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Top 100 Best Spanish Boy Names

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Finding the perfect Spanish baby boy names is an exciting task.

Spain has a rich cultural heritage and history and the Spanish language has acted as a root for many of the most popular names today. It is no wonder that many parents choose original Spanish baby names for boys for their child.

Spain has produced many great men, both in the past and in the present. The names of these personalities can turn out to be a great source of inspiration for your child. Or perhaps you would prefer a traditional or popular Spanish baby name?

Here is a list of popular Spanish names for boys that you might want to consider for your new baby.

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Spanish Boy Names Inspired By Famous Spanish Men

Your little baby boy can get inspired by the right Spanish name. This is a list of famous Spanish names that could be used as names for boys.

1.Amancio (Portuguese origin) meaning 'loving' from Amancio Ortega Gaona, a millionaire and popular founder of the clothing line Zara.

2.Antonio (American origin) meaning 'beyond praise' from Antonio Banderas, an award-winning actor, film producer and director.

3.Cristobal meaning 'Christ bearer' from Cristobal Balenciaga, a Spanish fashion designer and founder of the fashion house, Balenciaga.

4.David (Hebrew origin) meaning 'beloved'. David Silva is a professional Spanish footballer. This is a popular Spanish baby name.

5.Enrique meaning 'home ruler' from Enrique Iglesias, one of the most popular singers today.

6.Federico (Germanic origin) meaning 'peaceful ruler' from Federico Lorca, a well known poet and playwright from Spain.

7.Fernando meaning 'journey' from Fernando Torres, a world-renowned professional football player from Spain.

8.Ferran (Arabic origin) from Ferran Torres, a Spanish footballer.

9.Hernan meaning 'spiritual traveller' from Hernan Cortes, a Spanish conquistador who led expeditions.

10.Isac (Hebrew origin) meaning 'God will laugh' from Isac Andic, a millionaire and founder of the popular clothing brand Mango.

11.Javier meaning 'new house' from Javier Bardem, a famous Spanish actor. It is a renowned and common baby name for boys in Spain.

12.Jorge meaning 'farmer' from Jorge Dobon, a renowned entrepreneur and founder of successful startups. It is also related to the famous writer, Jorge Louis Borges.

13.Jose meaning 'God's grace' from Jose Maria Aznar, the former Spanish Prime Minister.

14.Juan meaning 'God's grace' from Juan Pablo Fusi, a Spanish historian specializing in contemporary history.

15.Manolo meaning 'God is with us'  from Manolo Balhnik, a fashion designer from Spain and founder of a world class high-end luxury brand.

16.Manuel (Hebrew origin) meaning 'God is with us' from Manual Pertegaz, a highly regarded fashion designer. It is another popular baby name.

17.Marc (Latin origin) meaning 'warrior' from Marc Gasol, a professional Spanish basketball player.

18.Miguel meaning 'the one like God' from Miguel Bose, a Spanish pop new wave musician and actor.

19.Oscar meaning 'spear of God' from Oscar Pierre, a well known young entrepreneur from Spain.

20.Pablo meaning 'little' from Pablo Picasso, one of the most recognized painters and sculptors from Spain.

21.Pedro meaning 'strong like a rock' from Pedro Sanchez, the current Spanish Prime Minister. This is a strong Spanish male name, both by its meaning and its namesake.

22.Rafael (Hebrew origin) meaning 'healer of God' from Rafael Nadal, one of the best tennis players of today. It is a well known baby name thanks to its famous namesake.

23.Salvador meaning 'savior' from Salvador Dali, a Spanish surrealist artist known for his technical skill and craftsmanship.

24.Xabi (English origin) meaning 'prophet of God' from Xabi Alonso, a footballer from Spain known for his soccer skills and good looks.

Popular Spanish Boys' Names

choose original Spanish names for boys

Here is a list of popular Spanish boy names that you can name your baby boy. These Spanish boy names can be commonly found around the world, but they all originate in Spain.

25.Adrian is a Biblical name after the Emperor Hadrian. Adrien Brody is the name of a famous actor, who also played a character in the TV series, 'Peaky Blinders'.

26.Alfredo meaning 'one with supernatural powers'.

27.Antonio meaning 'beyond praise'.

28.Carlos meaning a 'free man'.

29.Carmelo meaning 'vineyard of God'.

30.Diego meaning 'supplanter'.

31.Ernesto meaning 'earnest or sincere'.

32.Ezequiel this baby name means 'God'.

33.Felipe meaning 'friend of horses'.

34.Francisco meaning 'a free man'.

35.Gustavo meaning 'staff of the Gods'. Gustavo Fring is a character and an antagonist in the series, 'Breaking Bad'.

36.Hugo meaning 'intellect'. It is the name of a famous movie, 'Hugo', directed by Martin Scorsese.

37.Julio meaning 'youth'. The name of the famous Argentine author, Julio Cortázar.

38.Leonardo meaning 'strong as a lion'. This name is associated with the famous actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. This is another strong Male name from Spain.

39.Marcelo meaning 'war-like'.

40.Marcos meaning 'belonging to Mars'.

41.Mario meaning 'warring'. Mario is the popular character in the game, 'Super Mario Bros'.

42.Matias meaning 'gift of God'.

43.Raul meaning 'wolf counsel'. Raúl is the manager of the Spanish national football team.

44.Ricardo meaning 'a brave King'.

45.Santiago is the Spanish name for Saint James the Great, brother of John the Apostle. Santiago is also the protagonist of the novel by Hemingway, 'The Old Man And The Sea'.

46.Santos meaning 'holy'. Santos Escobar is a famous Mexican wrestler, making this a great Mexican boy name too!

47.Sergio comes from a King names Sergius.

48.Valentino meaning 'a ladies' man'.

Unisex Spanish Names

Some Spanish baby names  are gender-neutral. These make great baby names for baby boys or girls. Here is a list of some unisex baby names that you can consider using for your baby boy.

49.Alejo meaning 'defender or helper'.

50.Alex (Latin origin) meaning 'defender of mankind'.

51.Andre (French origin) meaning 'defender or helper'.

52.Angel (Greek origin) meaning 'messenger'.

53.Aurera (Latin origin) meaning 'gold'.

54.Brazil meaning 'beautiful young life'.

55.Colon (Greek origin) meaning 'dove'.

56.Dani (Hebrew origin) meaning 'donor'.

57.Dulce meaning 'sweet'.

58.Jamie (Hebrew origin) meaning 'one who supplants'.

59.Julian (Latin origin) meaning 'relating to Julius Caesar'.

60.Loan (German origin) meaning 'gift'.

61.Luca (Latin origin) meaning 'bright as a star'. Luca Changretta was a character played by Adrien Brody in the series, 'Peaky Blinders'.

62.Marlon (English origin) meaning 'dedicated to Mars'. This name is popular due to Marlon Brando, the famous actor who played the role of Vito Corleone in 'Godfather'.

63.Mica (Latin origin) meaning 'complete'.

64.Palmer (English origin) meaning 'Holy Land pilgrim'.

65.Paz meaning 'peace'.

66.Pepe (Hebrew origin) meaning 'accepting'.

67.Rene (French origin) meaning 'peace'. The name is associated with the veteran actor, Renée Zellweger.

68.Sol (Latin origin) meaning 'sun'.

Unique Spanish Boys' Names

Certain Spanish names are unique, perfect if you are looking for a less common boy name.

In this list you will come across some Spanish boy names that are less common than the more popular names above. common name with a Spanish version. Will you choose one of these baby names?

69.Aldo meaning 'the tall one'.

70.Alejandro is a version of Alexander which means 'mankind's defender'.

71.Arturo is the Spanish version of Arthur. This name means 'noble or courageous'.

72.Bernardo is the Spanish version of Bernard which means 'bold as a bear'.

73.Caleb meaning 'faithful'.

74.Caser derived from Caesar meaning 'creator'.

75.Gerardo is the Spanish version of Gerard which means 'courageous'.

76.Ivan meaning 'God'.

77.Lucas, derived from Luke which means 'bright like a star'.

78.Nicolas derived from Nicholas which means 'conqueror of people'. The name can be linked with actor, Nicolas Cage.

79.Octavio comes from the name Octavia which means 'eighth'.

80.Ramon, derived from Raymond which means 'extremely powerful'.

81.Ruben meaning 'son'. This is the perfect baby name for your little boy.

82.Sebastian meaning 'revered'.

83.Victor meaning 'conqueror'.

Boy Names Inspired By Spain

Some Spanish boy names, a lot of them are inspired by different places in Spain, specifically the nature in the country. Have a look at the ideas below for a baby name influenced by the wonderful country of Spain.

84.Aragon from Aragon, a landlocked region in northeastern Spain.

85.Arga from Arga, a river of Navarre in Spain.

86.Barbanza from Serra de Barbanza, a mountain range in northwest Spain.

87. Barca from Barcelona, a large Spanish city.

88.Blanca from Sierra Blanca, a neighborhood in Spain.

89.Burgos from Burgos, a Spanish city located in the autonomous community of Castile and Leon.

90.Cabriel from Cabriel, a tributary of Jucar river in Spain.

91.Jucar from Jucar, a river on the Iberian peninsula of Spain.

92.Leon from Leon, a province in Leon in Northwest Spain.

93.Malaga from Malaga, a well known beach town in Spain.

94.Mallorca from Palma de Mallorca, an island and popular Spanish tourist destination.

95.Nevada from Sierra Nevada, the mountain range which contains the highest point of continental Spain.

96.Oviedo from Oviedo, a small town in northwest Spain known for its old medieval vibe.

97.Rio from Rio Tinto, a river in southwest Spain.

98.Seville from Seville, a popular and colorful tourist destination in Spain.

99.Valence from Valencia, the port city in Spain.

100.Vigo from Vigo, a popular industrial city and municipality in a small province in northwest Spain

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