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100 Top Polish Surnames With Meanings

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Poland is a country located in Central Europe.

Poland has a significantly high population and is the fifth most populous state of the European Union. Owing to the high population, there is a rich diversity in names, and thereby we find a large number of Polish words and surnames.

Many Polish names end with 'ski', which usually refers to the place they are derived from. Polish names also have 'wicz' in them, which refers to being "son of" or "family of". Polish people and their names and surnames and their culture got recognition after the Treaty of Versailles was signed, and they gained independence. Polish names and surnames are beautiful, and here are some of the best Polish surnames list.

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Cool Polish Last Names

Girl with painting brush in hand

Some Polish surnames can be seen used widely as a first name too. Here is a list of Polish surnames that are cool and beautiful.

1. Adamik (Hebrew origin) meaning "a man".

2. Brozek meaning "immortal". Jan Beozek was a Polish polymath. He was an amazing mathematician, poet, astronomer, musician, writer, and physician who was also the rector of the 'Kraków' Academy.

3. Brzezinski meaning "a birch forest." Zbigniew Brzezinski was a Polish - American diplomat and political scientist. He served Presidents Jimmy Carter and Lynden B. Johnson as National Security Advisor and Counsellor, respectively.

4. Budny meaning "a hut or a cabin". Syzmon Budny was a Polish - Belaurisan humanist educator, historian, sociologist, and philosopher. Budny has been used as the first name at times too.

5. Bukoski refers to someone who belonged to a town called 'Bukowo or Bukowiec'.

6. Dubanowski refers to those who were the original inhabitants of the town 'Dubinowo'.

7. Dubicki is named after a town called 'Dubica' in Poland. This is a lovely family last name.

8. Fabianski (Latin origin) means "a bean". Łukasz Fabiański is a highly famous Polish professional soccer player who plays for the Poland national team and English Premier League club, West Ham United.

9. Gniewek meaning "anger". This is a great Polish surname.

10. Gomolka means a type of "round cheese". This variety of Cheese is prevalent in Poland. Mikołaj Gomółka was a Polish renaissance composer, trumpeter, flautist, and singer.

11. Gorecki means "a mountain". Henryk Górecki was a Polish composer of contemporary classical music.

12. Gorka is derived from the name of several towns in Poland. This is a beautiful Polish surname.

13. Gorski meaning "a mountain." Kazimierz Górski was a coach of the Poland national team and an honorary president of the Polish Football union.

14. Jankowski is the name of a town called 'Jankowo or Jankow'. Józef Emanuel Jankowski was a renowned professor of philosophy at Kraków University. Polish Jewish surnames like these are classy.

15. Jaskolski means "a small swallow bird". These are named after towns called 'Jaskolki'.  This is a lovely example of the last name ending in ski.

16. Kaczka means "a duck". Polish names like these are cool.

17. Kaluza means "a puddle". Jozef Kaluza was a Polish soccer player who later became a coach. He is recognized as one of the Legends of Polish Sports.

18. Kaminski means "a stone". It also refers to someone who is from any of the several villages and towns named 'Kamien' in Poland. Janusz Kamiński is an award-winning Polish director and cinematographer. He has won 2 Oscar awards.

19. Klimek (Latin origin) meaning "merciful". This is a lovely family last name.

20. Kosmatka meaning "shaggy or hairy." Polish last names beginning with K are elegant.

21. Kowalczyk meaning "a blacksmith." These names are a lovely example of occupational surnames. Justyna Maria Kowalczyk-Tekieli is a Polish cross-country skier who is a double Olympic Champion and a double World Champion.

22. Koziel means "a male goat".

23. Kozlowski is the name of several towns called 'Kozlow or Kozlowo' located in Poland. Władysław Kozłowski was a Polish philosopher.

24. Krakowski is the name of a city called 'Krakow' in Poland. Polish names like these are beautiful.

25. Lis means "a fox". This is a beautiful Polish surname.

26. Marek meaning "Mark". This name has its roots from the New Testament and speaks of Saint Mark, the author of the second gospel.

27. Marszalek means "a Marshall". The name Marshall refers to a military or government official of a very high rank.

28. Maslanka means "a buttermilk".

29. Mencher meaning "a miller or a flour dealer". This is one of the most common Polish last names.

30. Miazga meaning "a pulp or a crush."

31. Mozdzierz meaning "a mortar".  

32. Musial meaning "one who has to or one who had to."

33. Niemec means "German". Polish names like these are beautiful.

34. Nosek meaning "a small nose".

35. Nowak meaning "new". Marcin "Novy" Nowak is a Polish death metal musician who has been a part of numerous iconic bands Behemoth, Spinal Cord, Vader, Virgin Snatch, and Crucified Mortals.

36. Piatek meaning "Friday". Krzysztof Piątek is a professional soccer player playing in the German soccer league, Bundesliga, for the club Hertha BSC and for the Poland national team.

37. Piotrowski refers to someone whose name begins with 'Piotrow'. Oskar Piotrowski is a Polish acrobat and a gymnast.

38. Pokorny (Czech Republican origin) meaning "humble." This is a beautiful Polish surname.

39. Poplawski meaning "flowing water or flood". Nikodem Janusz Popławski is a famous Polish theoretical physicist.

40. Rutkowski refers to people who lived in the place 'Rutki' in Poland.

41. Ryba meaning "a fish". This last name is associated with and refers to fishermen or fish sellers.

42. Sadowski means "a garden or an orchard". *

43. Serafin (Hebrew origin) meaning "fiery ones". Popular Polish last names like these are beautiful.

44. Smolak meaning "pitch." This surname is used for distillery workers.

45. Sniegowski means "snow". It usually referred to someone who lived near snow or near snowy mountains.

46. Sobol means "a wild animal". This last name is associated with those who deal in fur trading. This is a beautiful Polish surname.

47. Sokolowski means "a falcon". This is one of the most common Polish surnames.

48. Sowka meaning "an owl". This is a cool Polish name.

49. Warszawski refers to someone who lived in the city of 'Warsaw' in Poland.

50. Zdunowski meaning "a potter."

51. Zima meaning "winter."

52. Zuraw means "crane." This is a cute Polish family name.

Fancy Polish Last Names

Happy little boy having fun playing in rain

Here is a list of Polish last names that are fancy in sound and meaning.

53. Andrysiak meaning "manly or masculine." This is a common Polish last name.

54. Bartoszewski meaning "son of Talmai or son of Furrows." Bartholomew was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. Władysław Bartoszewski was a Polish politician, social activist, journalist, writer, and historian.

55. Bosko meaning "barefoot". This is a beautiful Polish surname.

56. Bukowski means "a beech". It also refers to someone who came from 'Bukowo or Bukowiec'.

57. Chlebek meaning "a bread".

58. Chmielewska refers to someone who engaged in growing hops, plants. Joanna Chmielewska was a famous Polish screenwriter and novelist.

59. Czajka means "a lapwing bird". This is a beautiful Polish surname.

60. Czajkowski refers to people who belong to the village of 'Czajkow'. Zbigniew Czajkowski was a famous Polish fencing coach. He was known as the 'Father of Polish School of Fencing'.

61. Dunajewski is derived from the name of the river 'Danube'. The Danube is one of the most prominent rivers in Europe. Just behind the Volga, it is also the second-longest river in entire Europe. Albin Dubanowski was a famous bishop and social activist of 'Kraków'.

62. Dziedzic meaning "a landowner".

63. Filipiak (Greek origin) meaning "a horse lover".

64. Filipowski is named after the Polish town 'Filipow'. This is a prime example of last names ending in ski.

65. Gajus meaning "a grove or a thicket". Eastern Europe last names are unique.

66. Grzeskowiak (Latin origin) meaning "Gregorius". This is a lovely family last name.

67. Gwozdz means "a small metal nail". This is a great Polish surname.

68. Jagodzinska means "berries". Anna JagodInska is a very famous Polish model.

69. Janda (Hebrew origin) meaning "Yahweh is gracious".

70. Jedynak means "only child".

71. Jelen (Czech Republican origin) meaning "a stag". Ireneusz Jeleń is a retired Polish soccer player who played as a right-winger and striker for the Poland National team.

72. Jez meaning "a hedgehog". This is a cool Polish name.

73. Kasprzak (Ancient Persian origin) meaning a "treasurer."

74. Kawa means the bird "a jackdaw". Sebastian Kawa is a Polish glider pool who is a 13-time world champion.

75. Kedzierski meaning "a lock of hair." This is a beautiful Polish surname.

76. Kijek meaning "a stick or a small stick".

77. Krol meaning "a king". Polish family names like these are absolutely beautiful.

78. Kumiega means "a godfather or a crony."

79. Laska means "grace or mercy". This is a cute family last name.

80. Lawniczak means "an alderman". Alderman usually refers to a local Municipal Councillor.

81. Majewski means "the month of May". It also refers to someone from any of the various villages and towns named 'Majewo' in Poland. Tomasz Majewski is the name of a Polish shot putter who is a two-time Olympic gold medalist.

82. Malinowski meaning "a raspberry." It refers to a family name of 'Malinów'. Bronisław Kasper Malinowski was a famous anthropologist.

83. Maly means "something that is small."

84. Ostrowski meaning "water island or a water meadow." Stanisław Ostrowski was a Polish politician and the last Polish Mayor of Lwow.

85. Pakulski refers to the people who live in a town called 'Pakuly'. This is a great Polish surname.

86. Pasternak means "parsnip". Parsnip Is a root vegetable similar to a carrot and is popular in Poland.

87. Paszek (Latin origin) meaning "small or little".

88. Rog meaning "animal horn". This is a beautiful Polish name.

89. Rudaski refers to people who lived near the river 'Rudawa' in Poland. This is a lovely Eastern European last name.

90. Rusnak means "Russian".

91. Sikora means "titmouse." It is a small bird. Tomasz Sikora is a former renowned Polish biathlete.

92. Sitkoit meaning "a fine sieve".

93. Skala meaning "rock".

94. Slusarski meaning "locksmith." Tadeusz Slusarski was an Olympic gold medallist pole vaulter from Poland.

95. Starek means "old".

96. Starosta means "foreman or a leader".

97. Szewczyk meaning "a shoemaker".

98. Szweda means "a Swede or a person from Sweden". This is a great Polish surname.

99. Wrona meaning "a crow". Marcin Wrona is a famous Polish film director.

100. Wyrzykowski is named after several places called 'Wyrzyki' in Poland. These types of Eastern European last names are attractive.

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