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107 Top Venezuelan Last Names With Meanings

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In Venezuela, women don't always take their husband's name, in fact this is seen as old fashioned.

Most ladies keep their unique family name or add their significant other's fatherly name to the furthest limit of their complete name with a 'de' to conjoin it.

You may have heard some last names and wondered how they came about. The area is made up of people from different parts of the world mostly due to the colonization from the 16th century onwards. There are some that will be recognizable to you and others that you might never have seen before. If you are looking for some perfect last names for characters or to learn more about your own name, we have compiled a list for you.

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Popular Venezuelan Last Names

There are lots of super cool surnames, some of them could also be used as first names

Most Venezuelan names follow the Spanish naming tradition. This is an individual name or names trailed by the dad's fatherly surname name and afterward the mother's fatherly surname. The two last names are genealogical, with the dad's family name followed by the mother's family name. They don't often use middle names so, for example, the given name of 'Juan Carlos Vargas Blanco' isn't 'Juan,' but rather 'Juan Carlos.'

Now is the time to find out the actual meaning of some common last names and also where they originated. Here is a list of some of the most popular Venezuelan last names.

1. Abad (Arabic origin) means means “father”. It indicates the child of a minister.

2. Abalos (Spanish origin) means "desert dunes". Perfect Spanish last name for people living in Venezuela.

3. Aguilar (Latin origin) means " “haunt of eagles”.

4. Aguirre (Basque origin) means "an exposed prominent place".

5. Alfaro (Arabic origin) means “the lighthouse”. A common surname from the Muslim community.

6. Ayala (Basque origin) means “hillside pasture". It likewise has a toponymic undertone to the city of Aria in Spain.

7. Barrera (Portuguese and Italian) means  “barrier". It signifies individuals who lived by the wall.

8. Becerra (Spanish origin) means “heifer". The popular Spanish painter and stoneworker Gasper Becerra bore this last name.

9. Belmonte (Spanish origin) means “beautiful mountains". It is likewise a name that signifies one of the various spots in Spain, Italy, or Portugal.

10. Branle (Spanish origin) means “blessed”. The perfect Spanish surnames for people.

11. Borja (Arabic origin) means “tower” (Burj). The common surnames after the famous Burj Khalifa.

12. Bravo (Spanish and Portuguese origin)means “courageous”. The Spanish surname for people living near the countryside.

13. Bustos (Latin origin) means “oxen pasture". The surnames for people living near the city lake.

14. Campana (Latin origin)  means “bell”. this last name was borne by individuals who were bell ringers or bell creators.

15. Cardozo (Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish origin) means “thorny”. A common surnames for all three countries.

16. Carilo (Spanish origin) means “cheek”. Perhaps individuals who had interesting cheeks were given this name.

17. Castro (Spanish origin) means “a castle”. A common surname for people in the United States.

18. Cervantes (Spanish origin) means “a servant” or “stag”. A famous surname for people living in Spain.

19. Chaves (Spanish origin) means “someone who made keys for a living”.

20. Perez (Spanish origin) means “son of Pedro”.

21. Ramos (Spanish origin) means “branch”.

22. Rodriguez (Mexican origin) means “son of Rodrigo”.

23. Romero (Spanish origin) means “pilgrim to Rome”.

24. Sanchez (Spanish origin) means “son of Sancho”.

25. Diaz (Latin origin) means “days”.

26. Enriquez (Mexican origin) means “son of Enrique”. This is one of the popular patronymic surnames.

29. Esparza (Spanish origin) means "Swordsman". Many surnames are occupation based, so this means that someone in your family was a knight or a swordsman at some point!

30. Espina(Spanish origin) means “thorn” or “prickle”.

31. Espinoza (Spanish origin) means “thorny”

32. Felix (Spanish origin) means  “lucky”.

33. Fernandez (Spanish origin) means “the son of Fernando”. This is another one of the popular patronymic surnames.

34. Figueroa  (Spanish origin) means “fig tree”.

35. Flores (Latin origin)means “flower”.

36. Franco (Spanish origin) means "Frank".

37. Galaz (Spanish origin) means “foreign help”.

38. Galban (Spanish origin) means "bright".

39. Gallardo  (Spanish origin) means  “joyous” or “cheerful”. This is one of the sweetest Spanish last names.

40. Gallego (Spanish origin) means "people from Galicia".

Venezuelan Last Names From Famous People

A perfect last name for an interesting character should be eye catching

Many Venezuelans get their kids' names from an interesting blend of names that have importance to them. For instance, a kid with a mother named Daisy and a sister named Yuri might be named Daiyury. A kid with guardians named Edgar Yespica and Carmen Aguilera might be called Eyca, a mix of these initials.

If you are looking for perfect last names from famous Venezuelan people we have compiled a list of the best last names for you.

41. Garcia (Spanish origin) means “son of Garcia”. A common surname across South America.

42. Gonzales (Spanish origin) means “battle elf”.

43. Hernandez (Spanish origin) means “son of Hernan”.

44. Herrera (Latin origin) means "iron mine".

45. Holguin (Spanish origin) means “to rest” or “to enjoy”. At this time, this is the most common surname for two families.

46. Ibanez (Spanish origin) means “son of Iban”.

47. Ibarra (Spanish origin) means “valley”.

48. Iglesias (Spanish origin) means “churches”. You may like this surname as it's related to a god.

49. Ignacio (Spanish origin) means “fire” or “born from the fire”.

50. Iniguez (Spanish origin) means “son of Inigo". Another very common surname.

51. Jacinto (Spanish origin) means “hyacinth”. A famous surname in Venezuela.

52. Jimenez (Spanish origin) means “son of Jimeno”.

53. Delgado (Spanish origin) means “slender” or “thin”.

54. Lara (Greek origin) means  “lovely”. A popular surname for the people living in the city.

55. Leon (Spanish origin)  means “lion”.

56. Lobo (Spanish origin)  means  “wolf”. The first surname for people living in the village of Spain.

57. Loyola (Spanish origin)  means  “mud”. A famous surname for people living in another part of the country.

58. Lozano (Spanish origin)  means “vibrant” or “good looking”.

59. Machado (Spanish origin) means "someone who makes hatchets".

60. Maldonado (Spanish origin)  means “ill given”.

61. Marco Rubio (Spanish origin)  means  “Marco, the blonde”.

62. Marquez (Spanish origin) means “son of Marcus".

63. Martinez (Spanish origin) means “son of Martin”.

64. Medina (Arabic origin) means “city”.

65. Mendez (Spanish origin) means “son of Mendo”.

66. Mendoza (Spanish origin) means “cold mountain”.

67. Montoya (Spanish origin) means “hills and valleys”.

68. Navarro (Spanish origin) means "brown”.

69. Ochoa (Basque origin) means “the wolf”.

70. Ortiz (Spanish origin) means “son of Orti”.

Rare Venezuelan Surnames

Some South American last names are Garcia, Rodriguez, Martinez, Hernandez, Lopez. This list is made of surnames that would be perfect for Venezuelan characters. This great guide of the most rare, uncommon, and unusual surnames with meanings and their implications could motivate you to choose one for your character or lead you to find your familial roots.

71. Osorio (Spanish origin) means “wolf hunter”.

72. Palencia (Spanish origin) means "palace."

73. Palomo (Latin origin)means “a dove” or “pigeon”.

74. Pantoja (Spanish origin) means "people from the town of Pantoja".

75. Parra (Spanish origin) means “Vine".

76. Escamilla (Castilian origins) means “scale”.

77. Quinteiro (Spanish origin) means “a yard” or “a farmstead”.

78. Quiroz (Spanish origin) means “humble”.

79. Escobar (Spanish origin) means “broom". A perfect first surname for people living in Spain.

80. Rangel (French origin) means “curved” and “ring”.

81. Reyes (Latin origin) means “royalty” or “king”.

82. Rios(Spanish origin) means “river”.

83. Rivas (Latin origin) means “banks of a river”.

84. De Leon (Spanish origin) means “of the lion”.

85. Del Bosque (Spanish origin) means “of the forest”.

86. Rosas (Spanish origin) means “rose”. The first surname for people living near beachside.

87. Salazar (Basque origin) means “old hall”.

88.Salinas (Spanish origin) means "people who are salt workers".

89. De La Fuente  (Spanish origin) means “of the fountain”.

90. Tellez (Spanish origin) means “son of Tello” or “earth”.

91. Trujillo (Spanish origin) means "someone from Trujillo".

92. De Jesus (Spanish origin) means “of Jesus”.

94. Vargas (Spanish origin) means "a steep slope".

95. Vasquez (Spanish origin) means “son of Vasco”.

96. Vega (Spanish origin) means “a meadow”.

97. Vera  (Spanish origin) means “border”.

98. Zarate  (Spanish origin) means "people who live near the opening of a forest".

99. Zavala (Basque origin) means “wide”.

100. Zuniga (Basque origin) means “cultivated land”.

101. James (English origin) means  "heel".

102. Mary (Greek origin) means "beloved".

103. John (Hebrew origin) means “Yahweh is gracious”.

104. Patricia (Latin origin) means "noble".

105. Robert (German origin) means "fame".

106. Jennifer (English origin) means “white fairy”.

107. Valencia (Spanish origin) means “courage”.

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