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Aalexis is an interesting name that is usually given to boys. The meaning of Aalexis is 'defender', and it is a variation of the name Alexis. Aalexis is associated with various gemstones and colors. Dark-colored stones and gems, like a black diamond, is believed to bring luck and good fortune to people named Aalexis. The same goes for colors, as dark colors are considered lucky colors for people named Aalexis. Even with such a strong meaning and beautiful associations, the name Aalexis is quite uncommon. This is mostly because most parents choose the more modern version of the name, which is Alexis. The name was found less than five times out of a recorded six million people. The few people with this name are considered self-sufficient and respectable. The name can be turned into an abbreviation to further describe and uncover their personality traits. The A stands for accord, the L stands for little, the E stands for electric, the X stands for xenodochial, the I stands for ignite, and the S stands for sensational. These traits mean that before getting to know a person named Aalexis, you would think they are calm and mysterious, but they are actually bubbly characters. They are also peaceful people who have no enemies at all.


Aalexis is most often associated with the gender: male.

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A-A-L-E-X-I-S , is a 7-letter male given name.

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