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Top 80 Brazilian Names For Your Baby

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Trawled the web for the perfect baby name and still haven’t met your match?

If you are looking for a way to add a touch of globetrotting flair to your babies name, perhaps in a nod to their heritage,  or just to embrace a unique name for your child, Brazilian baby names will do just that. The Latin American country is not only a beautiful place steeped with history and wildlife but home to some charming baby names.

Many children are given names from the countries Portuguese influence, and the same follows for naming conventions. This method provides babies four names: their given name - which is often two to include a saint’s name and/or a preposition (da, das, do, dos or de); the mother’s last name; followed by the father’s last name. There aren’t any legal restrictions on baby names within the country unless the name is deemed humiliating. Nowadays, baby names are not just influenced by Portugal, but Spain, Italy and Germany.

To give you an overview of some of the lovely names you can find from Brazil, we have rounded up 80 popular Brazilian names to pique your interest.

Beautiful landscape covered in fog

Popular Brazilian Girl Names

Take a look at these delightful  Brazilian names for girls, from Arlette to Pedrina, there’s something to suit all tastes here.

1) Alanza, (Old German origin) meaning “noble estate or ready for battle”, it’s the female form of Alonzo.

2) Abai, (Ethiopian origin) meaning “the mighty river”.

3) Ana, (Hebrew origin)  meaning “gracious”.

4) Arlette, (French origin) meaning “Lioness of God”. In France as well as a baby name, it is also the name of a top brand of sweet cinnamon biscuits.

5) Antônia,  (Roman origin) meaning “priceless”.

6) Aurea, (Latin origin) a top choice for baby girls in Brazil, meaning “golden” and also the mythical Roman goddess of dawn.

7) Augustinha, (Latin origin) meaning “increasing”.

8) Beatriz, (Spanish and Portuguese origin) meaning “one who brings joy”.

9) Bosalicia, (Mexican origin) meaning “a noble rose”.

10) Belmira, (Colombian origin) meaning “a beautiful voyage” and also the name of a town in Colombia.

11) Canciana, (Spanish origin) meaning “belonging to Italy”.

12) Constancta, ( Latin origin) meaning “truly steadfast and persistent”.

13) Daiane, (Portuguese origin)  this pretty name is the Portuguese version of the English name Diane.

14) Edite, (Portuguese origin) this name is the Portuguese version of girls name Edith and means "blessed".

15) Eloá, (Brazilian origin) means “goddess or sun warrior”.

16) Emanuelly, ( Hebrew origin) meaning “God is with us”.

17) Fernanda, (German origin) meaning “a brave journey” female version of Fernando, common in Spain and Portugal. The name originally stems from name Ferdinand, a top name in Germany.

18) Francisca, (Old French origin) This traditional name is readily found within Brazilian aristocracy and means "free one".

19) Joaninha, “Portuguese origin” name meaning “God is gracious”. This is a Brazilian variant of the name Joanna.

20) Juliana, (Latin origin) meaning “youthful”. This ranks within the most common female names found in Brazil.

21) Kiania, (Brazilian origin) meaning “a new dawn”.

22) Lecia,  (Latin origin) meaning “a very joyful person”.

23) Lygia, (Ancient Greek origin)  This name is the Brazilian Portuguese form of Ligeia and means “clear voice”.

24) Marcia, (Italian origin) meaning “someone who is dedicated entirely to Mars”.

25) Marelaine, (Brazilian origin) meaning “the kind one”.

26) Maria, (Hebrew origin) meaning “from the sea”. This name is by a long stretch the most common name for a girl in Brazil. it is influenced by Christianity, from Mother Mary of Jesus.

27) Mucamutara, (Egyptian origin). This name means “a girl born during the war” it is pronounced “Muh-kaem-mu-wu-arah”.

28) Pedrina, (Brazilian Portuguese origin) meaning “rock”.

29) Yara, (Brazilian origin) this lovely historic name is the name of a Brazilian goddess with fair skin and luscious flowing green hair.

30) Uiara, (Brazilian origin) meaning “the water lady”. This name is often regarded as a variant of Lara.

31) Valentina, (Latin origin) meaning “strong and healthy”.

32) Vittoria, (Latin origin) meaning “victory”.

33) Zina, (Portuguese origin) meaning “of Zeus”.

Popular Brazilian Boy Names

There’s plenty of wonderful top boys names in Brazil, some with very unusual meanings, ranging from “a bitter soup” to “born on the grasslands”. From traditional variants to tribal take a look here at our top finds.

34) Alexio, (Portuguese origin) meaning “defender”. This name is pronounced ale-shi-oh, and is the Portuguese variant of Alexander.

35) Batte, (Brazilin origin) meaning “totem is an elephant”. This is a Brazilian tribal name.

36) Bruno, (German origin). This boy’s name is well loved across Latin America and means "brown".

37) Caio, (Latin origin) meaning “rejoice”.

38) Carlos, (Spanish and Portuguese origin) meaning “a free man” a variant of Charles.

39) Eduardo, (Iberian origin). This name is a variant of Edward and means "wealthy guardian".

40) Gaspar, (Latin origin) meaning “treasure”. it’s the Portuguese version of Jasper.

41) José, (Spanish origin) meaning “God will increase”. This famous name is a variant of Joseph and ranks within top names in Brazil.

42) Luiz, (Old French origin) meaning “the famous warrior”. This name is a Portuguese variant of Louis, a popular name in France.

43) Lúcio, (Latin origin) meaning “light”.

44) Miguel, (Spanish and Portuguese origin)  meaning “a person who is like God”. This name is a variant of the famous name Michael.

45) Kadonkechi, (Brazilian origin), meaning “bitter soup”.

46) Manoel, (Brazilian) meaning “God is with us”. This name is a variant of the renowned Spanish name Manuel.

47) Onyait, (Brazilian origin) meaning “born on the grasslands”.

48) Pascoal, (Portuguese origin) meaning “a child of Easter”. This name is the Portuguese variant of the name Pascal.

49) Quim,  (Hebrew origin) meaning “raised by God”. This is the short version of the name Joaquim.

50) Tácito, (Brazilian origin) meaning “silent one”.

51) Tadeu, (Hebrew origin) meaning “the one with a courageous heart”.

52) Thiago, (Portuguese origin) meaning “may God protect you”. It’s the Portuguese version of James.

53) Tristao,  (Portuguese origin) meaning “outcry” This is the Portuguese version of the French name Tristan.

54) Ulisses, (Portuguese origin) means “with wrath, or hateful” it’s the Portuguese form of the name Ulysses, originating from the Ancient Greek legend of Odysseus.

55) Valentim, (Brazilian origin|) meaning “healthy and strong”. This is the Brazilian Portuguese version of the name Valentine, a lovely Brazilian name.

Girls’ Names Inspired By Famous Brazilian People

The popular culture within a country often inspires the choice of baby names, and Brazil is no exception, here’s some of our top picks.

56) Anitta, meaning “graceful”. Anitta is known as the stage name of the renowned actress, singer, television host and actress in Brazil.

57) Alessandra, meaning “defender of mankind”. This is the name of the world-famous  Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio and has inspired many names in Brazil.

58) Camila, meaning “perfect”.  Camila Mendes is both an iconic model and actress.

59) Carmen, meaning “poem or ode”. This is the name of the late samba singer and Broadway actress, Carmen Miranda.

60) Cléo, meaning “Pride, glory and fame”. This is the name of the popular actress Cléo Pires.

61) Dilma, meaning “independent”. Dilma Rousseff was the 36th President of Brazil.

62) Elis, meaning “God’s promise”.  This is the name of a famous jazz singer and musician, Elis Regina.

63) Gisele, meaning “to owe a mutual obligation or pledge”. Gisele Caroline Bündchen is a world-famous supermodel and environmental activist born in Horizontina, Brazil.

64) Hebe, meaning “youth”.  Born in 1929, the late Hebe Camargo was a beloved Television host and is often regarded as the Queen of Brazilian Television.

65) Jacy, meaning "moon, and creator of plant life". Jacy July is a beauty Youtuber and Blogger.

66) Luara, “glorious and winning”. This is the name of Luara Fonseca, a global internet star.

67) Olga, meaning “the blessed and holy one”. This is the name of the singer Olga Souza.

Boys’ Names Inspired By Famous Brazilian People.

Newborn baby boy sleeping in a blue polka dot blanket.

There are plenty of renowned Brazilian males who have inspired some beautiful baby boy names, here’s our top finds.

68) Ayrton, meaning “a farm on the river Ayr”. This is the name of the late Formula One driver, Ayrton Senna.

69) Felipe, meaning “a friend of horses”. This is the name of the Formula One racing driver, Felipe Massa.

70) Heleno, meaning “a shining light and torch”, inspired by the legendary Brazilian footballer, Heleno de Freitas.

71) Jorge, meaning “farmer or worker of the land”. This is the first name of Jorge Paulo Lemann, the billionaire banker and businessman.

72) Lucas, meaning "bright". This is the name of footballer Lucas Maura.

73) Mário, meaning “war like”.  This is the name of the late Brazilian poet, Mário Raul de Morais Andrade.

74) Neymar, meaning “unavailable”. This is the name of the world-famous Brazilian footballer, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior.

75) Paulo, meaning “small”. Paulo Coelho is a highly revered author of books such as The Alchemist and The Pilgrimage.

76) Romero, meaning “a person embarking upon a religious pilgrimage”. This is the name of Romero Britto, a famous cubist pop art, Brazilian sculptor and artist.

77) Ronaldhino, meaning “little Ronald”. This is the moniker of superstar footballer, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira.

Unisex Brazilian names

Unisex names are not commonplace in Brazil; however, when they are found, they often end “I” and stem from native tribal roots.

78) Araci, (Old Tupi origin) meaning “morning” it’s also an area of Brazil. A true Brazilian name.

79) Jaci/Juci, (Old Tupi origin)| meaning “moon”.

80) Naolin, (Spanish origin) meaning “Mexican sun God”.

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