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A sorority is, put simply, a society for female students in a university or college.

Many students sign up to sororities or fraternities when they move to college in the United States. Fraternity and sorority participation enables youngsters to develop administration aptitudes, increase a feeling of social character and figure out how to work well in a team with others.

A sorority pledge is the term commonly used to describe a new member of a sorority, but this term is increasingly being abandoned in favor of the term 'associate member'.

The beginning of sororities came in 1851, with the creation of the Adelphean Society Alpha Delta Pi. However, the first main association to use the term 'sorority' was Gamma Phi Beta, set up in 1874. Today, sororities are also often known as Greek Letter Organizations (GLO) in light of the fact that they often use Greek letters to recognize themselves. This use of Greek letters means that, in order to pronounce sorority names, you often need a basic grasp of the Greek alphabet.

Established in 1902, the National Panhellenic Conference is one of the most seasoned and biggest ladies' associations consisting of 26 national Panhellenic sororities who aim to help women enjoy serving their community, stay focused and reach their academics goals, and helps to act as a leader. In this article, we have compiled a list of  the best sororities for you to learn more about.

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List Of Sororities Founded In The 1800s

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The improvement of organizations for ladies during this time is marked as a significant achievement on the path of women's rights. Around the mid 1800s, a couple of schools and colleges started giving opportunities to women to pursue their studies and achieve degrees. These colleges were known as college sororities. Here is the list for you to find out more about these early sororities for women.

1. Alpha Chi Omega, the motto of Chi-Omega is "to seek the heights".            

2. Alpha Delta Pi (Chapters), its motto is "we live for each other".

3. Alpha Phi (Chapters), its motto is "union hand in hand".

4. Alpha Sigma Tau (Chapters), its motto is "to empower women to excel in life".

5. Alpha Xi Delta, its motto is "realize your potential".            

6. Chi Omega, another sorority in the National Panhellenic Conference.

7. Delta Delta Delta, this sorority has the motto "let us steadfastly love one another".

8. Delta Gamma, the Delta Gamma sisterhood has the simple motto "do good".

9. Gamma Phi Beta (Chapters), "founded on a rock" is its motto.

10. Kappa Alpha Theta (Chapters), "leading women" is the motto of Kappa Alpha-Theta.                          

11. Kappa Delta (Chapters)

12. Kappa Kappa Gamma (Chapters),  "dream boldly live fully" is the motto of Kappa Kappa Gamma.

13. Phi Mu (Chapters), the motto of this sorority is "the faithful sisters".                                                

14. Pi Beta Phi (Chapters)

15. Sigma Kappa (Chapters), its motto is "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you".

16. Sigma Psi, "ever faithful" is its motto.

17. Sigma Sigma Sigma (Chapters), its motto is "to be faithful unto death".

Sororities Set Up In The 1900s

‍As many of the fraternities occupied their own houses, their curiosity and focus gradually transferred from intellectual issues to that of running and sustaining a  chapter house. The increasing fame of the chapter house in the 1920s illustrates the power of this social movement in most colleges and universities. In this section, we have compiled a list of sorority names from the 1900s for you.

18. Alpha Delta Chi, "as in a mirror" is its motto.

19. Alpha Gamma Delta (Chapters), its motto is"loving, leading, lasting".          

20. Alpha Kappa Alpha, it promotes by culture and by merit.

21. Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, its motto is "timeless friendship through sisterhood". Alpha Kappa Delta Phi also makes the National Pan-Hellenic council.        

22. Alpha Phi Gamma, advances sisterhood, administration, scholastic greatness, self-improvement, and mindfulness.

23. Alpha Sigma Alpha (Chapters), its motto is "to aspire, seek, attain".

24. Alpha Sigma Kappa (Chapters), its motto is "from possibility to reality".

25. Alpha Sigma Rho, its motto is "strength in unity".

26. Beta Sigma Phi, its motto is "life, learning, and friendship".

27. Chi Delta Theta, advances sisterhood, network administration and scholastics in the lives of its individuals.

28. Chi Upsilon Sigma, its motto is "wisdom through education".

29. Delta Kappa Delta

30. Delta Phi Epsilon (Chapters), its motto is "to be rather than to seem to be".

31. Delta Phi Omega, its motto is "we dreamt, we saw, we conquered".

32. Delta Psi Epsilon, its mottois "to spread the love of God throughout the world by the association of women".

33. Delta Sigma Theta (Chapters), the motto of Delta Sigma Theta is "intelligence is the torch of wisdom".

34. Delta Tau Lambda, its motto is "the keys to excellence are strength and unity".

35. Delta Theta Tau, its belief is in a higher power.

36. Delta Xi Nu, its motto is "sisterhood, culture, education".

37. Delta Xi Phi, its motto is "what is possible has been done, what is impossible must be done".

38. Eta Gamma Delta

39. Gamma Alpha Omega, its motto is"united we will grow".

40. Gamma Eta

41. Kappa Beta Gamma (Chapters), its motto is"character, culture, courage".

42. Kappa Delta Chi, "leading with integrity and united through service" is the motto of Kappa Delta Chi.

43. Kappa Phi Lambda, its motto is "sisterhood, service, diversity".

44. Lambda Pi Chi

45. Lambda Pi Upsilon

46. Lambda Psi Delta, its motto is "sovereignty to the community".

47. Lambda Sigma Gamma, its motto is "unity through sisterhood".

48. Lambda Tau Omega, "greatness through unity, knowledge and dedication" is its motto.

49. Lambda Theta Alpha, its motto is "universal women".

50. Lambda Theta Nu, promotes and fosters Latina leaders.

51. Mu Epsilon Theta, its motto is "our strength is from above".

52. Mu Sigma Upsilon

53. National Society of Pershing Angels, its motto is "to foster a spirit of friendship".

54. Omega Phi Beta, its motto is "serving and educating through our diversity".

55. Omega Phi Chi, it meant for destroying all boundaries and uniting all races.

56. Phi Beta Chi, its motto is"love through life in Christ".

57. Phi Sigma Rho (Chapters), its motto is "together we are building the future".

58. Phi Sigma Sigma (Chapters), its motto is simply "toaim high".

59. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi (Chapters), its motto is "spirit, strength, sisterhood".

60. Sigma Alpha Omega (Chapters), its motto is"one in Christ through unity in sisterhood".

61. Sigma Delta Tau (Chapters), its motto is"one hope of many people".

62. Sigma Iota Alpha, its motto is "always one, and inseparable".

63. Sigma Lambda Alpha, its motto is"Latinas helping others".

64. Sigma Lambda Gamma (Chapters), "culture is pride, pride is a success" is its motto.

65. Sigma Lambda Upsilon (Chapters), its motto is "until death".

66. Sigma Omicron Epsilon, promotes sisterhood, and has supported the education and unity of women.

67. Sigma Omicron Pi, its motto is "to further the awareness of women in Asian culture".

68. Sigma Phi Lambda (Chapters)

69. Sigma Phi Omega, its motto is "the reward is in the doing".

70. Sigma Pi Alpha

71. Sigma Psi Zeta, its motto is"to lead from the front".

72. Theta Nu Xi, its motto is"sisters of diversity and together as one".

73. Zeta Phi Beta, its motto is "labor always wins".

74. Zeta Sigma Chi, its motto is "to keep the dream alive".

Sororities Set Up In The 2000s

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The American school Greek-letter social orders of sisterhood have maintained their important role on college campuses right into the 21st century. Find the names of sororities set up in the 2000s here.

75. Gamma Rho Lambda, its motto is "truth intolerance".

76. Kappa Theta Epsilon, its motto is to reach new heights.

77. Omicron Epsilon Pi, its motto is "love through life in Christ".

78. Zeta Chi Phi, "nothing, absolutely nothing can stop a truly committed person" is its motto.

Sororities That Have Been Disbanded

Some sororities of women have been disbanded, their names can be found in the list below.

79. Alpha Delta Theta

80. Beta Phi Alpha, "knowledge, virtue, friendship" is its motto.

81. Iota Alpha Pi, focused on religious education and settlement housework.

82. Lambda Omega, the motif emphasized hospitality, economy, and friendship.

83. Pi Delta Kappa

84. Pi Lambda Sigma, its motto is "one fold, one shepherd".

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