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18 Tyler The Creator Nicknames

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Tyler is generally a masculine name that is very common.

It is an English name. It was derived from old French tieulier and the middle English Tyler.

Tyler is a name initially given based on the occupation of a person. Tyler's name was given to the people who built houses or the ones who laid bricks or tiles. The name also has the meaning of the doorkeeper of an inn. It has been in use both as a surname and given name. It has been used as the name of both females and males.

Tyler The Creator is a record producer and an American self-proclaimed rapper. His real name is Tyler Okonma, he uses Tyler as his stage name. He has done multiple albums named 'Flower Boy', 'Goblin', 'Cherry Bomb', 'Wolf', and 'Igor'. His first album was released in 2011, and the song 'Yonkers' became popular on YouTube, garnering attention.

He has many music videos, many songs that were among the top ranks on the Billboard charts, and a huge number of fans. His songs and rap inspire a lot of people. Everybody would like to have the nickname Tyler the Creator. Here are some of the names enlisted below that a Tyler can have.

Funny Nicknames For Tyler The Creator

It can be fun to have a nickname inspired by your idol. Here we have listed some of the funny names Tyler that one would love to have.

1. Ace - When someone has an alpha male persona like the way Okonma produces.

2. Alter Ego - If someone is a fan of his alter ego character Harley in the album 'Wolf'.

3. Big-T - If someone is a big-sized or tall person.

4. Lil-Ty - When making fun of a short person.

5. Tybee - If one is always busy like a bee.

6. Tyger - When you compliment someone by calling him a tiger in a style.

7. Ty Pod - A name used to make fun of a short Tyler.

8. Tyler-Wyler - For anyone who belongs from a place which is near a farm.

9. Typo- When someone is clumsy, especially while typing and spelling out words.

Creative Nicknames For Tyler The Creator

Tyler Okonma himself is a creative person. He is also friends with fellow rapper Earl Sweatshirt. Let's get a bit of creativity and create some interesting names for him. Have a look and search for creative names.

10. Thurnis Haley - Named after the popular series Tyler appeared in.

11. Taylor - Another cute name for Tyler.

12. Tyron- A cool way to name Tyler

13. Ty-fi - A name given to someone who is an internet buddy.

14. Tyfly- For someone who loves to travel.

15. Wolf Haley - Another nickname that fans have for this rapper.

Unique Nicknames For Tyler The Creator

Call by an interesting, unique, and silly nickname that describes one's personality always adds fun to the relationship. Some of the unique names for Tyler are jolted down in the list below.

16. Dr. TC - It is a character from the album of Tyler where Dr. TC is a therapist of his. He was seen in his first album. Dr. TC again made his reappearance in 'Goblin'

17. T-Rex - If someone is fascinated by the prehistoric dinosaurs

18. Tron Cat - It is a name after the stage name of the voice in Tyler's head, it appeared in 'Goblin'.

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