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Aggi is a gender-neutral Greek name. The meaning of Aggi is 'kindness' and 'purity'. The name can be further explained as a person who is angelic. The name Aggi reportedly comes from the names Agatha, Agnes, Angelica, and Angelo. It is mostly used in Norway, Greece, Sweden, and Denmark but it is not a very common name. Many people believe that a female person named Aggi is a sympathetic and nurturing person who is very responsible. It is also believed that they place their family above anything else. A person named Aggi is believed to be friendly, sincere and someone who will be a compassionate and loving parent. The name Aggi, however, is not as common any more as other variants of the name are. The variants include Agnes, Agatha, Anas, and Anais, with the latter being the most popular. Anais and Anas are female and male names respectively. They are Hebrew names that have been reportedly derived from the name Aggi. 


Aggi is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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A-G-G-I , is a 4-letter neutral given name.

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