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Iceland, a small island in the Atlantic Ocean, has an expansive and beautiful landscape and is a traveller's paradise.

One of the last spots on Earth to be occupied by people, the majority of the population lives in Reykjavik, the capital city. This lets the rest of the region stay largely unspoiled so that the land can maintain its old pristine splendour.

The country has a ceremonial Icelandic Naming Committee. If a citizen wants to grant a nickname or title to a child that has not been used before, the name has to be accepted by this naming committee before it is permitted to be used. The Icelandic Naming Committee was set up in 1991 to decide whether new baby names not used in Iceland previously are appropriate for inclusion into the nation's culture and language. The Naming Committee keeps an official register of authorized Icelandic names and is the governing association of initiation of new names into Iceland's culture.

The Personal Names Register can be accessed by the public. In a majority of the cases, the parents make use of the database as a guide when selecting baby names. If the name which parents have thought of is not mentioned in the register, they can fill a specific form and ask if the name will be regarded as permissible by law. If the Icelandic committee decides favorably on a request, the name will be included in the Personal Names Register.

The naming guidelines which are followed mention 3 things:

1.   The Iceland name/boys name cannot give rise to any difficulty or harm to the individual named

2.   Boys are given male names in Iceland  and girls are given female names

3.   The name should be in a position to observe Icelandic variations and grammar guidelines

With the globalization witnessed in the last century, the people of Iceland have started discovering international Icelandic names for their kids or popular names which are original. This means there are more new baby names than before. Read on for Icelandic boy names and meanings to choose from for your new arrival!

For more baby names inspiration, take a look at these Danish Names and these Finnish Names.

Modern Icelandic Baby Boy Names

A modern Icelandic boys name is sure to be rare and unique as it could be a new addition to the naming register.

1.   Adalstienn - Splendid Stone - Destined for a Life of Kindness, Compassion, and Happiness

2.  Armann -Message-bearer in Icelandic dialect - Will Attain fulfilment by Teaching Others

3. Askur - an Icelandic name for a horse and one of the popular names for boys

4. Atli - Miniature father- admired Icelandic names - Community Leaders, Adventurous & Highly Passionate

5. Baldur -A person from Iceland - a Prince - the name of the Norse god linked to love and happiness

6. Bardi- A person with a beard - Likes to help others and compassionate

7.Bertram- German variant of Berhtraban, popular boy name

8.Birtingr- An intelligent, competent, and distinguished man. Highly Intelligent and Independent

9.Bjartur- Dazzling bright - Practical, Reliable, Highly Analytical, Responsible, Honest, Clear Understanding

10.Brandr - Sword - Intuitive, Sensitive, A Good Sense of Beauty & Taste

11. Bresi- Means 'unruly' in English and is a form of Brasi and Brisi

12.Brimar- Commonly used boy Icelandic name/favored boy name, for a  horse

13. Finnur -Person from Finland - Wise, Confident, Spiritual, Creative & Natural Entertainer

14. Fridgeir- Peace lance - Powerful, Confident, Versatile, Possess a Natural Enthusiasm

15.Fridmar - Brilliant or luminous peace, one of the popular names - Community Leaders, Adventurous, Passionate

16. Gizurr- Faroese and Icelandic form of 'Gizurr' and also used as a name for a horse

17. Grimur- Person wearing a mask, who is hidden. Highly Creative, Entertainer

18. Guojon- Icelandic term/name of God - Reliable, Stable, Very Patriotic, Natural Entertainer

19. Hafoca- Havoc in Icelandic dialect - Powerful, Strong, Good Business Sense, Stubborn, Dominating

20.Hallbjorn- Rock and hair - Idealistic, Quiet, Reliable, Has Clarity & Insights

21.Haraldur - Army Leader - Versatile, Compassionate, Likes to Help Others

22. Haukr -In the Icelandic dialect means hawk - Capable, Dynamic, Efficient, Reliable, Practical

23. Hinrik- Embodiment of Henry which means estate ruler, favored boy name/males names

24. Isak - Icelandic form of Isaac, which means he laughs - Independent, Creative Thinker

25.Kolli- A person who is bald - Confident, Good Business Sense, Generous

26. Kolskeggr- A person with a black beard - Reliable, Natural Peacemakers, Sympathetic

27. Leifr - Successor or heir - Naturally Charming, Kindhearted, Versatile, Graceful, Natural Enthusiasm

28.  Ljotur- Traditionally this name means 'the light one' but in present times it means 'ugly'

29.  Narfi - Lean -Positive, Enthusiastic, Friendly, Serene Nature, Independent, Patient, Inspiring

30.  Oblauor- A person living without fear - Socially Active, Community Leaders (male names)

31. Ossur - The person who answers - Understanding, Highly Creative, Social, Extroverted, Friendly

32. Rauor -Village or town or red colour- Compassionate, Charming, Responsible, Practical

33. Rolant- Faroese and Icelandic names variant type of Roland

34. Styrr - Well-known boy name which means  war or battle -Great potential, Efficient, Dynamic

35. Svartur - Black colour - Reserved, Observant, Highly Intelligent, Wise, Spiritual, Confident

36. Sveinn- Young lad or boy - Compassionate, Faithful, Romantic, Adaptable, Versatile

37.Trausti - A reliable person - Adventurous, Passionate, Responsible, Highly-Analytical, Sincere, Excellent Managers

38. Uggi - Fear or phobia - Natural Entertainer, Community Leaders, Inspirational, Highly Passionate

39. Vestmaor -a Western male (favored name) - Serene and caring nature, Friendly, Patient, Generous

40.  Veturlioi - Among the highly favored boys names in Iceland which means wintertime sea tourist

Popular Boys Names In Iceland

Here are some of the most popular boys' names in Iceland which we think you'll love.

41. Aron - Among the popular names which means tall and great mountain

42. Eyjolfur- The wolf of destiny/fortune in Icelandic dialect, one of the favored boys names

43. Helgi - One of the favoured boys names which means 'the blessed one' - Naturally Charming, Idealistic, Compassionate

44. Jatgeirr- The lucky spear (admired baby boy name) - Efficient, Versatile, Strong Sense of Purpose

45. Jokull- Glacier in Icelandic - Any glacier in Iceland has 'jokull' added

46. Joourr - Custodian- Leader, Inspiring, Natural Entertainer, Creative, Social, Friendly, Extroverted (high-ranked Icelandic names)

47. Joshua- This boy name is an English variant of Josva and is one of the well-liked male names

48.  Keran - A different form of Kjaran, one of the top names when it comes to boys names

49.  Ketill- Kettle in Icelandic dialect - It is a common name in Iceland

50. Klemenz- Original spelling of Klemens, one of the in demand names

51. Olvir- One of the admired names which mean - lucky one or olive tree

52. Ooinn - One of the admired boys names which means a person who inspires or is inspired

53.  Ottar - One of the well-liked baby boy names in Iceland which mean fearsome soldier

54. Reynir- One of the admired Icelandic boys names which means mountain embers

55. Sindri- 'A person who shines'- among the favored Icelandic names - Capable, Dynamic, Motivating

56. Smior - One of the popular Icelandic boys names which mean 'a smith' -Community Leaders, Adventurous, Broad-Minded

Old Icelandic Boys Names

(Icelandic boys names can make strong male names and are growing in popularity.

These names draw inspiration from tradition and ancient language.

57.  Arnkell -This popular name is an Old Norse form and also a variant of Arnkaelll

58. Gamli - Ancient or old in Icelandic language - Adventurous, Athletic, Independent, Loves Traveling, Independent

59.  Mooolfr - One of the desired old names in Iceland which mean brave wolf

60. Olafur- Ancestor's successor - Responsible, Practical, Impatient, Excellent Manager, Analytical, Sincere

61. Vagn - In old Icelandic dialect - a carriage - Observant, Introvert, Wise, Independent, Mysterious

62. Sumarlioi- Summer-farer (meaning) one of the old popular boys names - Positive, Confident, Good Business Sense

Icelandic Boys Names Inspired By Nature

In a country filled with natural beauty, it's no surprise that many names are inspired by nature and the surrounding landscape.

63. Birgir- Mountain - Compassionate, Sympathetic, Kindhearted, Philanthropist, Charming, Graceful

64. Birkir- Birch Tree - Deeply Patriotic, Reliable, Consistent, Idealistic Philanthropist

65.Bjarki - A miniature bear - Community Leaders, Independent, Highly Passionate

66.Dagbjartur- Bright Day or Sunlight - Highly Intelligent, Emanate Spirituality, Wisdom, and Confidence

67. Dyri - Deer in Icelandic dialect - Warm and Calm Nature, Friendly, Modest, Understanding

68. Hjotr - Male deer in Icelandic language, -Intuitive, Sensitive, Sense of Beauty

69. Holti - Person from the small forest - Reliable, Stable, Generous, Understanding

70. Hrafn -Raven - Independent, Great Ideas and Intuition, Efficient, Dynamic, Motivating, Inspiring

71. Hreinn - reindeer in Icelandic  - Graceful, Kindhearted, Compassionate, Idealistic

72. Kalfr - Baby cow - Inspiring, Serene Nature, Patient, Enthusiastic, Independent

73.  Klepper - A big-sized stone - Efficient, Inspiring, Strong Sense of Purpose

74. Knjukr- Top of a high mountain - Great Potential, Dynamic, Inspiring, Motivating

75. Kvigr - Young bull in Icelandic language -Trustworthy, Reliable, Very Patriotic, Great Potential

76. Leioolfr- Head wolf - Attractive, Creative Thinker, Natural Peacemakers, Sympathetic, Concerned

77. Palmi - Palm tree, one of the well-liked names of Iceland

78. Petur - Icelandic term/name for Peter which means rock - Kindhearted, Naturally Charming, Enthusiastic

79. Refr - Fox - in Icelandic dialect - Adaptable, Romantic, Peacemaker, Easy-Going, Versatile

80. Saebjorn- Sea bear in the old Icelandic language - Kindhearted, Naturally Charming, Great Potential

81. Torfi - A surface of earth enveloped with grass - Generous, Sympathetic, Confident

82. Ulf - Wolf - one of the well-liked old names in Iceland -Naturally Charming, Kindhearted, Compassionate

83.  Valdimar- Ocean's ruler - Compassionate, Protective, Natural Peacemakers, Romantic, Easy-Going, Concerned, Peacemaker

Strong Icelandic Boys Names

The strong Icelandic names will be perfect for a determined, commanding baby boy.

84. Adalward - Honorable guardian in Icelandic language - Leader

85. Alexander- Protector of Mankind - An Inspiration, Positive & Enthusiastic

86. Arnar - Warrior or fighter - Socially Active Community Leaders

87. Berrant- Like a great bear - Naturally Charming, Idealistic and Graceful

88.Egill - One who causes fear in other people. Very Patriotic, Consistent& Reliable

89.Eirikur - Among the well-liked boys names which meansMan of exceptional strength

90. Eyvindur - Favored warrior in Icelandic language - Intuitive, Highly Sensitive, High Confidence

91. Fannar - Snow, fighter or army - Highly Intelligent, Mysterious, Arrogant, Natural Peacemakers

92. Gegn - The person in the opposition - Dynamic, Capable, Efficient, Versatile

93.  Geir - Sharp weapon used on the Warfield - Has a Natural Enthusiasm, Introvert, Enthusiastic

94. Gestur- Sword in Icelandic language - Efficient, Dynamic, Strong Sense of Purpose, Egoistical at times

95. Greipr - A powerful man - Versatile, Flexible, Socially Active, Generally Athletic

96. Sigurdur- A man who is a triumphant defender - Creative Thinker, Generous, Sympathetic

97. Skeggr - Lean - Confident, Strong, Good Business Sense, Versatile, Natural Enthusiasm, Powerful, Adaptable

98. Vigharthur - A favored name which means Fearless and Brave in battle

99.  Vigi - A soldier -Efficient Team Player, Broad Perspective, Generous Giver, Friendly

100. Vigolfr -The fighting wolf - Intuitive, Sympathetic, Works for Others, Generous, Understanding

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Icelandic Boys Names then take a look at Slavic Names, or for something different take a look at Royal Last Names From Around The World.

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