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Aailyah is a name usually given to girls. It is a beautiful and noble name, and the meaning of Aailyah is 'highborn', 'heavens', or 'exalted'. The name Aailyah is not very common because most parents choose to name their children Aaliyah. Aaliyah is a name that became popular after the American singer and actress known as Aaliyah. Its variation, Aailyah, is so uncommon that, according to the US records, it was found less than five times out of a recorded six million people. Aailyah may be an uncommon name, but it is associated with commonly known colors and gemstones. Purple, violet and lilac are colors believed to bring luck and good fortune to people named Aailyah. Garnets and amethyst are also gemstones that are considered lucky for people named Aailyah. The few people with this name are considered to be talented and expressive. Because of these traits, they are destined to become great writers, designers, musicians, artists, or even teachers. The name can also be turned into an abbreviation to find out more about them. The A stands for accomplished, the I stands for intense, the L stands for listen, the Y stands for youthful, and the H stands for heart. These traits mean that people named Aailyah are party-starters who live life to the fullest. They are also caring and are always there to listen or lend a helping hand.


Aailyah is most often associated with the gender: female.

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A-A-I-L-Y-A-H , is a 7-letter female given name.

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