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Agassi is a well-known surname among the Iranian community. In most cases, people from Babylonia, Assyria, and Persia are observed with the surname Agassi. People in Armenia use the surname Aghassian, a variant of Agassi. The popularity of the surname among Persian Jews and Persian Muslims are, however, low compared to the other mentioned above. Agassi is also taken a name among the Armenian people. One of the famous personalities to have the name is the Armenian film director Agasi Babayan, renowned for his screenwriting and acting roles. In some communities, Agassi is used as the first name of both male and female children. For some citizens of Tamil Nadu, India, the meaning of Agassi is 'brave’. However, in Australia, Agassi is a masculine name and relatively widespread in similar forms like Assi, Agasti, and Agase as identifying names for boys. According to numerology, people named Agassi bear the numeric score of 9 and the adjacent personalities. People of such nature are big-time nature lovers and love living an independent life. Numerology also says that Agassi's name is for a philanthropic personality who devotes their usual time to dance and music. Spirituality becomes their life path after a point in time, appropriately infused with a rebellious materialistic attitude. To cut the meaning short, the name Agassi vouches for a free-thinking ambitious spirit who is more intellectually developed than their age. Because their moon sign is known to be Aries, their decisions are driven by relentless courage and a passion for life.


Agassi is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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A-G-A-S-S-I , is a 6-letter neutral given name.

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