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Ultimate List Of All The Angry Birds Names

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The 'Angry Bird' series was so good a movie was made about it.

The birds in this series are the protagonists, as they fend off the evil pigs that try to steal their eggs on an island. They live on Bird Island, and they come in different species, shapes, and sizes.

There are different seasons of the Angry Birds series, with 17 Angry Bird games, and each comes with its unique challenges and birds. The first game was released in 2009, created by Rovio entertainment, and each season is different from the last and the next, and the birds are either more or less in number too. In all, the main goal is to try and collect the egg(s) captured by the pigs. They fight by hurling themselves at the barricade and fortress built by the pigs with a slingshot. Many people still download and play this game today! Find out about the characters from Angry Birds and the pigs in Angry Birds.

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Names Of The Birds 

The birds are the stars of the show, both in the movies and in the games. Each bird is unique and has its extraordinary abilities. You can get to find out the names of your favourite Angry Birds characters and a bit of what they are like in this list. Continue to the list below for the Angry Birds character names like Red from Angry Birds movie, or Bomb from Angry Birds game.

1. Bomb is the black angry bird, cool but with a short temper. When Bomb is provoked, he losses it and literally goes off, much like a bomb! He is possibly the first and strongest one to take down fortresses and strongholds. Bomb struggles to control and contain his explosive nature. Hence, is projected as a primary danger to the inhabitants of the piggy kingdom.

2. Bubbles is the bird that has not been the part of original line-up but a part of many seasons. It may look small but has an ability to inflate to a larger size rather than exploding that helps to take down the Piggy Kingdom. This bird loves Halloween and candy.

3. Chuck is the yellow angry bird. Chuck is known to be one of Red Angry Birds' best friends. He is the second-in-command of the group and also possibly the fastest bird in the world. Chuck runs at 100mph and is always restless. Chuck gets into trouble with his constant chatter and fan favorite mischievous nature, but thankfully he is fast enough to get himself out of trouble, making him an invaluable team member.

4. Hal, is the green boomerang bird who is a part of Red's group. He is the most caring of the bird characters out of the flock, and is a great bird to be around. Hal's long bird beak grants him a lot of abilities. Apart from that, he is the musician of the gang who is regularly seen with his banjo.

5. Ice Bird, a very protective bird who likes to protect his Eggsteroid by using his icy powers to fend off enemies. He is the member of Red's flock. Ice bird is an extraterrestrial friend who helps the crew defeat space pigs. He is exclusively seen in Angry Birds Space.

6. Jake, the prankster bird and one of the triplets and blue Angry Birds characters. They are the youngest among the bird flock.

7. Jay, is also a triplet from the bird trio, The Blues, and a prankster like his other bird brothers.

8. Jim, is the last member of the bird triplets, and together they are all known as The Blues.

9. Matilda, she is the leader of the anger management class. Matilda is on Bird Island. She is the white bird and the most caring and acts as a mother towards The Blues. As Matilda is the least aggressive among the gang, she keeps the peace and is all about good energy. Her ability is to lay explosive eggs all over the hideouts to trap the pigs. She is married to Terence.

10. Red, is the red angry bird but also the most responsible of all the birds. Red is somewhat of an outcast bird due to his cynicism. He is the leader of the group and has a grumpy demeanor and defiant attitude. He has Chuck and Bob as his bestfriend along with the whole group for conducting assaults against the Piggy kingdom to save precious bird eggs from the King Pig.

11. Silver, the youngest prankster and the best friend of The Blues characters. She was raised by pigs that made her an outcast among the Angry birds troupe in the start. Silver has a can-do attitude and an important mid-air looping ability, that made her an established part of the crew, down the lane.

12. Stella, the most optimistic of all the bird characters. However, Stella is also feisty. Sher comes from the Golden island rather than the Bird island. After seeing her friend Gale defect to the enemy, from then she channelized her revenge into her special bubble attack.

13. Terence, the biggest of all the birds who speaks in a low pitched voice and the strongest avian of the group. Terence is a very big bird and his size makes him the scariest of all the birds and he is the one that pig least expects to encounter. Terence is also the most silent one symbolizing the quote 'action speaks louder than words'.

14. Tony, is Terence ’s cousin who is cold both figuratively and literally. He lives in Finland but has enough feathers to survive the freezing temperature.

Names Of The Pigs

Two bad piggies with Pig Phone, Lego Angry Birds characters - Baby names

A good story is never complete without an antagonist, and the pigs from Angry Birds are the bad guys of the series. Here you can get to know the Angry Birds pigs' names. The Angry Birds cast won't be complete without them. See the Angry Birds pig names in the list below.

15. Agent pig, appears in the movie a few times and worked on the orders of King Pig.

16. Artist pig, is a minion pig and is known as King Pig and Gale’s royal painter. He doesn't seem to be doing a good job as Gale is often seen insulting, complaining or calling out his painting.

17. Balloon pig, he appears in the Angry Birds classic. He is shaped like a balloon with pig's tail. Though he looks like a fat pig, balloon pig has two spots on his head. His ability is to inflate like a balloon.

18. Big pig, he is a species of overweight pigs but is not to be confused with the fat pig. When moved, he can cause tremors that can shake the board.

19. Boars, are pigs that are covered in brown hair, leaving only their eyes and green snouts. They also have long tusks, protruding from their mouth. They have red and blue eyes.

20. Bobo the bulky, a big pig that is found blocking Mighty Eagle’s cave, but is defeated by the other birds. He has the same energy as other huge pigs and can throw stones at the birds.

21. Boom pig, is a pig with the ability to explode like a bomb after eating an explosive fruit. They are the weakest among the group as they can explode even with the slightest impact.

22. Corporal pig, the second in command of King Pig's army. originally, this pig was round with lime skin. He wore a gray helmet with brown belts that covers most of his head. However, his appearance was updated to have larger eyes.

23. Courtney, is the second known named female pig that appears in the second movie. She is a teenager piglet who is the assistant of king Leonard Mudbeard.

24. Cursed pig, is among the enemies of the angry birds.

25. Dr. pig, one of the main antagonists for the angry birds, he is the one who created the monster pig. His accessory is a white and red pill and lives at fourth floor.

26. Earl, a minion country pig that appears with a black hat, unbuttoned sleeves, and a guitar. He is a talented musician who was appointed to entertain pigs during the Visit to Bird Island, but later, he joined hands with other pigs in stealing the eggs.

27. Fat pig, El Porkador is Fat pig's villainous disguise which doesn't do a great job of hiding his identity. He is the natural enemy of Terence. Their conflict is extremely powerful, creating a legend in the history of conflicts.

28. Handsome pig, is a pig with blond hair wig that only appears in ‘Angry Birds Stella’. He is the right hand man to Gale.

29. Hektar Porko, He is an enemy in the space. He is a blind follower of King Pig and executes his evil plans. He plays the role of the professor in the Piggy kingdom with goggles and moustache.

30. Helipig, is a pig with the ability to fly, having a cap with a propeller that keeps them in the air.

31. Jetpack pig, is a pig with a jetpack around its body which enables it to fly as well. It is a pig who will hover in the air until hit by a bird. After, they will crash and explode on ground.

32. King Pig, Smooth Cheeks is the supreme leader of the Piggy Kingdom. He is the evil force who wants to steal eggs from the Red and the gang. However, he consistently fails to do that.

33. Leonard, is the father of King Pig, the new ruler of Pig city, and is also the main antagonist who leads the other pigs to steal the eggs from Bird Island. He was the former monarch of the Piggy Kingdom.

34. Muscle pig, is very strong with a square shape rather than the oval-like kind of shape of the other pigs.

35. Ninja pig, are can trade places with another pig when it is in danger.

36. Professor Pig, The kindest and the smartest pig in the Piggy Kingdom. This pig helps the Red and the gang, providing power-ups and portions in exchange for a little coin.

37. Ross, Originally know as Freckles, ross is the most recurring characters in the Angry birds. He always ends up worse for wear due to Red's gang.

38. Space pig, defies gravity and enables other pigs to do the same as well. These pigs are the antagonist in Angry Birds Space.

39. Trainer pig, also known as Crossfit pig, can turn other pigs into muscle pigs, making them stronger.

Names Of The Eagles 

The Angry Bird films and the Angry Birds game won't be complete without these special birds. They also make up the Angry Birds characters, having their special role in the Angry Birds movie and game. In the game Angry Birds, only Mighty Eagle is featured as a special character that needs to be unlocked.

40. Axel, a golden eagle bird with brown head, white torso, and a yellow beak. Axel loves to breakdance and appears in the movie. He wears a blue Eagle Island security hat and belt.

41. Brad Eagleberger, works for Zeta as a high ranking security guard and is a Steller eagle. He has brown light brown torso, white body and brown wings. He is seen wearing Eagle Island security hat and belt with a golden buckle.

42. Carl, is a tall skinny eagle who also works for Zeta. He is serious about his work and often seen getting angry with his bestfriend Jerry. He is extremely suspicious about who is entering Eagle Island base.

43. Debbie, is the daughter of Zeta and Might Eagle, a clumsy eagle who adores her mother and would do anything for her. She wears a coconut bra and leaf skirt. She worships Zeta and plans her schedule, organizes personal life and when needed, also becomes her psychologist.

44. Glenn, the top scientist on Eagle Island who is helping bring Zeta's vision to reality. He is nervous knowing that the past predecessors didn't do their jobs long enough to see the fruition of the weapons. However, he hopes for better things.

45. Hank, also known as Quad bird, his job is to keep watch over Ice Ball Cannon. He wears a black tan tp that reads 'No Grain, No Gain!'

46. Jerry, a bulky brown Golden Eagle who works for Zeta. He is shy, goofy and serious. He is friends with Carl but some of his things irritate his friend. They both work as security near the door base of Eagle Island base.

47. Kira, she is a security bird who also works Zeta. She wears a blue Eagle Island security hat and a black belt.

48. Mighty Eagle, in the movie he bears the name Ethan as well and is the lost love of Zeta. He is a defender of common good and works independently. He loves to get feedback and is determined. He has a dark secret which he refuses to reveal. However, despite helping the angry birds several times, Mighty Eagle doesn't join them, which disappoints Red.

49. Steve, is a white seagull whose character is based on the actor Steven Seagal. He is Eagle Island's scientist who once worked for Zeta but was later instructed to to be chained in ice blocks.

50. Zeta, the main ruler of Eagle Island and the main antagonist of the birds as well. She plans on destroying both Bird Island and Piggy Island and to rebuild them as her paradise. She is very demanding and has high level of intelligence. Zeta is cruel as she was even bombarding neighboring islands yet wanted to save the people by asking them to evacuate.

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