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Aalisha is primarily a feminine name of Sanskrit origin. The meaning of Aalisha is 'protected by God'. Like the meaning, Aalisha is believed to be a lovely, expressive, steady, and balanced person with a charming attitude. They always carry themself with a smile on their face. Aalisha is an entertainer who loves to make others laugh and be happy. They may be an extroverted person with open hearts. Aalisha loves to party and is often seen catching people's eyes with their beautiful aura. Aalisha is the name of balance and logic. Being the party's life, they also know how to keep things low-key when needed. They are family people who value family culture and beliefs. Their friends and family are significant to them and would do anything for them. They may be loyal, reliable, and an always-there person in need. Aalisha can undoubtedly be the best choice for a name for your cute little baby.


Aalisha is most often associated with the gender: female.

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A-A-L-I-S-H-A , is a 7-letter female given name.

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