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The name ‘Aeolian’ has roots in the pre-historic Greek era. The simple meaning of Aeolian relates to ‘wind’ and suits great for a girl or a boy child. If we dig into the history behind the name, Aeolian refers to anything that rises from the wind. For example, sound, rock, or landscape. When wind creates a sound, the meaning becomes a part of the old instrument traditions. Greeks initially played the harps for ages. The most pleasant one of their choice was the Aeolian harp. This particular harp produces a pleasing sound with a gentle touch of the wind. The strings of the Aeolian harp range to the diatonic scale; in piano, the diatonic range starts at the scale of A. Aeolian is a unique name. If compared to any physical existence of the world, Aeolian refers to the largest islands in North Sicily. The citizens of these islands are called Aeolians. Geological features like sand, rock, or snow are either built or eroded by the wind. The Aeolian landform is a different geographical feature caused by the wind, either building snow or sand or eroding substances like ice, snow, and rock. Overall, Aeolian can be a soothing choice if you are looking for an uncommon and meaningful name for your child; it gives a subtle touch to nature, giving it an overall beauty with that of the universe. 


Aeolian is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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A-E-O-L-I-A-N , is a 7-letter neutral given name.

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