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82 Vocaloid Names For Your Little Valiant Character

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer software product whose development project is carried out by the open community in Japan.

A VOCALOID 'vocalist', 'character', or 'mascot' refers heavily to an illustrated character of a VOCALOID TM to showcase skills related to a singer. Different developed vocal series are related to the future contribution of the community.

There are several categories in which the Vocaloid characters are divided. They are   VOCALOID5, VOCALOID4, VOCALOID3, VOCALOID2, VOCALOID and VOCALOID+. Also, there are a few other restricted characters present.

The Vocaloids present here are made by different companies and have different origins like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, and Spanish.

Some of the popular VOCALOID English names that you are available for open selection from the community project are Sonika, Lola, Leon, Oliver, Miriam, Kokone, Galaco, Lily, Akita, Miriam, Prima, and Macne Nana.

Read on for the VOCALOID names developed for the popular vocal synthesizer.

Male Vocaloid Names

There are about 20 male characters in Vocaloids. Most of these are Japanese and teenagers. Here is a list of male Vocaloids.

Arsloid is the Japanese Vocaloid. He is bright and lively.

BIG AL is 25 years old. His character is based on Frankenstein's monster and is the counterpart to Sweet ANN.

Bruno is a Spanish Vocaloid. He is the first male Spanish Vocaloid and counterpart of Clara.

Chris is the English male Vocaloid. He is also one of the main vocals of Vocaloid.

Cyber Songman has no official avatar but a boxart photo of a man with a dual color scheme.

Dex is a Vocaloid4 and is derived from the Hound character from the 'the fox and the hound'. He is the counterpart of Diana.

Fukase is a Japanese English Vocaloid. He is a VOCALOID4 and is a Vocaloid representation of Satoshi Fukase.

Hiyama Kiyoteru is a 22 years old elementary school teacher. He is also in a rock band known as Ice Mountain. Hiyama Kiyoteru is the counterpart to Kaai Yuki.

Kagamine Len is 14 years old. His character is based on a Japanese teenage schoolboy. He is the mirror to Kagamine Rin.

KAITO is a VOCALOID1. He is the counterpart to MEIKO.

Ken is the Japanese male Vocaloid. He is one of the main vocals of Vocaloid.

Kyo is a Vocaloid3 with a strong voice. He is also a Japanese male Vocaloid.

LEON has no official avatar. He only has a boxart photo of a pair of lips. He is the counterpart to LOLA.

Oliver is a 12-year-old boy whose character was based on the bandaged Frankenstein's monster.

Tonio has no official avatar but a boxart photo of a young man in a tuxedo. He is the counterpart to Prima.

VY2, a male Japanese Vocaloid, was represented as a sword called a Wakizashi.

Wil is a Japanese Vocaloid with a husky voice.

Yohioloid is an English Japanese Vocaloid. He is the representative of Yohio.

Yuezheng Longya is 23 years old. He is Ling's elder brother and the heir to the Yuezheng company. He is a very straightforward person and has an agile mind. He is a Chinese Vocaloid.

Yuu is the Vocaloid3 with a sweet voice. He is a Japanese Vocaloid.

Zhiyu Moke is a 14-year-old boy with an IQ of 168. He is a Chinese male Vocaloid and a famous Otaku online. Most people think he is a nice and innocent boy, but he only reveals his true self to his close friends.

Vocaloid Girls Names

There are a lot of female characters in Vocaloid. Some of them are even angels. There is a large variety of characters in Vocaloid. Some of the popular name options are Zhiyu Moke, Mo Qingxian, Otomachi Una, Utatane Piko, Otori Kohaku, Gachapoid, Yuezheng Ling, Tohoku Zunko, Xin Hua, Yuezheng Longya, and Tone Rion. Here is a list of female Vocaloid characters.

Amy is one of the standard vocals of Vocaloid5.

Anon, the younger twin of Kanon, is a bit of a nitwit.

Aoki Lapis is a 6 in (15 cm) tall fairy based on light. She is the younger sister of Merli.

AVANNA was originally conceptualized as an elf for songs on the synthesizer.

Chika is a part of the artist series. She has a compact and versatile voice. Her voice is cute and firm.

CYBER DIVA has no official avatar but a boxart photo of a woman with a gold theme.

DAINA, derived from the Fox character of 'The Fox and The Hound', is the counterpart to DEX.

Flower, ironic to her name, her clothes are Gothic-themed and not colorful. Her voice is said to be a charming female vocal.

Galaco was originally designed as a promotional character for songs on this synthesizer.

Haruno Sora is a 17-year-old girl. She is a dependable girl and her personality changes on the stage.

IA is often described as mysterious because there is a lack of personal information about her past or future.

Kanon, the older twin of Anon, is a very focused girl.

Kaori is one of the standard vocals of Vocaloid5.

Kizuna Akari is a Vocaloid2 and Vocaloid4 character. She is a 15-year-old girl.

Kobayashi Matcha is a bit calm and connected and is an introvert.

Kokone means 'heart sound'. She is from Vocaloid3.

LUMi, her theme is jellyfish. She is a 15-year-old shrine maiden.

Luo Tianyi is a 15-year-old angel. She came to the human world to bring music to the human world.

Macne Nana is a 14-year-old girl. She works at Macne cafe. She is very bright and cheerful.

Macne Petit is a 10-year-old and keeps the Macne family together.

MAIKA is a 19-year-old girl. She is the pop diva and shares her voice bank with ONA.

Masaoka Azuki is cheerfuland an extrovert.

MAYU is a 15-year-old yandere. She has a gothic lolita design.

MEIKA Hime's age is estimated at around 12 years, but her real age is not known. She is the pair of MEIKA Mikoto, and her voice is the cool voice type of a pair.

MEIKA Mikoto's age is estimated between 11-12 years, but her real age is not known. She is the pair of MEIKA Hime, and the voice is the cool voice type of a pair.

Merli is elder sister of Aoki Lapis. She is a fairy.

Mirai Komachi is a futuristic idol who wants to bring happiness and smiles to people's faces.

Mo Qingxian is a 17-year-old girl and is very popular in high school. She likes helping others and has an interest in traditional music and literature.

Otomachi Una is 11 years old and is a female from Japan.

Otori Kohaku is the only daughter of Orari YUjji.

Rana is 10 years old. Her design is based on the rainbow. She gives out rainbow light when she is singing.

RUBY character has a sporty, upbeat feel to it.

Sachiko is a Vocaloid4 and Vocaloid. She is a Japanese female.

Tohoku Zunko is a 17-year-old character from Vocaloid3.

UNI is 18 years old. She likes strawberry and electronic dance music.

Xin Hua is a 16-year-old girl. Her appearance is cute and youthful.

Xingchen is 16 years old and was originally conceptualized as a mascot for Quadimension.

YANHE is very beautiful on the outside and soft on the inside.

Yuezheng Ling is 16 years old. She is Longya's younger sister and the daughter of the Yuezheng company's leader.

Yumemi Nemu is the representation of Nemu Yumemi, the voice provider.

Hiyama Kiyoteru and Yuzuki Yukari are some of the popular Vocaloids.

Vocaloid Matryoshka Names

MATRYOSHKA is an original song by Hachi. This song was made for Miku's third anniversary. This song is a rather chaotic and addictive alternative rock composition. Here is the Matryoshka character you must know about:

Hatsune Miku is a 16-year-old Japanese girl. She is a high school teenager. She is described as an android diva from the near-future world where songs are lost and is stated as having impressive hair.

Popular Vocaloid Names

There are around 81 Vocaloid characters in Vocaloid one, two, three, four, and five, and a few different characters other. Some popular name options are Yumemi Nemu, Cyber Songman, Gachapoid, Yuzuki Yukari, Kaai Yuki, Luo Tianyi, Kagamine Len, Aoki Lapis, Akita, Kokone, Galaco, Cyber Diva, and Lily. Here is a list of famous Vocaloid characters.

Clara is the first female Spanish Vocaloid. An impressive first name.

CUL is a 16-year-old Japanese Vocaloid.

GUMI is a Japanese English Vocaloid.

Kaai Yuki is a 9-year-old girl. She is a Japanese Vocaloid.

Kagamine Rin is the mirror of Kagamine Len and is around 14 years old.

Lily is the representation of Yuri Masuda.

Megurine Luka is 20 years old. She looks different from different angles.

MEIKO is the counterpart of Kaito.

Mew is the representation of Miu Sakamoto. She is a Japanese Vocaloid.

Nekomura Iroha is a Japanese Vocaloid. Nekomura Iroha was featured in the 'Hello Kitty' to Issho game. Nekomura Iroha is one of the well-known Vocaloids.

Prima has no avatar, but the first name in itself is impressive.

Ryuto is a male Japanese Vocaloid based on a television character.

SeeU is a 17-year-old Korean Japanese Vocaloid. She is cute and lively and is very mysterious.

SF-A2 Miki is a Japanese Vocaloid. One of the famous Vocaloids.

SONiKA can change her hair color and is one of the famous Vocaloids.

Sweet ANN is believed to be the wife of Frankenstein.

Tone Rion is a 16-year-old Japanese Vocaloid. She is born in the future in 2095.

Utatane Piko is a Japanese Vocaloid. He is the representation of Piko.

Yuzuki Yukari is an 18-year-old girl. The character of Yuzuki Yukari is inspired by the moon rabbit.

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