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Top Makeup Brushes Names, Brands And Uses In One Handy List

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When it comes to makeup, you cannot use the same brush for applying different products as a particular brush has a specific usage.

Your brush set should feature a blending brush, contour brush, eyeshadow blending brush, cream blush brush, powder brush, eyeliner brush, eyeshadow brush, and other good brushes. A great brush used to apply foundation, powder eyeshadow, and lip colors will make a difference in the overall appearance.

Makeup brush sets owned by makeup artists are your goal, but can you really own that many makeup brushes just for yourself? How do you trust whether these makeup brushes are manufactured with care and are cruelty-free?

To answer all these questions, you have some best makeup brushes for you that cover all the purposes of applying eyeliner to concealer and lip gloss! Here are some best makeup brushes and brands that have the best quality of products all in one handy list. From a pointed brush with dense bristles to angled bristles, we have got you covered with the best set of makeup brushes that can fit in your makeup bag. Make sure to check out these makeup brush names and their uses, change your makeup set if needed, and give yourself a glamorous makeup look with these great makeup brushes.

Handy Makeup Brushes Uses And Names

A perfect handy makeup bag must have all the essential makeup brushes that will help you look pleasant. Here are some must-have makeup brush names and their uses. From applying foundation to highlighter, you can have everything applied with a single-use brush or multiple brushes. A simple round blush can be used to apply general base makeup.

Blending brush (English origin), meaning, ‘to mix’, is a rounded brush with a smooth tip to blend the makeup and different colors. This brush is great for beginners.

Blush (English origin), meaning, ‘shine or glow,’ is used to make your cheeks look naturally pink. This is a round soft brush with smooth bristles. This is a must-have makeup product for everyone.

Bronzer brush (English origin), meaning, ‘a cosmetic that gives bronze skin similar to suntan,’ is usually not a preferred product for everyone on every occasion. If you specifically need a bronzer makeup look, you can use this brush which has a round top and soft bristles.

Concealer brush (English origin), meaning, ‘color corrector,’ has a small tip with dense bristles to conceal the blemishes and dark spots on the face with the help of a concealer brush.

Contour brush (French origin), meaning, ‘outline or circumference,’ is used to outline facial features like cheekbones. It is typically an angled brush to blend the products well in a specific outline.

Crease brush (English origin), meaning, ‘to make wrinkles,’ is used to hide the creases on the face near the eyes. The brush has an angled tip perfect to smoothen out the creases.

Foundation brush (Latin origin), meaning, ‘at the bottom’, is the basic cosmetic to begin the makeup with. Sometimes a foundation brush is also replaced with a sponge to evenly apply the foundation to the face. The brush has smooth bristles and is made with synthetic fibers.

Highlight brush (English origin), meaning, ‘an important part of something,’ is used as a final touch to the makeup. This is specifically used to highlight the parts of our face and is a round brush.

Powder brush (English origin), meaning, ‘fine or loose,’ is used to apply powder to your face. The compact loose powder needs to be spread evenly on your face and neck; hence, this powder brush also has a round shape and an airbrush finish.

Stippling brush (English origin), meaning, ‘making art with using numerous dots’, is a brush especially used to put liquid products. This has a feathery feel to help with light and gentle application.

Powder And Foundation Brush Names

 A simple makeup look can have heads turning, and for this perfect makeup, you need to have the right makeup brush and suitable skin-friendly products. Featuring soft fibers and soft bristles for applying blush to dense bristles for applying contours, here is the list of makeup brushes for your powder and foundation. Make sure to have a cute Kabuki brush in your makeup bag to give a quick touch-up! 

All over face brush (English origin), meaning, ‘complete or holistic,’ is a one size fits all blush made with high-quality synthetic fibers. This makeup brush will ensure flawless application.

Artis elite oval brush (English origin), meaning, ‘superior,’ is a brush perfect for applying concealer and works well with powder, creams, and liquids.

Blending sponge (English origin), meaning, 'to mix,’ is not a brush but instead, a sponge that is used by makeup artists to blend the makeup and give even-looking skin.

Cover complexion brush (English origin), meaning, ‘texture and color of skin’, is used to apply liquid makeup products and is made from recyclable products.

Double cleansing brush (English origin), meaning, ‘to get rid of impurities,’ is often used to apply creams or makeup products for the nourishment of the skin.

Duo-fiber brush (English origin), meaning, 'double’, has two different kinds of bristles and two different lengths useful for liquid products.

Fan brush (English origin) means 'to fan out or open’. The bristles of these brushes are fanned out, flat, and cover a wide area with powder.

Full-bodied foundation brush (English origin), meaning, ‘a base to put on your face before makeup’. This is a round-shaped flat-headed brush with synthetic fibers perfect for applying powder and dry or liquid foundation.

Kabuki brush (Japanese origin), meaning, 'classical theater, is a short brush with flat or doe-shaped bristles. Kabuki brush gives a smooth finish.

Mirror palm brush (English origin), meaning, ‘easy to hold in your palm’ is a synthetic fiber brush, perfect for applying liquid foundation or powder foundation.

Smudge brush (English origin), meaning, 'to mix’, is used to set upper and lower lash lines and to hide dark spots effortlessly.

Eye Makeup Brushes Names

Everyone loves makeup, and the biggest concern is eye makeup. This is a crucial part of your face, and hence, having a specific eye shadow brush, eyeliner brush, and mascara brush is a must! Since the eyes are the most sensitive and delicate part of your face, makeup brushes must have soft bristles so that they don't poke your eyes or cause irritation when applying the makeup product. 

Angular blender (English origin), meaning, ‘a corner,’ is used to blend and smudge the eyeshadow colors near the corner of the eyes. This brush is typically used to give a smokey eye look.

Eye tapered blender brush (English origin), meaning, ‘a convex shape with a narrow point,’ is a fluffy brush used to blend and soften the harsh lines near the eyes.

Eyelash curler (English origin), meaning, ‘short hair fringing the edge of your eyes,’ is a makeup product that is used to curl your eyelash. It is not a brush but is a handy makeup tool to give your eyes that glam and dramatic look.

Eyeliner (American origin), meaning, ‘outlining the eyes’, is the smallest brush with a pointed tip. It needs to be more delicate since you apply the product near to your eyes.

Eyeliner pencil (American origin), meaning, ‘outlining the eyes’ is used to mark the edge of the eyes. Usually, it is made with kohl for under the eyes. The pencil needs to have a soft round tip and no point to evenly apply the eyeliner in one single stroke.

Eyeshadow brush (English origin), meaning, ‘region around the eyes,’ is used to apply a cosmetic product of specific color on the top area of your eyelids. It needs to be with a small tip and soft bristles.

Flat eyeshadow brush (English origin), meaning, ‘region around the eyes’, is also used to apply eye shadow. Since this is the sensitive part of the face, a flat brush makes it easy to spread the product evenly without hurting the eye.

Lash and brow (English origin), meaning, ‘it is a similar brush to a concealer which is used to fill in our eyebrows and eyelashes’, helps to make the hair look thick and dense.

Mascara brush (Spanish origin), meaning, ‘mask or stain,’ is used to apply a product on the eyelashes. The brush has dense, hard bristles and is used to apply black mascara on the top and bottom eyelashes.

Spoolie brush (English origin), meaning, ‘a tiny curler,’ is used to brush the brows and give them a shape. It has dense, hard bristles which make it a highly efficient brush to have in your makeup kit.

A young Woman holding makeup brush

Lip Brush Names

Lip brushes are not so widely used by individuals since applying lipstick is much easier. But if you want those perfectly luscious lips, you should use these lip liners and lip brushes. Make sure that these brushes are soft and have tender bristles.

Arched liner brush (English origin), meaning, ‘bend or curve,’ is a brush for the lips. The tilted design of this brush makes it easy to apply lipstick on curvy lips.

Colorbar lip brush (American origin), meaning, ‘brush for applying lipstick,’ is a makeup brand that has the best makeup brushes with fine bristles.

Lip brush (English origin), meaning, ‘a brush used especially for the lips,’ is used to apply lipstick evenly that will make your lips look glossy and shiny.

Lip liner (English origin), meaning, ‘outline’, is a liner pencil with dense bristles to mark a thin outline for your lips and give them the best shape.

Maybelline pop up brush (American origin) is a top beauty product company popular globally. This lip brush is a pocket-friendly makeup tool that will give you soft lips.

Pencil brush (English origin), meaning, 'an artist’s brush,’ is like a thin brush suitable for your sensitive lips to blend the lipstick.

Revlon-covered lip brush (American origin) is a ‘leading beauty brand.’ This lip brush has a high tapered fiber and elongated handle that provides easy control of the brush.

Popular Makeup Brushes Brand Names

Choosing the correct makeup brushes and best quality makeup products is essential. Selecting the correct brush in the form of the best powder brush, makeup brush, blush brush, fan brush, and eye shadow brush can make a difference in overall appearance.

Whether you are a professional makeup artist, a beginner, or regularly apply makeup, you must ensure that you end up using the correct makeup brushes. Because we apply makeup on our skin, we should use harmless makeup products that are safe to use and free from allergic reactions. Here are some brand names that will help you find the correct makeup brush for your makeup bag.

Allure (English origin), meaning, 'attractive,’ has the top quality cosmetics and makeup brushes. These brushes are safe and cruelty-free.

Armani Beauty (Italian origin), meaning, ‘a free warrior,’ cosmetic brand, has the most attractive and trendy makeup brushes in the world. It is a luxurious brand known for its high-quality products all over the world.

BareMinerals (American origin) has been a popular makeup brand since 1995. They have cruelty-free brushes that leave your skin feeling natural. They also have creams and makeup products that are perfect for skincare and are highly recommended by beauty bloggers.

Bobbi Brown (American origin) has been a cosmetic brand since 1957. It has the most luxurious and trendy makeup brushes and products. From eyeshadow brush to foundation brush to lip brush, you will find everything in one place.

Bronson (American origin), meaning, 'strong or fierce,’ is a makeup brand that has a range of makeup brushes and affordable prices.

Chanel Beauty (France origin), meaning, ‘French family name,’ is also a top global makeup brand known for its amazing quality of products and makeup brushes ranging in various uses.

L'Oréal (France origin), meaning, ‘lore of a bird’s head’ is a popular makeup brand that has top-quality cosmetics and makeup brushes.

Lottie London (German origin), meaning, ‘free woman,’ creates cruelty-free and vegan makeup products. They have wide-ranging brushes and in different tones at slightly high prices but with a luxurious feeling.

MAC (Irish origin), meaning, ‘son of’ has the most attractive and trendy makeup brushes in the world. It is a luxurious brand but worth exploring these makeup gems.

Morphe makeup brushes (Greek origin), meaning, ‘transforming,’ has an outstanding makeup brush quality and cosmetics that you must try for once.

MyGlam (American origin), meaning, 'glamor,’ has a wide-ranging variety of quality makeup brushes and cosmetics. It offers luxurious makeup products.

Nars (French origin) is a cosmetic company started in 1994 which sells sleek and sophisticated brushes and other makeup products to create a perfect blend and apply makeup with precision.

Nykaa (Sanskrit origin), meaning, ‘beauty,’ is a premium destination for online beauty products in India and has an amazing quality of makeup brushes.

Pro Arte (Latin origin), meaning, ‘profession art or skill,’ has a wide-ranging variety of makeup and beauty products with the best quality. You should check out makeup brushes from this brand for your personal use.

Real Techniques (English Origin), meaning, ‘ability of professional and high-quality makeup’ has makeup products ranging from contour brushes to glossy lip liners and is highly recommended by beauty bloggers.

Sephora (Greek origin), meaning, ‘beauty,’ has wonderful makeup products in attractive ink and pastel colors, just perfect for a handy makeup bag and are highly recommended by beauty bloggers.

Sigma (Greek origin), meaning, ‘an alphabet in Greek,’ is a makeup brand launched in 2009 and is one of the top brands offering luxury products with quality and innovative cutting edge products.

Spectrum makeup brushes (English origin), meaning, a ‘range of colors,’ have delicate and precise brush products at a fair price that leaves your skin looking glamorous.

VEGA (Spanish origin), meaning, 'dweller in a meadow,’ is a top-quality makeup product brand that has all types of makeup brushes and is highly recommended by beauty bloggers.

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