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Aabriella is a Hebrew origin name mostly used for naming baby girls. The name Aabriella has roots in French, Hebrew, Celtic and English languages. It is a variant of the biblical name Abrielle. The name Aabriella is not difficult to pronounce. It is pronounced as 'aaa-bri-yeh-lah'. The meaning of Aabriella is 'open', 'secure', or 'protected'. The name Aabriella is most popular in countries like China, Canada, Australia, France, Israel, and Sweden. It is also a common name in African countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. Aabriella is not a popular name in the U.S as it is not listed among the top 100 female baby names. The name Abriella peaked in the early 2000s. Other variants of Abriella are Abriella, Abriela , Aubriella, and Abrial. Nicknames for Abriella are Abri, Briella , Riella or Ella. People who bear the name Aabriella are often perceived to be spiritual, analytical, understanding, tenacious, intelligent, practical, and reserved. They are hardworking, fearless, independent, ambitious, and free-thinking. They are also believed to be charismatic people who have leadership qualities.


Aabriella is most often associated with the gender: female.

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A-A-B-R-I-E-L-L-A , is a 9-letter female given name.

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