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Top 25 Strongest Female Jedi Names

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A Jedi is a member of the Jedi Order in the popular 'Star Wars' Galaxy.

The Jedi are trained to maintain order and peace in the galaxy. The term 'Jedi' is used for males and females alike. A female Jedi then becomes a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master.

The Jedi are popular for using 'lightsabers’, which is a sword-like energy weapon. They are also known for being attuned with the Force. Enjoy this list of the 25 most popular and best female Jedi names.

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The Most Popular Female Jedi Characters From 'Star Wars'

Here are the popular female Jedis from 'Star Wars'

1. Leia Organa - Leia Organa (aka Princess Leia) was the last Princess of Alderaan. This iconic character from the 'Star Wars' Movie franchise later gets married to Hans Solo. She is the daughter of The Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker, and Luke Skywalker’s twin. Though she inhibits a strong sense of the Force, she is mostly known for her strategic and leadership skills.

2. Rey Skywalker - One of the most popular women of 'Star Wars', Rey discovers her powers while being a captive to Kylo Ren (aka Ben Solo). Through her bravery and kindness, she is able to encourage Ben to let go of his alter ego, Kylo Ren. Rey is considered Force-sensitive, but she is unaware of the full extent of her own power.

3. Nomi Sunrider - Nomi Sunrider (original name Nomi Da-Boda) was a Jedi Master who later became the Grand Master during the Old Republic’s Jedi Order. One of the more popular female characters in 'Star Wars', she even had a song called ‘The Ballad Of Nomi Sunrider’ dedicated to her. Nomi Sunrider was one of the protagonists who fought in the Great Sith War. Many people consider Nomi as the strongest female Jedi of character in 'Star Wars'

4. Mara Jade (Mara Skywalker) - Initially a slave to Darth Sidious, she was forced to work with Luke Skywalker. She later fell in love with him and went on to be a part of the New Jedi Order. One of the most skilled Jedi Knights, she was a talented lightsaber duelist and a great pilot.

5. Jaina Solo Fel - Jaina was the daughter of Hans Solo and Princess Leia. She inherited some of her parents’ skills and trained to become a Jedi Master. Her uncle Luke Skywalker named her the ‘Sword of the Jedi.’ She later created a group called ‘The Darkmeld’ after Luke was exiled.

6. Shaak Ti - A Jedi general, Shaak Ti fought in the Battle of Geonosis and became a master of the Jedi Order. She was in charge of training the Clone Trooper. In the 'Star Wars' Galaxy, Shaak Ti made the first onscreen appearance as a female Jedi.

7. Jocasta Nu - The Chief Librarian of The Jedi Archives, was one the most knowledgeable characters from 'Stars Wars'. She was unlike the other girls in 'Star Wars', who fought during the wars. For Jocasta Nu, her knowledge was her power. She had the ability to use telekinesis and excelled in mind tricking.

8. Yaddle - Yaddle was a member of the Jedi High Council during the Clone Wars and the Invasion of Naboo. She was one of the most popular Jedi Council members. Belonging to the same species as Grand Master Yoda, she became a part of the Medical Council due to her healing abilities. She was skilled in the rare powers known as ‘morichro’, to slow down the opponent’s bodily functions even to the point of death.

9. Stass Allie - Adi Gallia’s cousin, Jedi Master Stass Allie, was killed in the Clone Wars. She became a part of the Jedi Council due to her knowledge and diplomacy. She was considered a wise healer and looked after the work of the Medical Corps.

10. Depa Billaba - A member of the Jedi Council during its last years, Depa was known as one of the wisest female Jedi of her time. She was a protégé of Jedi Master Mace Windu and was an expert in mind tricks and telepathy.

11. Aayla Secura - This blue-skinned female Jedi was promoted to a Jedi General due to her achievements in multiple wars. Aayla was trained by Tholme and Quinlan Vos and was considered as one of the best Lightsaber duelists.

Princess Leia is arguable the best known female Jedi character.

12. Satele Shan - This legendary Jedi Knight from the Star Wars Universe was exceptionally skilled with a blade. A leader of the Jedi Council, she became the youngest Grand Master. Part of her ancestry included the great Jedi Masters Revan and Bastila Shan. Satele was known as a wise teacher.

13. Luminara Unduli - She served as a Jedi Master in the Jedi Order’s final days. Luminara trained Barriss Offee and was a part of the Battle on Kashyyyk. She is popular for her fight against the Ventress, a dark assassin of the 'Star Wars' Galaxy.

14. Adi Gallia - The serious and tunnel-visioned Jedi Master Adi Gallia was a warrior during the wars. After she joined the Jedi Council, she created her own lightsaber and chose to wield her lightsaber in a reverse one-handed grip.

15. An'ya Kuro - Popularly known as the Dark Woman, An’ya was a Jedi Master who later became a spy in the Clone Wars. She was a mysterious character who had very strict training methods for her Padawans.

16. Tahl - This Jedi Master served as a librarian of the Jedi Temple Library or Archive. Orykan Tamarik and Bant Eerin were her Padawans. Tahl was able to combat with a lightsaber skillfully even after she was blinded.

17. Tahiri Veila - Tahiri Veila was part of the New Jedi Order who later became a Sith apprentice when she was charmed by the Dark Lord of Sith. She was one of the few Jedi Knights who mastered the ‘Tràkata,’ a unique type of lightsaber combat.

18. Ahsoka Tano - Ahsoka, aka Snips, was a ‘Padawan’ or apprentice of Anakin Skywalker. After being set up as a terrorist, she was removed from the Jedi Order. She later became ‘Fulcrum’ and provided information to the rebel groups. Fans of 'Star Wars' consider her as one of the first female Jedi.

19. Bastila Shan - A Jedi Padawan who later became a Jedi Knight and Master, Bastila was the wife of Revan. She possessed the exceptional power of ‘battle meditation,’ using the Force to boost the efficiency of an allied army. She was also capable of using Force Choke, Force Insanity, and other Sith powers.

20. Meetra Surik (The Jedi Exile) - This Jedi Master disobeyed the orders of the Jedi Council to save the Republic. She was the only one who was able to steer clear of the call of the Dark Side. She possessed some of the most amazing skills, including ‘Force Enlightenment.’

Little girls may be inspired by their favourite female Jedi.

21. Darth Traya (Kreia) - Initially, a Jedi Master and historian, Kreia left the Jedi Order to join Revan’s dark forces to become a female Sith Lord. She was capable of using the dark and light Forces, including Force vision, telekinesis, telepathy, and mind control.

22. Brianna (The Last Handmaiden) - Half-human and half-Echani, Brianna received her Jedi training from Meetra Surik. She later earned the title of a Jedi Guardian by improving her combat skills.

23. Bultar Swan - Bultar was a Padawan of Master Micah Giiett and Master Plo Koon. She was known for never killing her opponents. She excelled in hand-to-hand combat and had the Force to divert blaster shots using her hands.

24. Barriss Offee - Initially a Padawan of Luminara Unduli, Barriss soon became a Jedi Knight. She later went against the Jedi Order by turning to the Dark Forces. She was a great healer and knew how to use telekinesis to her benefit.

25. Finn Ertay - Finn was a Twi’lek Jedi who was a part of the Clone Wars. She had amazing combat skills and even went against Savage Opress and Darth Maul.

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