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70 Unique Nicknames For J

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A nickname is a loving manner of addressing someone.

The nicknames are generally adorable - amusing - and one-of-a-kind. If you are looking for a nickname for a girl or boy that begins with the letter J - here is a list of the greatest nicknames that start with the letter J.

Here is a list of common nicknames for J to give you unique ideas and help you choose the best nickname.

Nicknames For Boys With J

J nicknames and one-syllable baby boy names are interesting possibilities if you enjoy short baby boy names or want a unique name for your little guy.

  • Jack - is a common nickname in the English language.
  • Jagger - means 'one who slashes' - is a common nickname for boys.
  • James - is a popular biblical name derived from Hebrew.
  • Jasper - is an interesting Greek nickname for boys.
  • Jaxon - is a boy's name of British origin and makes for a good nickname for friends.
  • Jaylen - is a current American name spelled differently than Jalen.
  • Jensen - means 'God is generous' - is a popular nickname.
  • Jethro - means eminent in Hebrew and is a common nickname.
  • Jett - is a unique nickname that starts with J.
  • Jody - means 'of Judea' in Hebrew and is a popular choice on the list of nicknames.
  • Joel - is one of the most simple J names.
  • Joey - means 'Jehovah grows' - is one of the popular J names.
  • Jonatan - means 'God's gift' - is a prominent nickname that starts with J.
  • Josue - is one of the most popular nicknames to start with J.
  • Judah - is a Hebrew origin name that makes for a common nickname.
  • Judd - means 'to pour down,' a must-have name on the list of names that start with J.
  • Juliano - means 'youth' - is a famous nickname starting with J.
  • June - is an interesting nickname inspired by the sixth month of the year.

Nicknames For Little Girls Starting With J

Giving your daughter a name that begins with 'J' is a big decision since she will be known and recognized by her name for the rest of her life. Here is a list of female names that begin with the letter 'J' and their meanings!

  • Jacqueline - is a name that comes from France and means 'supplanter.'
  • Jade - is a name that means 'side stone' in Spanish.
  • Jane - is a female name that means 'God is gracious.'
  • Jasmine - is a name inspired by the lovely - sweet-smelling flowers.
  • Jayla - is a name derived from Hebrew and means 'God will protect.'
  • Jennifer - is a name that has Cornish origins and means 'white shadow.'
  • Jessica - is a name that translates as 'God sees.'
  • Jimena - is a name that means 'heard' in Spanish.
  • Jordan - is a word that refers to the Jordan River in Israel and means 'to go down.'
  • Josephine - is a girl's name originated in Hebrew - meaning 'God rises.'
  • Joy - is a name that has Latin roots and means 'happy.'
  • Julia - is a name that means 'youthful' in Latin.
  • Juliana - is a girl's name that means 'young.'
  • Juliet - is a name that is after Shakespeare's legendary star-crossed lover.

Cool Nicknames With J

Cool individuals - personalities - and locations come to mind when we hear the word cool. Aside from this - we enjoy giving cool nicknames to our loved ones. Our buddies offer us nicknames that we use to address ourselves. If you can't think of any creative nicknames for your loved one - we've got several that begin with the letter J.

  • Jada - is a name that means 'excellent and attractive woman' in Arabic.
  • Japheth - is a name of Hebrew origin and means 'beautiful.'
  • Jayleen - is an all-American moniker that translates as 'lovely jaybird.'
  • Jean - is a Hebrew phrase that means 'God is gracious.'
  • Jessa - is a name Jessa means 'God sees.'
  • Jessica - is a name that translates as 'God sees.'
  • Jessie - is a girl's name that means 'He sees' in Hebrew.
  • Jett - is a name that means 'plenty' in Hebrew.
  • Jimena - is a name that means 'heard' in Spanish.
  • Jordan - is a term that refers to the Jordan River in Israel and means 'to go down.
  • Joweese - is a popular Native American name meaning 'chirping bird.'
  • June - is a delicious old-fashioned signifies 'young' in Latin.
  • Junior - is a name that means 'little kid' in Latin.

Cute Nicknames For J

Every parent has varied choices and preferences when selecting their favorite 'J' baby nickname; some like to name their kid after someone in their family - while others choose a nickname to reflect their ethnic history. Some parents want a celebrity-inspired baby nickname - while others desire a lovely - meaningful nickname that no one else appears to have. As a result - a comprehensive collection of cute nicknames for the letter J has been presented.

  • Jacynthia - is a Spanish name inspired by the hyacinth flower.
  • Jadida - is an Arabic name that means 'new.'
  • Jadira - is a British name that means 'precious stone.'
  • Jalen - is a modern name derived from the Greek name Galen - which means 'healer.'
  • Jamila - is an Arabic name that means 'beautiful.'
  • Janelle - is a Greek and Hebrew name that means 'God is compassionate.'
  • Janiya - is an Arabic name that means 'beloved.'
  • Jayden - is a Hebrew name that means 'thankful.'
  • Jensis - is a Greek name that means 'birth.'
  • Jersey - is an English area that means 'Geirr's island.'
  • Jerusha - is a Hebrew name that means 'married.'
  • Jinjer - is a Latin word that means 'maiden.'
  • Jirachi - a nickname that means 'fortune -' is a popular name among Pokemon aficionados.
  • Jolanka - is a Greek word that means 'purple blossom.'
  • Jolie - is a nickname made famous by Angelina Jolie.
  • Joyetta - is a lovely - contemporary take on the classic 'Joy.'
  • Juana - is a Mexican name that means 'God is kind.'
  • Julissa - means 'promise of the ultimate God' and is a charming combination of Julia and Lisa.
  • Jumana - is an Arabic name that means 'silver pearl.'
  • Jumoke - is an Egyptian name that means 'loved by everyone.'
  • Juni - is a Scandinavian name that means 'born in June.' It also means 'desired.'
  • Junko - is a Japanese name that means 'clean kid.'
  • Jutta - is the German word for 'descendent.'
  • Jyoti - is an Indian name that means 'divine brightness.'
  • Jyotsna - means 'moonlight' in Sanskrit and makes for a nickname.

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