire: as the name suggests, this diner specializes in seafood.

64. Tijuana Flats: this diner chain serves Texan and Mexican food.

65. World of Beer: a tavern chain which unlike the name suggests, serves mouthwatering food. And beer.

Weird Diner Names

Maybe the impression you want to make is that of the eerie or the out of normal. That could definitely help your diner stand out. Here are some other weird diner names:

66. 11th Street Diner: a breakfast diner hosted in a railroad-style car.

67. Brickell Kitchen: an urban eatery serving breakfast and fresh juice.

68. Chef Petros: a standard diner operating out of the Chicago area.

69. Dixie Dharma: known for their “Vegan hotdog” special.

70. Greta’s 24/7 Dine In: as the name suggests, a 24/7 diner in Tel Aviv.

71. Kim’s Place: an eatery that specializes in seafood.

72. King Bao Mills: this is an Asian diner specializing in buns.

Catchy Diner Names

Catchy names can be attention-grabbing. Here are some catchy diner names to get you inspired:

73. 310 Lakeside: ase the name suggests, this diner overlooks a lake.

74. Bacon Bros. Diner: a southern themed restaurant hosted in a farmhouse.

75. Blue Line Lounge & Grill: a diner with a prominent 1950s train-car atmosphere.

76. Dimple’s Diner & Family Restaurant: a family diner specializing in breakfast food.

77. Golden Corral Buffet: a name that immediately grabs the attention.

78. Mustache Bill’s Diner: a catchy name for a retro diner.

79. Sunny Side Up Diner: a simple and yet attention-holding name.

80. The Daily Creative Food Co.: this Diner caters to creatives.  

81. Underground Public House: as the name suggests, the diner has an underground collegial vibe.

82. Wynwood Diner: a breakfast that serves breakfasts and cocktails.

Creative Diner Names

These names are very niche and inventive. They also incorporate the service they are offering in their brand name. Here are some creative name ideas for urban coffee places, street diners, and fine dine restaurants.

83. Barnyard Breakfast Diner: a breakfast diner serving cinnamon rolls and biscuits.

84. Bayliner Diner: a diner that operates out of food stations.

85. Capital America Diner: a play on “Captain America”

86. Dandelion Community Cafe: a diner named for its affinity for flowers.

87. DineRite Diner: a diner that serves middle eastern and Caribbean dishes.

88. Eleven City Diner: a very creative name for a Jewish diner.

89. Firebirds Wood Fired Grill: a rural style diner, a dine right place for grilled food lovers.

90. Fullerton Restaurant: a standard diner serving breakfast and burgers.

91. Golden House Restaurant: a diner place with heavy golf decor.

92. Grandma Susie’s Kitchen: a cookin' shack that serves a 24-hour menu.

93. Happy Hostess Diner: an urban diner named for its good customer service.

94. Little Anthony’s Diner: a retro-styled breakfast diner place.

95. Mrs. Potato Restaurant: this name was chosen to represent the diner's famed baked potatoes.

96. Outback Steakhouse: a popular diner in the US specializing in a meat-based menu.

97. Rascal Rally Diner: an edgy name for a niche diner.

98. Skyline Diner: a New York diner serving breakfast quesadilla, a place to dine right under the sky.

99. Smokey Bones: a cozy bar and grill styled diner.

100. Sunrise Diner: another diner incorporating the sunrise in its name.

101. The Blue Plate Diner: a mom-and-pop diner that specializes in comfort food.

102. The Vegan Hot Dog Cart: a good truck diner serving vegan hot dogs.

Kidadl has lots of name based articles to help in your search. If our suggestions for diner names inspired you, then why not check out food baby names or for something different, city names for boys.

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