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Persona 4 is a highly-rated role-playing game that was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2008 and is a part of the greater Megami Tensei franchise.

The success of the Persona series resulted in its adaptation to both manga and anime forms. The  Persona 4 games consist of a wide variety of playable and non-playable- characters.

In this name article, we'll take you through all the Persona 4 character names and give you a glimpse into those characters including the Persona 4 protagonist canon name. If you want to go through similar names articles on Kidadl, check out our guide to Black Desert family names or our ultimate list of Au Ra names.

Investigation Team Members From Persona 4

The Persona 4 Investigation Team consists of the main protagonist along with other playable characters in the games who are in charge of solving the kidnappings and murders in the fictional Japanese city of Inaba. As the game draws to a close, the team becomes known as "The Seekers Of Truth".  The first section will give you all the information you could want about them.

1. Chie Satonaka: An upbeat girl in Persona 4, Chie Satonaka is a character who has a kung fu obsession and in the game, she uses a variety of kung fu techniques against her opponents. In the TV world, Satonaka comes face-to-face with her Shadow, which is a representative of her jealousy of the talents of her best friend, Yukiko Amagi. Her Persona is called Tomoe Gozen and it is a female figure that's muscular and wears a yellow outfit. Eventually, her Persona evolves into Suzuka Gongen, who sports a silver Samurai armor.

2. Kanji Tatsumi: Kanji Tatsumi is a Yasogami High student studying in the first year of high school in Persona 4. As a delinquent with a bad reputation, Tatsumi has a "gang-style" look and in the original game, becomes the fourth victim who is sent into the TV world. There, the character encounters his Shadow and eventually embraces it, which results in its transformation into the Persona called Take-Mikazuchi. Take-Mikazuchi is a giant black robotic humanoid and is armed with a metallic chair and a large lightning-shaped bolt. Even though he struggles to understand the Investigation Team's reasoning behind the kidnappings and murders, he is often the one to keep the others' spirits up.

3. Naoto Shirogane: A young detective who investigates the kidnappings and murders in Inaba with the police, Naoto lets herself be kidnapped and once in the TV world, she encounters her Shadow. Her shadow in Persona 4 represents her frustration of being treated by Inaba police like a child. However, eventually, the character comes to terms with her Shadow, which transforms it into the Persona Sukuna-Hikona. Naoto is also one of the Persona 4 Golden characters and Persona 4 Arena characters.

4. Rise Kujikawa: An idol in Japan who is also called "Risette", Rise Kujikawa has a cheerful personality. She moves to the Japanese city of Inaba after quitting her job to stay with her grandmother. Once she is kidnapped and inside the TV world, her Shadow is revealed, which is a representative of her anger towards the Japanese masses for stereotyping her as an airheaded popstar. Eventually, the character accepts her Shadow, which goes on to become the Persona called Himiko, a black humanoid with a satellite dish instead of a head who wears a white dress.

5. Teddie: Residing inside the TV world, Teddie is a part-bear, part-clown like creature. Teddie makes the promise of finding the culprits responsible for the kidnappings and murders inside the TV world to Yosuke Hanamura and the protagonist Yu Nurakami. After interacting with humans, the character becomes doubtful of his own existence and grows increasingly curious of various habits of humans, such as dating. Teddie's Shadow, a representative of his existential doubt, eventually gains the Persona called Kintoki-Douji.

6. Yosuke Hanamura: Yosuke Hanamura is a member of the Investigation Team in Persona 4 who's originally from the city called Shigenori Soejima. In the game, the character moves to Inaba one year before the protagonist and his father is the manager of Junes Department Store in Inaba. Yosuke and Yu Narukami become friends before the game starts and the former becomes involved in the investigations after Saki Konishi, one of his friends, becomes a victim in the spate of murders that grip Inaba. During the battle, Yosuke wields a variety of weapons, such as knives, blunt wrenches, and kunai.

7. Yu Narukami: The official Persona 4 protagonist's name is Yu Narukami and across most of the game's spin offs and in its anime adaptation, his name remains the same. The only exception is the manga series, where the name given to him is Souji Seta. However, in the original game, players can choose to name the character according to their preferences. Narukami is a high-school student who relocates to Inaba to live with his cousin and uncle. The protagonist's personality is completely dependent on the in-game decisions and actions of the player.

8. Yukiko Amagi: An introverted but elegant girl, Yukiko Amagi is quite popular in her high school. The character is also the heiress to her family's ryokan business, which makes her feel under pressure. In the TV world, she confronts her Shadow, which is a representative of her resentment at having been chosen as the heiress to her family's business. Her shadow becomes the Persona called Konohana Sakuya, a Persona that looks like a pink-colored humanoid. After she becomes a part of the Investigation Team, she becomes close to the protagonist Yu Narukami and depending on the player's actions, the friendship may evolve into something romantic.

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Antagonists From Persona 4

The Persona 4 games have several antagonists as well. In this section, we'll take you through their names and also tell you a little bit about the roles they play in the original game.

9. Ameno-sagiri: The God of Fog, Ameno-sagiri was partially responsible for driving Adachi to commit the first two murders in the Inaba case. Ameno-sagiri has the form of a giant eyeball and features a golden disc iris and from its form, black pipes protrude. Ameno-sagiri also makes an appearance in other Persona games such as 'Persona 4 Golden.'

10. Hino Kagutsuchi: The avatar of death, Hino Kagutsuchi is a malevolent character who is responsible for the events of the Persona 4 Arena series of games. He is the personification of the collective selfishness of humanity and was born out of the fog in Persona 4 that covered Inaba. She is also responsible for throwing Labrys in a Midnight Channel for luring the Shadow Operatives and the Investigation Team into the TV world. Hino Kagutsuchi has the ability to assume the Shadow versions of the Shadow Operatives and the Investigation team.

11. Izanami: The true mastermind behind the Inaba kidnappings and murders, Izanami's ultimate goal is to turn the entirety of mankind into Shadows after covering the whole world in dense fog. The character disguises herself as a gas station attendant and grants the ability to enter the TV world to the main character Yu Narukami  along with Tohru Adachi and Taro Namatame. She is also responsible for the creation of the Midnight Channel rumor.

12.Mitsuo Kubo: An Inaba juvenile, Mitsuo Kubo is suspected by the Investigation Team in Persona 4 as one of the culprits in the murder case.  Later in the game, the Investigation Team saves the character from his Shadow in the TV world. Even though Mitsuo is eventually found guilty of murder, the Inaba murders don't stop after his arrest. The Investigation Team concludes that Mitsuo is a copycat killer due to his mental issues and isn't one of the masterminds of the Inaba kidnappings and murders.

13. Taro Namatame: A council secretary married to Misuzu Hiiragi, a popular enka singer, Taro Namatame loses his job due to his affair with Mayumi Yamano, a TV reporter. Mayumi is also the first kidnapping and murder victim of the Inaba case. Later in the game, his role in the kidnapping and sending people to the TV world is revealed . Ultimately, his Shadow becomes Kunino-Sagiri after absorbing other Shadows but is defeated, following which he is arrested by the authorities. However, due to lack of evidence, the case against the character is dropped.

14. Tohru Adachi: One of the young police offers in the Inaba Police Department, Tohru Adachi accidentally leaks sensitive information about the Inaba case to the protagonist, for which he is reprimanded by his senior, Ryotaro Dojima. Later in the game, it comes to light that the character had a huge role to play in the first two murders. His Persona is called Magatsu Izanagi, which is similar to the original Persona of the protagonist. Persona Izanagi is eventually defeated and Adachi is arrested. Adachi also features as one of the non-playable 'Persona 4' Ultimax characters.

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Non Player Characters From Persona 4

There are several Persona 4 characters that are non-playable. However, a lot of these characters have important roles to play in the development of the protagonists in 'Persona 4' and in the plot as a whole. We'll check them all out in this section.

15. Ayane Matsunaga: A member of the Yasogami High School music club and one of the protagonist's classmates, Ayane is shy and due to her reluctance to speak up, the character is left out from most of the club's activities. Eventually, the protagonist persona 4 helps Ayane to practice playing the trombone and she does get a lot better. The player is given the option of starting a romantic relationship between Yu and Ayane.

16. Ai Ebihara: A quiet student from Yasogami High School, Ai Ebihara eventually becomes the manager of the sports team. She also befriends the protagonist persona 4 and tells him about her crush on the captain of the Soccer Club team. However, her heart breaks later when she finds out that the captain is interested in someone else. She contemplates suicide, but is prevented from committing it by the protagonists in 'Persona 4.' She is a representative of the player's Social Link to The Moon in the Persona games. In the anime adaptation, this is represented by the protagonist's ability to summon the Persona Yamata no Orochi.

17. Daisuke Nagase: A classmate of the main character Yu Narukami, Daisuke Nagase is a friendly teenager, despite his wild exterior. A break-up with his girlfriend from middle school resulted in Daisuke losing the motivation to pursue a lot of things in life that he liked, including soccer. However, verbal fights with Narukami and Kou Ichijo result in him realizing that he was giving up too soon. Daisuke and Kou are the player's Social Link to Strength in the official game. However, in the anime adaptation, only Kou serves as this Link. Motohiro Ota portrays Daisuke in the stage play.

18. Eri Minami and Yuuta Minami: Yuuta Minami is the stepdaughter of Eri Minami and she is one of the children at the daycare center where the protagonist can work part-time in the game. If the player chooses to work part-time at the daycare center, the protagonist will eventually learn about the relationship difficulties shared by Eri and Yuuta. Yu Narukami helps both in improving their relationship. The player's Social Link to Temperance is represented by Minami in the Persona games and this is symbolized in the anime adaptation by the ability of the protagonist to summon the Persona Genbu.

19. Fox: Fox is the Tatsuhime Shrine's guardian and in the TV world, assists the Investigation Team. The protagonist's first encounter with the Fox happens after he donates to the shrine. The player's Social Link to The Hermit is represented by the Fox and in the anime, this is symbolized by the ability of the protagonist to summon the Persona Arahabaki.

20. Hanako Ohtani: An obese classmate of Yu, Hanako has a crush on the protagonist and she only appears in a few scenes in the game along with Ms. Kashiwagi.

21. Hisano Kuroda: An old woman who dresses herself in mourning clothes, Hisano Kuroda befriends Yu and tells him about her guilt involving her husband's death. Her husband fell ill and eventually lost all memory of her. Eventually, Yu convinces her that their relationship was genuine, despite her husband's illness. In the official game, she leaves Inaba to live with her children.  She is a representative of the player's social link to death, which is represented in the anime by Mot, one of Yu's Personas.

22. Igor: A long-nosed and mysterious gentleman, Igor is a resident of the Velvet Room. In the game, Igor reads the protagonist's fortune and gives his advice later. Igor's ultimate purpose is to help the player to acquire new Personas and powers. After the defeat of Izanami, Igor leaves Yu Narukami to see the TV world's original form.

23. Kinshiro Morooka: The homeroom and philosophy teacher of Class 2-2 at Yasogami High School, Kinshiro Morooka is called King Moron by his students, who make fun of him due to his judgmental and snobbish attitude. Her negative comments about Mayumi Yamano makes him, for a brief period, a suspect in the Inaba case. Eventually, he is killed after Yu Narukami rescues Rise Kujikawa from the Midnight Channel. However, it is later revealed that Mitsuo Kubo was the one behind his murder and it had nothing to do with the Midnight Channel.

24. Kou Ichijo: A member of the basketball team of the Yasogami High School, Kou Ichijo is a passionate individual who frequently hangs out with Daisuke Nagase, a member of the Soccer Club. After a lot of self-questioning and doubts regarding his existence, Kou Ichijo is motivated by Daisuke and the main character, Yu Narukami, to find his life's purpose, following which he decides that studying and working abroad is the best way forward for him.

25. Margaret: Margaret is Igor's assistant and supports the main character Yu Narukami from the Velvet Room.  She becomes Igor's assistant after her sister Elizabeth leaves on a journey. Even though Margaret is seemingly composed and dignified, she has a very whimsical and silly sense of humor. When Yu Narukami becomes a user of the Persona Isis in the anime adaptation, it becomes symbolic of the role Margaret plays to represent the player's Social Link to The Empress.

26. Marie: Introduced in Persona 4 Golden, Marie is a teenage girl who can't remember anything. Marie disappears from the real world after the protagonist and his friends defeat Ameno-sagiri. However, when she is eventually found, she reveals her true identity. She is Kusumi-no-Okami, a part of a greater power like Ameno-sagiri and Kunino-sagiri.

27. Master Daidara: The owner of Daidara Metalworks, Master Daidara appears as a pyrotechnician in the summer festival in the anime. In the game, the player can purchase weapons from him in the TV world.

28. Mayumi Yamano: A TV reporter, Mayumi Yamano becomes a part of a scandal involving her alleged affair with Taro Namatame. She stays at Amagi Inn in Inaba to hide from the public eye and eventually becomes the first victim of the game, after she is thrown into the TV world by Adachi when he learns of her affair with Namatame.

29. Nanako Dojima: Nanako Dojima is Ryotaro Dojima's sole daughter and calls Yu Narukami "Big Bro", who also helps her realize that her father isn't able to spend much time with her due to his profession. Eventually, Nanako is kidnapped and sent into the TV world by Taro Namatame. Depending on the player's actions in the game, Nanako either passes away or is resuscitated.

30. Naoki Konishi: The brother of Saki Konishi, the Inaba murders' second victim, Naoki holds a grudge against the protagonist for his relationship with the Junes' manager's son Yosuke. Everyone seems to take pity on Naoki for Saki's death and he is unable to move on with his life. However, the protagonist helps Naoki to accept the past and let go. Naoki is a representative of the player's Social Link to The Hanged Man, which is shown in the anime adaptation through the protagonist's ability to summon the Persona Makami.

31.Noriko Kashiwagi: After Morooka is killed, Noriko Kashiwagi becomes the homeroom teacher of Class 2-2. She openly flirts with her students and even though her personality is vastly different from that of Morooka's, she is still hated by her students. Kashiwagi makes an appearance in other Persona games such as Persona 3.

32. Old Lady Shiroku: Old Lady Shiroku plays a non-speaking role in the game and she is the owner of the Shiroku Store, where the player can buy expendable items and medicine. She also makes an appearance in the anime adaptation of the 'Persona' series.

33. Ryotaro Dojima: The uncle of the main character Yu Narukami, Ryotaro Dojima is a part of the Inaba police force, where he works as a detective. Even though Dojima questions the the protagonist's involvement in the Inaba kidnappings and murders, he wishes to steer clear of doubting him due to their familial ties. Dojima is a representative of the protagonist's social link to The Hierophant, which is also symbolized in the anime adaptation where Yu Narukami is a user of the Persona Kohryu. Dojima also appears in the stage play, where he is portrayed by Masashi Taniguchi.

34. Saki Konishi: A third-year student at Yasogami High School, Saki Konishi is the sole daughter of the Konishi family, who own Konishi Liquors, the only liquor store in Inaba. Saki becomes the second victim of the Inaba case.

35. Sayoko Uehara: A nurse at a hospital where the protagonist can choose to work part-time, Sayoko has a cynical worldview and on multiple occasions, tries to seduce the protagonist. However, the death of one of her patients from a hospital where she previously worked changes her attitude and she becomes a workaholic. The player's social link to The Devil is represented by Sayoko and this is represented in the anime by the protagonist's ability to summon the Persona Beelzebub.

36. Shu Nakajima: A young student, Shu Nakajima can be tutored by the protagonist in the game. The protagonist Persona 4 realizes Shu's troubles, which are caused due to his desire for being the best at everything. Shu is a representative of the player's social link to The Tower. This is also shown in 'Persona 4: The Animation' through Yu's summoning of the Persona Abaddon.

37. Yumi Ozawa: A member of the Yasogami drama club and a classmate of the protagonist, Yumi Ozawa is in a love-hate relationship with her father. After her father dies, Yumi leaves the Drama Club and professes her love to the protagonist, which the player can accept or reject. In the game, the player's Social Link to The Sun is represented by her and Ayane. However, in the anime adaptation, only Ayane represents this and Yumi's role is only a cameo.

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