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Aada is predominately a feminine name and is a short form of the Finnish name Adele. This name originated from the Old High German name Adelheid; ‘Adel’ means ‘noble’ and ‘heid’ means ‘kind’, ‘type’, ‘sort’. Thus, Aada translates to ‘nobel-natured’, ‘noble person’ or ‘of the noble type/sort’. Aada also means ‘adornment’ or ‘firstborn’. It is pronounced as AH-dah, and some variants of Aada are Adda, Adah, Adolf, and Ada. People with the name Aada are said to be strong-minded and passionate about their creative works. Determination towards their work helps them get new opportunities and find success. They are also said to be popular people. Also, people with the name Aada are perfectionists, independent, analytical, understanding, and intuitive. In addition, they are quite responsive to their parents and superiors. Sometimes, the name Aada is given to boys and the Arabic origin means ‘to bind or fasten’. Boys bearing this name are philosophical, natural leaders, ambitious, free-thinkers, and spiritual.


Aada is most often associated with the gender: female.

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A-A-D-A , is a 4-letter female given name.

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